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Ever walked out on a concert?

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Ever walked out on a concert?

Old 06-16-07, 05:15 PM
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Ever walked out on a concert?

When I went and saw Live and Counting Crows, we left after Live was done with their set.

We (my dad, my sister, and I) just really aren't that into Counting Crows, but I do think they're an okay band. We went to see Live and good lord that was one of my most memorable experiences ever.
Old 06-16-07, 05:55 PM
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One of my best friends won tickets to The Sounds with Angels and Airwaves. We're big fans of The Sounds, but once Angels and Airwaves got on stage, we high tailed it the hell out of there after three songs.
Old 06-16-07, 06:07 PM
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Walked out of an Elvis Costello show a couple of years ago at House of Blues in New Orleans. They oversold it big time and it was so miserable you couldn't move. I could have hung but my wife was uncomfortable so we bolted about 2/3 of the way in. Fortunately I had tix a couple of nights later in Houston so I got to see a whole show. HOB shithole.
Old 06-16-07, 06:13 PM
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I walked out of a Flaming Lips show a few years ago. I have a few of their albums, but I guess live they're just not my thing. I fell asleep during a Phil Collins show about 20 years ago; does that count?
Old 06-16-07, 07:13 PM
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I walked out of a Jefferson Starship show once[at the Wisconsin State Fair in 82]because it was too loud.....I ended up with a headache after the show.
Old 06-16-07, 07:21 PM
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Yup - walked out of a Wide Mouth Mason jar at Mac Hall in Calgary one night. It was brutal.
Old 06-16-07, 07:28 PM
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I've left early (a song or two) more than once, just to beat traffic; I've wandered away from free concerts.
But the only concert I've paid for and left was Moby. He came on two hours late, the crowd was full of freaks (and not the freaks I was used to), and as far as I could tell played bongos while his CD played in the background.
Other than that, I try to get there for the opening band, and stay till they kick us out, though at lawn events I might wander during the acts I'm not really into.
Old 06-16-07, 09:18 PM
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About 12 or 13 years ago, at one of those all day festival concerts, Green Day was on 2nd to last and then Cherry Popping Daddies were to come on next. After Green Day left the stage, we left just to beat the traffic.
Old 06-16-07, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by toolbin
When I went and saw Live and Counting Crows, we left after Live was done with their set.

We (my dad, my sister, and I) just really aren't that into Counting Crows, but I do think they're an okay band. We went to see Live and good lord that was one of my most memorable experiences ever.
Funny. I actually walked out on a Live show once a few years ago, sort of. Outdoor mini festival and they happened to be the last band and sounded horrible. We left about 3 songs in along with a lot of the crowd that were there to see the band before them (Staind).
Old 06-16-07, 09:39 PM
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i walked out on the smashing pumpkins at lollapalooza. theyre a pretty good band in the studio but in concert they were just a screeching mess, corgans voice was just constant annoyance.
Old 06-16-07, 09:45 PM
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I had free tickets for Neil Young with Elvis Costello opening - we left after Elvis' set and didn't stick around for Neil.
Old 06-16-07, 10:05 PM
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I got free tickers to John Mayer and Sheryl Crow last summer, so my girlfriend and I went to go. After finding out Mayer called out sick, we stuck around for one or 2 of Crow's songs before leaving. We were both very upset, and although we both like Crow, it just wasn't worth sticking around for.

Also, I attended Hot 97's Summer Jam couple years back, and left before R. Kelly hit the stage (finale act). It was past midnight, and my party didn't really care too much for him.
Old 06-16-07, 10:06 PM
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I have probably left early more than 50% of the time. It is more "I don't want to be here" than "this music blows," though.
Old 06-17-07, 01:14 AM
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Never walked out a concert I actually bought a ticket for.

Have walked out on many a bar band, though. (If that counts.)

And a few informal things that were in someone's house/basement/garage.
Old 06-17-07, 02:28 AM
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Walking out, to me, means leaving when there are more than 3 songs left. Skipping an encore I've heard 5 times before, to skip traffic, doesn't constitue "walking out" to me.

Anyway, I've walked out on several in the few years I've been going to concerts. I'm sure I've walked out on more, but I can only remember the ones below.

