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BobDole42 06-30-06 10:02 PM

question for sprint uses re: data usage charges
I finally ditched my Treo 650 for a T-Mobile blackberry. I purchased an LG PM-225 to use as my phone. I currently have the $15 per month unlimited data plan. I was going to ditch it since I don't use the internet on the LG. I do send a few pictures every month though. A Sprint rep told me that data charges would be "a few dollars" every time I sent a picture. Is this true? The camera phone's res. is only VGA, so I can't imagine that it is a lot of data. Would I be better off keeping the data plan, or can I ditch it to save a few bucks (my Sprint bill is currently $93 a month)? thanks for any info!

Cardiff Giant11 06-30-06 10:16 PM

I'm a former Sprint user (switched to Cingular in June) but AFAIK, you couldn't send a picture mail per message unless you subscribed to the $5 picture mail service. You're basically paying $5 for the ability to send messages and then paying 2 cent per KB for each message sent (or it could be 10 cents totaly I can't quite remember). either way it's asinine. Despite Sprint having good signal here I just grew sick of their ridiculous pricing policies (such as resetting your rebate period if you activate a different phone even if it's a used phone or one you purchased at full price).

BobDole42 06-30-06 10:47 PM

I have the $5 a month picture mail feature. I really want to ditch the $15 a month data plan, but not if I'm going to get hosed with $20 worth of data charges for sending a few pictures.

Cardiff Giant11 06-30-06 11:02 PM

I don't think you will, even if there is a 10 cent per message and 2 cents per KB charge, if you're sending VGA or smaller pictures, those are like 40k tops. That's like a buck a pic. That's what really angered me about Sprint, having to pay $5 just for the ability to send picture mail and then having to pay more on top of that per message.

BobDole42 06-30-06 11:06 PM

thanks! that is what I was hoping.

I agree that Sprint's pricing is absurd. I also hate all of their phones. I would love to switch, but I need the free "sprint to sprint" minutes since everyone I call is on sprint. I used over 3000 sprint-to-sprint minutes last month!

BobDole42 07-01-06 12:47 PM

The plot thickens. I went online and cancelled the unlimited data service. I just received an email telling me that they can't cancel it because I have unlimited text messages, and that I would have to remove both or keep both. I wrote back and said "That is unacceptable. Are you telling me that unlimited text messaging costs $25 per month?"

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