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What is your favorite podcast?

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What is your favorite podcast?

What is your favorite podcast? I am going on a five hour drive tomorrow and want some suggestions.

The only one I currently listen to is This Week In Tech. www.twit.tv

I looking for suggestions on any kind, not just tech related.
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Daily Source Code (Adam Curry)
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thats the guy that invented podcasting right? whats his podcast about?

As for the topic, I love This Week in Tech too. Its the only podcast i've listened to but I enjoy it alot.
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All sorts of stuff. His life, his wife, technology, people he meets, podcasting, tech, etc.

I have been slacking about listening to it lately. I've been too busy, but I have a back log of about a month or so.

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isn;t adam curry that old mtv vj?
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DVDTalk Radio and CineSchlock-O-Rama's Schlockcast of course.
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You can't invent podcasting. You can only name it. Because it's hipper-sounding than "I have audio files for you to get."
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TWiT is great and they're doing everything to give it the old Screen Saver feel with the cast and now even the old theme song.

Being a comic geek, the appropriately named "Comic Geek Speak" is my favorite among the comic talks.
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A bunch that I listen to on a regular basis:
This Week In Tech
DVD Talk
Boardgames to Go
SpaceMusic by TC
I Love Bacon
Coaster Radio
tattoo podcast

I've tried the daily Source Code and the Dawn and Drew show, but haven't been able to get into either one. I just found Adam Curry to be boring to listen to, and for D&D, I couldn't see what the fuss was about. Guess I'm not in their demo.


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I just started listening to twit this week after one of the tech threads brought up the old ZDnet's transformation into the horrid G4 over the years. It was like the good old days when I watched Call for Help & The Screensavers with my dad. It was after they were off the air that I started falling behind on current tech news.

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Originally Posted by j123vt_99
isn;t adam curry that old mtv vj?
Yes, and he was the one that squatted the mtv.com domain.
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I'm really starting to get into this podcasting business. I started listening around late may early June, but so far have only found 3 that I look forward too on a weekly basis.

Comic Geek Speak (the best comic book related PC I've come across so far)
Geek Fu Action Grio (wanna be writer reads witty essays she's done)

I loved the DVDTalk Star Wars mega-rant/review (the hour long one), but I haven't really listened to the show regularly yet...cause I suck.

Now if only I could find a good video game centric pod cast...
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According to AppleInsider (rumor site) this where Apple is going with iTunes. Jobs said that iTunes to be released in next 60 days during WWDC on June 6.

iTunes 4.9 ahead of schedule, major launch planned

Apple is trying to leverage the growing Podcasting phenomenon with the next version of its iTunes digital jukebox software and will ship the free software ahead of schedule as part of what sources are describing as a "high-profile" technology launch, AppleInsider has learned.

The cross-platform application, currently available for Windows and Macs, allows users to organize music playlists, burn CDs, and purchase songs (as well as other audio content) from the iTunes Music Store. Although Apple has branched out into offering video content through iTunes, sources say that iTunes 4.9 will focus on the growing Podcasting phenomenon by offering advanced features for locating, listening to, tracking, archiving, and eventually purchasing subscriptions to Podcasts.

iTunes 4.9 ahead of schedule

On May 22, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said that iTunes would debut within 60 days of May 22; however, sources tell AppleInsider that iTunes 4.9 is reportedly nearing the final stages of development--about three weeks ahead of schedule. The company now plans to unveil the software at the end of June or by the first week of July.

Apple is reportedly trying to commercialize the sub-cultural phenomena by offering easy access and an improved interface to what it calls "clunky technology with great potential." Apple's past successes, such as the iPod and iTunes Music Store, have been based on its ability to bring somewhat cumbersome and complex technologies to the masses via an uncluttered, clean interface.

Three key areas to revolutionizing Podcasting

With iTunes 4.9, Apple has a single unified goal: commercializing Podcasts by making them mainstream. To accomplish this, sources say that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is taking a three-tier approach to simplifying the technology.

As a first order of business, sources say that Apple is developing a user-friendly "Podcasts" area in its iTunes Music Store that will closely resemble the existing "Audiobooks" store. A centralized grouping of the latest and most high-profile content will be flanked by listings of Podcast categories and top downloads.

Apple is also trying to simplify the process of locating relevant Podcasts; an iTunes Podcasting team has attempted to streamline the organization and accessibility of individual Podcasts. After analyzing iPodder.org, the Internet's most popular Podcast directory, Apple has reportedly developed a new directory structure and categorical listing for Podcasts.

While iPodder.org lists several dozen Podcast categories from which users can choose, sources say that Apple felt the directory structure was too complex and drawn-out for the average user. Instead, the company plans to consolidate and re-organize those categories into no more than eight primary directories that will be listed on its Podcast storefront.

Content delivery and iPod integration is the final and most critical piece to the puzzle. In order to kill two birds with one stone, Apple will reportedly leverage RSS technology to power its Podcast subscription model. Users who wish to subscribe to a particular Podcast will need only to select a single "Subscribe" option associated with that Podcast from within the iTunes application.

In effect, when a user subscribes to a Podcast, iTunes 4.9 will continually check a live RSS listing of all audio files pertinent to that Podcast. Each time a new audio file emerges on the RSS feed, iTunes will automatically download that file to the user's hard disk drive and then sync it to his or her iPod.

Initially, all of the Podcasts listed on the iTunes Music Store will be made available free-of-charge. Although Apple has plans to introduce premium content in the future, it reportedly feels that associating a fee with Podcasts too early in the game will deter some users from the technology.

