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JP5683 02-14-05 03:51 AM

Anyone here know anything about/ever have sciatica?
My dad has had it since just before Christmas, and is scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning.

Looked online of course, but looking for 'first hand' info....


jfoobar 02-14-05 04:32 AM

Yup, I had a lumbar laminectomy on 1 November 2004 for sciatic symptoms caused by a semi-herniated disc. I was led to believe that I would feel much better within seix weeks. In fact, it took me much longer than that before I even started to feel as good as I had before surgery and now, if I spend too much time on my feet during the day, I get pain on my left side when before surgery it was only on the right. The post surgical pains are isolated to my lower back, however, when before it was all the way down my right leg. Lotsa physical therapy is top be expected, and it helps.

Overall, I am glad I had the surgery. I do now feel better than before (and I have yet another cool scar to add to my ever-growing collection).

JP5683 02-17-05 04:43 AM

My dad was in surgery 90 min and all went well. He was admitted to a room at 1 PM, and discharged! at 3 PM. I couldn't believe that.

They said there was a lot of flu and pneumonia going around, and he'd recover just as well at home as in the hospital.

He's been up, walking around a lot, even sitting up 2-3 hours watching TV.

He's itching to go for a drive, originally they told him not to drive for 4 weeks, now they say he can whenever he's comfortable.

Most of the pain was in his right leg, and he was using a heating pad, ice packs, and a electric massager but opted for the surgery as the pain was not lessening.

He should be back to work April 18, 4 days after his 64th birthday.

VinVega 02-17-05 09:54 AM

Good luck JP. I hope your Dad feels better quickly. :up:

JP5683 03-27-05 03:34 AM


My dad went to the doctor about 10 days ago, was told he had 'foot drop'. He could not pick up his right foot independently without lifting his leg at the knee.

Monday (21st) he went in for another operation. The first removed bone spurs and fixed a herniated disk.

The second again fixed the disk which had popped back out of place.

30 min operation, admitted to a room at 11 AM, discharged at 6 PM.

This time was told no driving for six weeks. But he has to renew his license by April 14.

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