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Mongo 11-11-04 09:07 AM

Any members of Classmates?
Is anyone here a member of Classmates? I can't really justify getting a membership, seems like it's about once per year I want to contact someone from the site...

Anyway, if you have a membership and are willing to email me someone's full profile and email address, I'd really appreciate it. My email is [email protected]

Person who's profile and email address I'd like is this person.


j123vt_99 11-11-04 09:09 AM

looking for an ex-girlfiend? Does Mrs. Clark know?

Mongo 11-11-04 09:14 AM

Nah, just a pretty good friend and cool chick from back in the day. Looks like she's married now anyway (unless divorces also and keeping ex's name) Besides, she lives, or did, in a small town, if I wasn't 2000 miles away I could find out more about her quite easily.

Besides, there is no Mrs. Mongo. ;)

Mopower 11-11-04 09:23 AM

I get their spam about once a week. I think there is maybe 2 people in my whole high school that are members on it.

IdgIe49 11-11-04 10:13 AM

When I decide I'm bored enough to look through my class list on that poc, and find someone I'm interested in reconnecting with, I usually email a girl I know who paid for their membership (she was 2 years behind me) and she emails them for me.

But to answer your question, no.

Kittydreamer 11-11-04 11:19 AM

I shelled out the money just so I could hook up with an old friend. It was so worth it.

My membership expired a while ago or I'd be happy to help you out.

Cusm 11-11-04 12:49 PM

I looked at my highschool, 1st class graduated in 1989 with about 700. I graduated with 900 a year later, and there are 17 people total from 1990-present registered, not very good IMO, at least for my school YMMV.

Nighthawk 11-11-04 01:11 PM

That is weird. Almost every single person I was friends with in Highschool is registered. I would say that at least 80% of the people I graduated with are registered.

shizawn 11-11-04 01:28 PM

I've signed up, but I didn't do the pay service. There wasn't really anyone I particularly wanted to get in touch with.

However, the girls who organized our 10-year reunion did, and used Classmates as the primary source for reunion info. Fortunately a lot of people from our class had registered. The reunion ended up being quite successful.

calhoun07 11-11-04 01:31 PM

I also paid for a membership once. It turned out this friend I remember from jr high didn't remember me (they moved away from my home town during jr high) and I am still not sure they were 100% sure who I was in school. We emailed each other for a while until I dropped my AOL account and got on cable internet. I lost their email address and never renewed to get it again. Oh well.

And nobody has felt the need to pay money to contact me either.

theedge 11-11-04 02:00 PM

I did find an old girlfriend on there...never paid for membership tho, just the basic listing thing.

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