Premium Podcast content in Apple's future

For the past few weeks it's believed that a small group from Apple's iTunes team, overseen by vice-president of applications Eddie Cue, has set out on a mission to build a compelling selection of Podcasts that will be immediately available from within iTunes 4.9.

According to sources, the team has contacted dozens of potential content providers and enticed them to create their own Podcasts or syndicate existing audio content through the creation of an RSS feed. These potential content providers include television stations, major motion picture firms, newspapers, magazines, and both public and commercial radio outlets.

As an added incentive to persuade some organizations to adopt Podcasting through iTunes, Apple has reportedly told some prospective partners that they may include small ads or promotional-related messages to the Podcasts that will be syndicated via iTunes. Rumor has it that the company may also loosen its audio file-encoding standard to support MP3-based Podcasts in addition to its AAC standard.

In building iTunes 4.9, Apple seems well prepared to leverage the new Podcasting phenomenon. Twelve months ago it would have been difficult to round-up 100 distinct Podcasts, but today there are well over 7,000 available on the Internet. According to data released this week by TDG Research, Podcasting may be adopted by as many as 60 million users by 2010.
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Are podcasts just another name for MP3 files, or am I missing something? Is there some kind of P2P distribution going on?

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Originally Posted by Derrich
Are podcasts just another name for MP3 files, or am I missing something? Is there some kind of P2P distribution going on?

Yeah, they are .mp3 format. But, they're not music files. They're news or commentary or discussion or anything they want to be. iPodder or Doppler automatically downloads them and adds them to iTunes to synch with your iPod.
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Thought I'd bump this (it was hard to find, as I thought it was in Tech Talk with all the other iPod threads).

I like Leo's show (This Week in Tech, or TWiT) but I've only heard it once.

Maybe I was misled by the Dawn and Drew Show, or maybe this week's was an aberration, but it felt like I was just eavesdropping with a scanner that picks up cell phone calls.

"Hey Drew! I got a Frosty at Wendy's tonight."
"Hey Drew! I'm passing such-and-such exit, which way do I turn?"
"Oh, hold on. Gotta pay at a toll booth."

I'm hoping it's more edgy and interesting than that usually, since it's on the "top 20" list in the new page of the "Music Store" in iTunes 4.9.

On that list, Adam Curry's "Podfinder" is ranked higher (4th) than his "Daily Source Code" (14th), but I haven't tried either yet.

If there's one thing I don't need, it's a "zany morning show" on my iPod. There are enough of those here.

And, no offense, but I don't think I'll ever be as excited about horror films as Noel Gross. But even at that level of excitement I can tell Noel has, I fear falling asleep at the wheel with that calm voice.

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I'm finding that Top 100 list on Apple pretty funny. A lot of ABC and Apple related podcasts.

They're Top 100, because Apple says they're Top 100.
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Originally Posted by Derrich
Are podcasts just another name for MP3 files, or am I missing something? Is there some kind of P2P distribution going on?

They're another idiot terms the bloggers have invented. Like when they came up for "blog" when it meant "webpage" --- now "mp3 file of people talking" is suddenly a "podcast". I wish people would stop inventing new words for things that can be perfectly explained already (especially in regards to technology which already had a name before you decided to start using it, like now people won't call them DVDs, just "diveos" or "bigvobs").

That being said, I've listened to a couple of the www.DvdTalkRadio.com shows and they are good. I recommend the Sideways one.
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great podcast:
The Business--
Hosted by Variety's Claude Brodesser, The Business looks deep inside the business of entertainment. A half-hour of thoughtful and irreverent dialogue with Hollywood's top deal-makers, filmmakers, moguls, artists and agents, The Business will clue you in on who's making pop culture pop and what's keeping Hollywood's Blackberries juicy.
(previous shows: http://kcrw.org/show/tb)

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Originally Posted by j123vt_99
isn;t adam curry that old mtv vj?
I still refuse to believe that Adam is doing all this cool tech stuff because he seemed like such a tool on MTV. One day I'll come around.

I found a couple of interesting free religious debates over at infidelguy.com.
The debates aren't very heated.
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I got a almost 2 month old World of Warcraft podcast and a weekly fantasy baseball one on my ipod to try out. its a lot like listening to the radio
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The new podcast with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (sp?) called "Diggnation" is pretty funny. It's like hanging out at a friends house throwing back some brews talking about geeky stuff.

It seems all the old Screen Savers hosts are getting their own podcasts. Based on the offhand comment that Kevin hasn't even watched Attack of the Show yet (and the tone used), I have to wonder what the true story is behind his leaving.
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Originally Posted by Derrich
Are podcasts just another name for MP3 files, or am I missing something?

I was going to ask this too. I started hearing the term a few months ago, and I didn't really understand what it meant.
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Originally Posted by Red Dog
I was going to ask this too. I started hearing the term a few months ago, and I didn't really understand what it meant.
It's a fancy way of saying recordings of people talking. I think the best comparison would be specialized talk radio shows that don't do call-ins.

I think the concept is a bit overblown. I'm giving it a shot anyway, since ITunes 4.9 makes it easy and it's free. The one's I've signed up for:

Skepticality (Skeptics podcast)
GeekSpeak (boardgames)
Boardgames to Go (duh)

They have some interesting interviews - James Randi, Reiner Knizia, Phil Plait, etc.
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I don't think that the concept is really overblown any longer. For awhile I did, but I think listening to some of what This Week In Tech is able to do has confirmed that this is a really interesting vehicle for communication. They use Skype to allow people to call in, do interviews, and have multiple people on the same podcast without being in the same room.

It seems to me that the best way to think of a podcast is this:

Podcasts :: Radio = (serious) Blogs :: print media
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