Warped Tour (2002, 2003, 2005) - Either all of my friends were leaving, or we were just tired of the whole day.
3 Doors Down (2003) - Got kicked out of the show for taking all of the bands beer and getting too drunk.
Life of Agony (2005?) - Good band on disc, terrible live.
Tool (2006) - One of the worst shows I've ever seen. Sound was terrible, crowd was annoying, setlist sucked.
Anti-Flag (2006) - Couldn't put up with their between-song bullshit any longer. Blog about your feelings, don't go on about them at the concert.
GWAR (2006) - A lot of fun, but we could only put up with the terrible music for so long.
KMFDM (2006) - Got bored after a while, seeing as how every song sounds pretty much the same. Opening bands rocked, though.
Dropkick Murphys (2007) - Way too drunk, and the whole thing just got overwhelming. Went to a small bar next door, and watched some local bands jam out.
Dark Tranquillity (2007) - Really tired, and I was more interested in seeing The Haunted open. DT were good, I was just falling asleep at the show.
Old 06-17-07, 02:38 AM
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I didn't even bother going to a KMFDM concert in 2006 simply because I was less than impressed with "Hau Ruck". But the guy who opened for them a few years ago...DJ Acucrack...I wish I could find that song of his where he sampled Gary Oldman from "Leon".

On Topic:

I've never walked out of a concert. I paid for the concert, i'm going to try and salvage my moneys worth out the thing. That and I've never gone to a concert for a band I didn't like a lot.
Old 06-17-07, 03:37 AM
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I saw a show with Faster Pussycat, Ace Frehley, and Y&T. After Ace was done I left...I hate Y&T and I only showed up for Frehley.

Shows I should've walked out on but stayed anyway:

Ratt...Shockingly Booooorrrrriiinnnnnggg
Guns & Roses...another boring show. Axel was playing piano and whining.
Tommy Shaw...but he was opening for RUSH so I had to stay.

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Old 06-17-07, 05:49 AM
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late 80's...

AC/DC..... same shit, same show ....
Old 06-17-07, 06:17 AM
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Cheap Trick. They followed Aldo Nova and just sucked. Should have flipped the bill.
Old 06-17-07, 06:26 AM
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Yes I have....My friend and I walked out on Bon Jovi at Great Woods in Mansfield MA. We only went to this concert to see the opening act EXTREME, we stayed for Bon Jovi until they did a Rolling Stones cover and we said THAT'S IT......
Old 06-17-07, 06:50 AM
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I walked out on a Stars concert last year. They were just oversinging everything. Although I had never really heard their music before so if I had heard it before I had gone, I might not have bought the tickets in the first place.
Old 06-17-07, 07:57 AM
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I was always a big Tragically Hip fan, so I was thrilled when they came here to play. However, because of their 10 minute guitar solos in the middle of their new material that no one had ever heard (and which was not as good as their released material), I ended up nodding off. When I woke up, I took off. I still like The Hip, especially their older stuff, but I wouldn't pay to see them again.

Also, when I was at one of those outdoor type festival concerts, my girlfriend at the time made me leave when Lynrd Skynrd was on, before they did Freebird It was pretty cold out but I wanted to stay. Oh well.
Old 06-17-07, 08:05 AM
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Saw Damn Yankees open for Bad Company, and left partway through BC's show.

Hey, Giantrobo...when did Shaw open for Rush? Was that the Hold Your Fire tour?
Old 06-17-07, 09:43 AM
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bob dylan a couple years ago. it was jam packet, all seats, and it felt like someone's belligerent grandpa noodling with a piano while the family played songs on stage. awful.

i left after 5 songs.
Old 06-17-07, 10:43 AM
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Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh were touring a couple years back and switching off who opened up. The night I went Bob (thankfully) opened. We had a great spot on the floor literally feet from Dylan. Bob ended and we left ... everyone left. I think the statistics were 9000 people there when Dylan was there, 3000 people there when Lesh was there.

I went to a festival where Lynyrd Skynyrd headlined. I wanted to see the band immediately before him, Corey Stevens. Stevens did rock and I was planning on staying for Skynyrd, since I had already paid for the ticket and a couple of my friends were at the show (one who was driving me back home). Before the show started I was already sunburned, tired, cold and some hick spilled their beer on me. Then Skynyrd came on and made things worse. Three songs in they launch into a song that they've "Played every night for the last 15 YEARS!!!" So I'm thinking it's going to be good, but then when they repeatedly say "Ewwwwww, what's that smell, can you smell that smell that surrounds you!?!?!?! Ewwwwww, what's that smell, can you smell that smell that surrounds you!?!?!?!" I knew I needed to go. I figured I could just go outside of the venue and wait for my friend to come. The instant I step outside, my friends already in the car, he's got our camping gear all loaded up and says "C'mon, let's go!!"

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