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Tell me about allergies or Tonsillitis?

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Tell me about allergies or Tonsillitis?

A couple months ago I woke up with a swollen Uvula and since then I have gone through one minor head cold and a odd sore throat. About two weeks ago I got a sore throat that started around my Uvula and slowly (around a week) worked its way down the bottom of my throat, then for a couple days it went away. After that the back of my mouth and my throat have been sore, and certain times of the day seem to be worse than others.

Today was a particularly bad day the back of my mouth was sore and so was my throat, so bad I could hardly swallow. The thing that is weird is that I felt fine while I was at home but after an hour at work my throat starting hurting and continued to hurt all day, but after I got home I felt fine. All last week I had the same problem it seemed to hurt at work more than at home. Last week I went out to eat lunch every day and my throat felt good when I was at lunch but then got sore when I got back to work, today I ate lunch at work and my throat was sore all day (including my tonsils and adenoids) but 2 hours after I came home I feel much much better. Also the weekend I didn't have much pain either.

I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me the same antibiotics that he gave me last time, it seems to have helped my uvula but my throat is still a bit sore. I'm going to start paying more attention to what times I have my pain but I am kind of worried, I'm not sure if it is something at work, allergies or Tonsillitis. I'm hoping it is just something in my office because I go on vacation for 11 days starting Friday!!

One last thing, I don't have a head cold and I do sometimes have some phlegm stuck in my throat but I can't seem to cough any of it up.

Any suggestions?
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Hmmm. You mentioned allergies in the title, which is what I will focus on, as I have no medical knowledge. I have many allergies (mostly to food and certain spices). I don't know if this is the same or not, but at 2am this morning I awoke as my throat was closing. For me, I am used to this. As far as I know it is a result from allergies. I never really know when it will happen and just have to wait it out and try to swallow a claritin, which, when it subsides a bit, lets me get back to sleep eventually. It happens quite sporadically. Usually it happens when I've had lunch out and something I was allergic to was in the food (often Thyme). It almost always occurs in the wee hours of the morning (between 2 and 3am).

I have done three different procedures to find out what I am allergic to. The first involves pricking your arm about 30 times with various substances that one can be allergic to (e.g. cat dander, mold, peas, and other foods, spices and chemicals). The second one I did was a food sensitivity diet/detoxification. This involves a few weeks of really boring bland food that almost no one is allergic to. You start by not having any alcohol, preservatives, citrus fruit (or anything with it in it's ingredients - lemon juice), wheat, dairy, salt, sugar, etc. Then you get the pleasure of drinking a disgusting (IMO) shake each day. I recommend blocking your nose Fear Factor style on this one. After the few weeks, you start to add back food and see what you have a reaction to. The first two things i added back were popcorn and alcohol. mmmm.
It helped a bit and was nice to detox, but it wasn't the most accurate test. I did lose 15 pound though. The third is a blood test (they tested about 400 items). They take your blood, ship it off to a lab, and then it comes back to tell you the levels of reactions you have to various things. This is a delayed reaction/sesitivity test. This means anything you react to from a few hours to 28 days later. So unfortuanately, when something happens, I don't know if it was that day, or something I had eaten a week before.

I am not worried, but try to avoid what I am allergic to as much as possible. It's a bit of a pain when it happens (maybe about 10 times a year), but there is a lot worse I could be dealing with. If it does turn out to be allergies, get yourself an epi-pen just in case.

Some things I'm allergic to are: Thyme, peas, grass (though I've never noticed a reaction), mold, cats (though it seems to be less and less), dybutil phalate (not sure on spelling, but basically it's what makes plastic soft, so the softer the plastic, the more dangerous to me it is - try shopping for what is not wrapped in plastic. Not really possible, so I just avoid where I can, and don't ever heat up food in plastic), benzine (I plan to quit smoking soon), mint, coconut, chocolate (yeah, I cheat), malt (yeah, I cheat), mango, etc. One problem is getting a tootpaste that I can use (I avoid flouride too, so it can be a bitch).

I hope this helps you somewhat, let me know if I can help any more.

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I never had a swollen Uvula (to my knowledge), but tonsilitis has many of the same symnptoms as Strep throat. I used to get tonsilitis 1-2 times a year, and my doctor would not recommend me for a tonsilectomy because he said you need to get it 3 or more times a year. So I suffered on and off for a few years, getting sore throats a lot etc. until it got so bad that the antibiotics weren't helping any more, and finally out came the tonsils!

What I'm getting at is, whatever you actually have, document it. That way if it is tonsilitis, you hopefully wont have to suffer for too much longer. The younger you are when you get them out the better. I was 30 when I got mine out and it sucked bad, real bad, but it was still worth it. You won't get sick as much, and you'll notice less phlegm too. Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies; I will document what is going on. Today at work I feel pretty good, better than yesterday but I still have a "frog" in my throat. However I have felt this good before and it just comes back. I have been sick more times this year than ever before, which I find odd as before I would only get sick once per year this year 3 times!

As for allergies I meant like flowers, weeds and such. My office building has lots of different types of flowers around it and maybe I'm having a reaction to that. I felt good and slept great last night and as soon as I get to work my throat starts to get sore, it just makes me wonder. That testing for allergies sounds really bad; hopefully I won't have to go through that. After reading your post my little problems don't seem so bad.

As for tonsillitis my buddy had it done a couple years ago and he lost 70 pounds in a two month period, he looked really bad. Now don't get me wrong I would like to lose 70 pounds but not that way. As for getting them removed I'm 33 so it is going to be an issue, probably a major issue.

Thanks for the advice again.
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Back in my day, if your tonsils looked at you wrong, we ripped 'em out of your head. Sure, and we liked it just fine.
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Originally Posted by Lateralus
As for allergies I meant like flowers, weeds and such. My office building has lots of different types of flowers around it and maybe I'm having a reaction to that.
You can have specific allergy tests done where you can specify what areas concern you so that would be where their focus is. In your case, plants and flowers, as well as perhaps chemicals found in many buildings (some common chemicals found in office buildings can affect many people). As for what test to do, the pricking of the forearm is just like a little pinch (doesn't hurt) and then they see if the skin raises slightly. The marks are gone within a day. The blood-taking is just one vile of blood taken and then it is thoroughly examined. So it's a lot like giving blood (only takes a few minutes). Best of luck with it, I'd like to hear how it turns out. As for taking out the tonsils, I always think it's best to leave things in if possible (tonsils, gall bladder, apendix, etc), but if it comes to that, I believe it would be a minor surgery. I've known a few people who had the procedure and they came out fine.

Good luck. And really, my problems are minor, just a pain in the ass when the reaction happens. I think also, as you (or I) improve our health, many allergies either reduce in severity or go away entirely. I have noticed some of my allergies are greatly reduced since I lost 60 pounds in the last year (probably 10 more to go). I plan to quit smoking in July and hope that helps as well.
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