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Man jumps out of moving car window for cigarette

Old 05-25-05, 07:59 PM
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Man jumps out of moving car window for cigarette

FOREMAN, ARK.--A 38-year-old Winthrop, Ark. man was hospitalized after jumping out the passenger window of a vehicle traveling an estimated 55 to 60 mph to retrieve his cigarette late Saturday, an official said.

Jeff Foran was riding in his friend's 2000 Dodge Stratus about 10 p.m. Saturday near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border when the cigarette he was smoking blew out the vehicle's front passenger window, said Arkansas State Police Trooper First Class Jamie Gravier.

Foran jumped out of the vehicle to retrieve the cigarette and hit the pavement, causing facial trauma.

The driver of the car, Jerry Glenn Nelson, 44, of Haworth, Okla., was asked by Foran earlier in the evening to be Foran's designated driver, Gravier said.

"Nelson said Foran was smoking a cigarette when it blew out the window and Foran jumped out the window to retrieve the cigarette. Nelson said he was driving between 55 and 60 mph when Foran jumped out," said Gravier.

Foran was lying on the pavement bleeding profusely from the nose, eyes and chin."He also had a substantial case of road rash" said Gravier. "It was obvious he was extremely intoxicated and this man was hurt."

No charges were filed and Gravier had no information Sunday afternoon on Foran's condition."If anything could make him stop smoking, this should be it. The man is lucky to be alive," said Gravier.
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"facial trauma"

in other words...

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So, I'm sure everyone wants to know...was he able to retreive the cigerette?

""If anything could make him stop smoking, this should be it."

I find this funny. I doubt it'll make him stop smoking...it might make him think twice about jumping out of a moving car though...
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New Otter Term.


*Moron = Moran = Foran
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Hmm...I've driven through Foreman, didn't see anything that entertaining, though.
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damn, he shoulda went for the Darwin award too. One less idiot...

Didnt he know smoking could kill him?
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Smoke'em if you got'em.
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Originally Posted by kneijst1
damn, he shoulda went for the Darwin award too. One less idiot...

Didnt he know smoking could kill him?
can you really get a darwin.. if the stupid thing you do, is while your drunk?
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Originally Posted by Red Dog
Smoke'em if you got'em.
Damnit...............beat me to it.
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"Is it possible to learn this power..... Not from a Foran"

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he needs serious help with his addiction.
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Originally Posted by DVD Polizei
New Otter Term.


*Moron = Moran = Foran
Or it can even mean:

Fucking Moron = Foran
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Knock Knock.

Who's there?

Looking Foran.

Looking Foran Who?

Looking Foranesthesiologist!
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fucking hell, another reason to quit smoking
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Is he going to get charge for littering?
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