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crazyronin 07-09-06 12:47 PM

Help Identify the skull


Found it in a stream while flyfishing. The brown stain is from the tannins in the water around here. I am guessing its either a really large deer or smallish moose. There are also cattle nearby so it possibly could be a cow.

Bacon 07-09-06 01:07 PM

either a cow or one of Kvrdave's dead horses

SeekOnce 07-09-06 01:11 PM

That is one HUGE eye socket.

McHawkson 07-09-06 01:13 PM

Yep, it's cow skull.

Abelkems 07-09-06 01:25 PM

It seems to be a cow skull



DVD Polizei 07-09-06 01:33 PM

I bet I could find a scientist to claim it was 1,450,000 years old and came from a RARE breed of cow, which used to roam these lands, feeding on grass blades that were as tall as trees! You could be rich my friend!

Quatermass 07-09-06 03:32 PM

I'd say it's a deer. Look at the remains of the antlers. (stubs)

DVD Polizei 07-09-06 05:26 PM

Deer don't have that big of eye sockets. Well, not in my neighborhood anyway.

crazyronin 07-09-06 05:44 PM

Originally Posted by Quatermass
I'd say it's a deer. Look at the remains of the antlers. (stubs)

Thats what I thought too, but for a deer its pretty huge. You can't tell from the photos, but there is a molar that hasn't grown in on one side. I'll try to get a picture of it later. I will also try to get one with a tape measure for scale.

Brent L 07-09-06 05:52 PM

I grew up on a farm, and it looks like most cow skulls that I've seen before.

Quatermass 07-09-06 07:57 PM


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