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joltaddict 08-05-03 12:58 PM

Originally posted by Mutley Hyde
There is a beautiful, huge, black antique budha at the Anatole hotel in Dallas
But does he date white budhas?

Mutley Hyde 08-05-03 12:59 PM

You can't see the swastika on his chest from here, but this is the statue I mentioned in my post above.


The Anatole has an incredible collection of real oriental relics, as well as other impressive artworks. Even if you don't stay there, if you ever come to Dallas just walking their lobby can be a great experience. Highly suggested. :up:

http://www.wyndham.com/cms_content/h...le_Millby2.jpg http://www.wyndham.com/cms_content/h...e_Mpshllwy.jpg

Mutley Hyde 08-05-03 01:03 PM

Originally posted by Venusian
Indian (India) swastika's (i forgot the indian word for them) point to the right just like Nazi ones do. However, the Nazi one is rotated 45 degrees
Hmmm, one long held belief shot down in flames. :lol:

Now I gotta go back and check on the Anatole Buddha... it probably isn't a 'reverse' swastika then.

And jolt, I'm not sure what the dating habits of buddhas are, black or white. ;)

Venusian 08-05-03 01:05 PM


I am Lord Ganesh. This wedding angers me!

Venusian 08-05-03 01:07 PM

stupid site...well the rest of the pic is ganesh.

here is a nazi one: looks like they use it with/without the rotation.


Cool Kitten 08-05-03 01:07 PM

i can see a boob! :eek:

Venusian 08-05-03 01:07 PM

ARGH!! who puts pics on their website in pieces????

here is the link:


Cool Kitten 08-05-03 01:29 PM

can we please get back to the dumped with her small boobs and the rasist dumpee and stop hijacking this fascinating thread?

Shoveler 08-05-03 01:37 PM

Seems to me this speaks more to the quality of the man in question, and the overall state of their "relationship" (that he would drop it for greener pastures) and has very little to do with race. If your friend Deena was talking to you about how she was thinking of dating a white man, would your advice be based on his whiteness, or on your judgment of their compatibility and his quality of character?

Also, remember that there are black bimbos, too ("blambos"?), and black women get fake boobs from time to time.

Finally, I don't see what him being liberal has to do with anything, except that, if he is socially liberal, it would tend to explain his actions. Not justify, just explain. You said

Sexual choice is not just some vague notion of “personal taste;” it’s aesthetic, psychological, economic, and political.
and I agree, but you oversimplified it. I'll avoid the obvious political example, but let's take Jim Bakker and Jessica Hahn. Do you think he considered her psychological, economic, and political qualifications, or mainly/merely the aesthetic? All of the factors you mentioned are important considerations for a strong, enduring relationship. Sexual choice can, and often is, based on first impressions, physical attraction, and opportunity. I'm sorry for your friend, but if your account is accurate, she's better off without him, and in the long run she'll know it.

"White trophy"? I know you're angry, but would you let a conservative white guy refer to a black woman as some white man's "black trophy"? It seems racial, sexist, and reflects poorly on the source, IMO.

Venusian 08-05-03 02:01 PM

well Variaable seems to be back, but no report of last night.

Variable697 08-05-03 02:10 PM

yeah, I got the full the details from my friend, but it's a long story. I'm feeling lazy right now.

Venusian 08-05-03 02:12 PM

but the most naggin question.....what flavor ice cream did you get?

Variable697 08-05-03 02:14 PM

Originally posted by Venusian
but the most naggin question.....what flavor ice cream did you get?

AGuyNamedMike 08-05-03 02:16 PM

Originally posted by Variable697
I'm feeling lazy right now.
Talk about dispelling myths! :)

Venusian 08-05-03 02:17 PM

hmm...confusing, maybe our resident otter farm psychologists can break that down for us. but i have a feeling it will relate to something sexual. maybe you do have a thing for this girl after all

Geofferson 08-05-03 02:19 PM

I was talking w/ my GF the other day about the interracial thing.

She said that she is not attracted to black guys, but can recognize when they are good-looking. An acquaintance of hers only dates black guys for whatever reason and she said that she just likes the culture. I think that white women that feel that way feel the need to be rebellious in some way since it was once a taboo thing to do.

I notice that many of the white women with black men are, for lack of a better word, fat. My GF, in turn, said that black men, as a generalization, prefer thicker women.

I'm not sure why they don't find black women attractive though. A black female friend of mine was once dating this skinny, nerdy guy and I asked her what gives? She said I had no idea how hard it is for her to find a quality, attractive guy.


Giantrobo 08-05-03 05:30 PM

Having been with white girls I've noticed that white men have KNACK for making white girls feel physically UN-attractive. White guys forever bitch and moan if they gain a pound or two, if their butts get slightly bigger, and so on.

A black guy comes along and appreciates here for how she looks and doesn't want to change a thing and suddenly she(the white chick) feels special again. Isn't that part of what women want from relationships?

There was that white girl on REAL WORLD Hawaii who said the same thing.

Cool Kitten 08-05-03 05:38 PM

Originally posted by Giantrobo
Having been with white girls...
sell-out! -rolleyes-

huzefa 08-05-03 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Giantrobo
Having been with white girls...
Allright! Did she have pink nipples? ;)

Slow Hands 03-06-05 11:18 AM

I noticed a lot of white guys like black girls. I wonder if it has something to do with slavery when all those slave owners were raping their slaves. In my American History class our professor told us when white men where fighting durinf the Civil War some of the white women would have affairs with their black male slaves and many got pregnant but they killed the babies. A few were raised by the slaves though.

Darknite39 03-06-05 12:49 PM


QuAcKeR 03-06-05 01:09 PM


madara 03-06-05 01:28 PM

Originally Posted by kvrdave
Big Fake Boobs = winner. Race has nothing to do with it. -rolleyes-

Dang its that so 90s? I thought as whole men got sick of playing with plastic and natural is back in? It is for me, hell if want play with plastic I buy a barbie :)

PopcornTreeCt 03-06-05 03:16 PM

Man, I knew this white girl that had fake boobs that went out to California to work at a studio. I wonder if it was her..

Wooderson 03-06-05 04:55 PM

He is just upgrading to white woman, its what alot of black men do when they get a good deal.

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