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lordzeppelin 12-11-07 03:17 AM

Originally Posted by criptik28
Please do not use the term "Oriental" unless you're talking about carpets, vases, food, etc.

How about "Chinaman" in an old, Harry Carey kinda voice?

Originally Posted by 4KRG
That must be why if you google up "asians can't drive" there are seemingly endless hits :lol:


The Yahoo! Answers result from that search is priceless...


The question is answered by someone with a black guy avatar, and his screenname is "I Like Chicken". His reply was "It's a stereo-type. They say it's because they are short and can't see over the steering wheel."

criptik28 12-11-07 11:50 AM

Originally Posted by lordzeppelin
How about "Chinaman" in an old, Harry Carey kinda voice?

Yikes! :eek: Might as well thrown in any other racist term in there as well. :(

I tell you, some of these people here in the South...

rennervision 12-11-07 03:11 PM

Can't believe two years passed since I last read this thread!

RandyC 12-11-07 10:44 PM

Originally Posted by GizmoDVD
Love the watermelon!

Copy cat.

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