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Obnoxious players at the table (at casino, IRL)

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Obnoxious players at the table (at casino, IRL)

I know this is a very annoying part of a lot of player's games, but does anyone else get rattled when there is another player at the table who's being a total asshole to you? In a $100 NL game, I get up to about $700, and out of nowhere, this other player starts bitching about my game, saying he doesn't like the way I play, I raise too much with nothing (which he has no idea about, since most of my hands are not shown), I am just "bullying" everyone around, etc, etc. I wanted to just tell him he was a bad player and had no idea how to play poker, but I decided I didn't feel like getting into a pointless argument. I was pissed off, but knew that I shouldn't let shit like that get to me.

In another instance, I took a stab at the pot after the turn. The other guy makes a big raise. I fold. Then he just goes on and on about me being a bad player, "what the fuck did you have that you thought you could have me beat", etc. etc. without having no idea what I folded. He seemed obsessed with me and had commentary on every single play and hand I was in after that. Yeah, I know...I should have tuned him out, but I couldn't.

What do you guys do/think in these situations?
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I love situations like those. It means that I've found my mark. The guy is a poor player, and on top of that, he thinks he's better than me. That's a winning combo. I don't think it gets much better than that. Furthermore, I'll make the occassional comment or offer him a sly smile after I rake in a pot, just to keep him on the hook. No need to respond to his comments, though. That'll just distract you from the game, and there's really no need for it anyway since at the end of the night, his empty wallet and your profits will speak for themselves.

My advice: do what you do with any information at the poker table...use it to your advantage.

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What you do is next hand you ask out loud to the dealer if 5 reds beat a straight.
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Originally Posted by El Scorcho
What you do is next hand you ask out loud to the dealer if 5 reds beat a straight.
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Originally Posted by NatrlBornThrllr
I love situations like those. It means that I've found my mark.
Bingo. You've found a man who will pay you off when you finally hit. You have to be a little extra paitent with him because he's going to be determined to beat you. Remember, he's focused on you rather than on the table. It's -EV for him.
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Ugh, I made the hour drive to go play some 2/4 with a buddy to kill a Saturday night. Of course, I dropped $50 playing blackjack just waiting for my pager to go off.

I get to the table and I get positioned at the 8 seat and within 2 minutes I find out that the guy on the other side of the table in the 3 seat -- the 40-something one wearing a mickey mouse shirt and sunglasses -- is an audible poker book.

Every time he thinks about entering a pot or chasing a draw, he starts spouting implied odds and pot odds figures. He starts telling people on the left and right of him that they should or shouldn't call in that situation and throws out more pot odds.

The most amusing part is that during one hand, I raise with AKs and flop my ace. Being UTG, I bet out and he calls and says "The good ol continuation bet, straight out of chapter 22!" So I bet out and he calls the whole way down and I take the pot down with a pair of aces. I look at him and I say in the most smart ass tone possible "Is it okay to continuation bet with top pair top kicker, Phil?" The table chuckles and he smirks quietly to himself and doesn't reply.

Later on he pushes a lady that missed her flush out of the pot and proudly shows his 32o and looks around for approval like he just won the latest WPT event.

He continues to play crappy hands like J7s and K7o and hits a couple hands and his ego continues to grow. I manage to push him out of a pot by check-raising him with jack-shit suited. Then the magic happens.

I'm small blind with J4o and 7 people limp in in front of me, giving me an astounding 17-to-1 to complete, as you pretty much should with any two cards in that spot. Two glorious 4's flop and I take down a sizeable pot at the end. So then he comments about me playing J4o and I apologize and say I'll start waiting for premium hands like K7o like he is. Again, no comment.

A few minutes later he starts talking with the dealer about straddling and then he says something like "Not that anybody here would even know what that is.." I start laughing my ass off. This guy clearly plays higher limits (maybe 2/4 NL or 4/8 limit and higher) and comes down to 2/4 limit to act like a bigshot. This is the same kind of guy who takes up a spot at a $5 blackjack table and bets $100+ per hand to show off, even though higher limit tables are all over the place and people are waiting for the cheapies.

What a fuckin' asshole. I should have asked him how long he's been playing 2/4 professionally. At least me and the couple people on my end closer to my age were making fun of him the whole time.
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In my fucking country we play J4o.
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