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Welp, it started right up. Again. As usual.

Old 04-25-05, 07:02 PM
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Welp, it started right up. Again. As usual.

Had to cut the grass for the first time this season today so it was time to yank the ol Craftsman mower out of the shed. I'm now going on my 7th. season with this mower and it has always started right up after sitting all winter. It's just a regular 6HP push mower.
It still has the same oil in it that it came with when new (I may have added some once) and it still had the same crappy gas that was left in it since last fall.
I've never done any maintanence on it. All I ever do is put more gas in, and it always starts and always runs.

I was kinda nervous this time that maybe this will finally be the year that it craps out. But no, Looks like I'm good to go once again.
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You must be very proud.
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You know. Now that you posted this it's going to blow the side out of the engine.

man karma is SUCH a bitch
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Don't let Venusian get his mitts on it!
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I always hated our mower as a kid, it was a POS and it ALWAYS started, EVERY FUCKING TIME. Only once or twice did it not start and I got out of mowing.
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I think we need a lawn mowing sub-forum for this, now that this activity is underway.
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Originally Posted by Numanoid
You must be very proud.
He shouldn't be, he mowed the sidewalk

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yeah, mowers have a tendency to break around me...i haven't even talked about the other two i've gone through this year
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Mowing is one of my most dreaded chores, even though it usually takes less than half an hour.
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i spent 2 1/2 hours mowing last night...that was just my backyard
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It usually takes me about 1.5 hours to mow. My mower stalled on me for a few minutes but it started back up.I actually enjoying mowing (sure beats any housework).Ive got a big backyard so I just throw on some headphones and even sometimes some ankle weights and get a good work out while cutting the grass. It was funny cuz one day I was cutting the grass, the next day it rained heavily, then the next day it snowed. Now its decent out.
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I had my mower, can't remember what brand, but I never did anything to it besides put gas in it and it ran for 7-8 years. It finally died last summer. R.I.P.
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I miss my yard and mowing...
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Anyone else have one of the old school mechanical push-mowers? My backyard is small enough that it doesn't make sense to have a bigger one. I like the exercise and I like being able to mow at odd hours (8:30pm, 8am on weekends) without disturbing the neighbors. If I ever get one of those "I-Pods" I keep hearing about, I can listen to music without being disturbed.

I do think I need to get it sharpened.
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That's funny... I just cut my yard for the first time this year and I was contemplating getting a tuneup beforehand. This is the third summer using the lawn mower (that I bought used). It's never given me any problems, but I'm thinking I reeeally should have some tweaking done.
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