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For Mom

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For Mom

My Ma passed away a few years ago, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember her, or coming home and seeing those two LAPD officers standing in my parking space with the news, that life changing morning.

You see...

We had an stupid argument, and well, in the time we spent apart, she died.

I never got to say goodbye to her.

What an unexpected knock in the head & shock to the system that was. I never knew pain could feel so sharp. Losing a Loved one is bad enough, but losing her like that was so horrible. To this day, I regret the decision we made not to talk to eachother. I always thought there would be time. But in the end, there was no time. No time for making up, or things longing to be said.

So take some advice from a fool: If you still have your Mother with you (and you Love her), for Pete's sake, hold her in your arms, kiss her on the cheek, call her on the phone, send her a card, buy her some flowers, a gift...whatever, but tell her that you Love her (let her hear those words), and Thank her (with all of your heart) for loving you all these years, and for being the Best Mom in the World, today (...well, as long as there still is "Today", that is...).

God, I miss mine so much, I thought this year (for Mother's Day) I'd do something for her (in a way), so off the top of my head while at Savon (that's a drug store or whatnot out here in Los Angeles for those of you that may not know), and silly as it is, besides knowing full well that it won't last very long in flight, or even remotely reach Outer Space, let alone "The Lord's Crib", I went ahead and bought her a colorful balloon that says, "I Love You, Mom" on it, and after Treesa & I gave it a kiss, I just let it go in the parking lot.

Sure, I realize the Holiday is still a few days away, but I figure it's got a long way to go...


OH! & BTW (if it's not too late for folks to see this part):

What are you gonna do for your Mom this Mother's Day?


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Nice one, Paul.

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that's beautiful tek
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I hope it wasn't a mylar balloon.
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That's really cool. I lost my Mom 3 and a half years ago; maybe I'll do something like that for her.
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Whenever my kids would lose a balloon we'd tell them it was "going up to heaven for grandaddy".
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That's very nice. I hope it made you feel better.
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You know its funny, I work outside in a parking lot and twice in the past year I've seen 2 balloons float down from the sky. It's really strange to be there when they come down.
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that was beautiful, TEK. i'll never look at Third and Fairfax the same.
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TEK....that is really cool/beautiful.
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TEK: you are a hot air poet.
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Holidays and anniversarys that remind us of a loss are always tough.

I'm giving you the ol chuck on the shoulder.

Hey well at least there is some good news out of this. It looks like the sensor on your digital camera is pretty clean. Dust specks, if they are present, always show up on bright blue open sky.
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I don't think the lens comes off his camera so it should be clean.

I had a funny hair in mine the other day.
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Originally Posted by Buford T Pusser
I don't think the lens comes off his camera so it should be clean.

I had a funny hair in mine the other day.
Funny like ha ha funny? Or funny like weird funny?
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Nice one, TEK.
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Funny strange.
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This is actually very touching.
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Hi Tek. Sorry about your mom but I think it's really cool that you do something special to remember her by.
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Very nice post, my man. I will give my mother a ring as soon as I'm no longer all misty-eyed.
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My mom passed away three years ago this June. I'll light the candles like I do for all the major anniversaries: Mother's Day, her birthday, and the day she passed away.

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Very nice. Well done.
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here comes a big bear hug your way theek.
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