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Which artist has eluded you in concert?

Old 05-25-04, 12:39 AM
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Which artist has eluded you in concert?

As many fellow dvdtalkers, I'm an avid concert goer. I've been able to see some great shows like:
- $2 Foo Fighters MTV show
- Audioslave debut
- RAGE at Woodstock 99 (as well as Metallica)
- System of a Down
- Nine Inch Nails
- Aerosmith
- Tool (several times now)
- U2 (a few times)
- Perfect Circle

YET, the one artist that somehow I *never* have been able to catch is BJORK. She rarely tours here and when she does (like last summer) it's always way too far away for it to be at all feasible to see her. Has she ever done a bigger US tour? Will she? Or should I start saving now to go to NY?

What artists for whatever reason have you always someone missed? Maybe some school or work thing gets in the way. Or no money. Or who knows.
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I was in the same boat as you concerning BJORK. She would come to LA but for whatever reason I could never make her shows....until last year.

King's X and I can't seem to get a thing going. Although, just last week I saw their name on a Venue Billboard in Orange County so I guess I was close but no cigar. I was nowhere near OC on the night they played.
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I live on an island, so everyone eludes me
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Ben Folds

I'm actually not an avid concert goer, but I've always heard great things about his live performances. Unfortunately, it's just never worked out to where I'm able to go.
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Bjork did a big stadium tour last year as I recall, think she played Giants stadium. I saw her at Riverside Church in NY, was an amazing show.
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I'm kicking out at least 2 this year (Bowie, Pixies). The only ones on my "to see" list are:

Stevie Wonder
Mars Volta
Bjork (had tix a few years ago, but she postponed and I couldn't make the second date)
White Stripes

And then there are the bands that are no more:

The Police
Talking Heads
Smashing Pumpkins
Oingo Boingo
Luscious Jackson
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U2 - they have never played in Raleigh. They were scheduled to for the Popmart tour, but they cancelled due to "Weather damage to one of their big screens" which I think translates in Irish to "Low ticket sales" As the elevation tour showed they can still sell out arenas for days but supposedly they had only sold 24,000 out of 55,000 tickets so that is why I have yet to see them. Maybe next year their tour will finally come here.

I missed The Police in 84 because I figured I would see them on the next tour
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Pearl Jam (I saw them do Jeremy at the MTV awards)

That's it. (not counting bands that broke up or are dead)

I'm lucky I guess, I've seen:
The Police (6 times, 3 tours)
Talking Heads
Oingo Boingo
U2 (30+ times, 7 Tours)
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Saw THe Who, Stones, Dylan and Zeppelin but never saw any member of the Beatles in concert.
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I have only seen Bjork once and that was at the UK's Reading Music Festival in 1995.

I would love to see a full two-hour plus concert from the Pet Shop Boys - missed their (as far I know) only DC appearence a couple of summers ago - grrr! They played at some Gay/Lesbian thingy at RFK Stadium awhile back and my friend made me go out with him to get something to eat during their set - I was sooo mad.

Purposefully missed out of Radiohead show at Merriweather Post Pavilion last time they passed through, cause I didn't care for 'Hail to the Thief' - I was still reeling from their cancelled Bull Run Park show due to the freak monsoon storm.

I've been a real fuddy duddy in terms of not making the effort of seeing anyone 'live' cause one the price of tix, scheduling, and I hate waiting around for a concert to begin.
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Here's a few off the top of my head:

Einsturzende Neubauten
Peter Gabriel (enough said)
The Church
Midnight Oil
Iggy Pop
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same goes for me in respect to Bjork. but, she was out of the music world for some time when she was pregnant.

so, i'd like to add: PJ Harvey. i'd love so much to see her, but maybe there's not enough demand up here in Washington State?

she was here with U2 on their last tour, but it was at the worst possible venue ever (tacoma dome) and they were clearly using her set to screw with the sound system, as i couldn't hear anything but noise.
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Duran Duran

I missed them in the 80's - They played a big arena here in Detroit. I was young, my mother wouldn't take me and none of my friends listened to them.

I missed them in the 90's - They played smaller theater. I had my tickets but Simon got sick. The concert was cancelled and never rescheduled.

I missed them this year - They played a really small venue (like a club). The first seats were sold to members of the fan club and what was left was standing room only. I just didn't have the heart to spend $55.00 to stand the whole concert (I'm not 20 anymore). It was rumored that they were going to do a full scale tour so I wasn't worried, however, I haven't heard anything else.....sigh.
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Originally posted by iggystar
I just didn't have the heart to spend $55.00 to stand the whole concert (I'm not 20 anymore).

I caught DD a few months ago (for the 5th time ) on the first leg of the reunion tour. One of the ladies near me was bellyaching the whole time how "this show really needs to get started...I have to get home to put my kids to bed". Despite the fact that I was probably older than she was (mid 30s), I am so glad that I will never be that old.

P.S. Duran will be doing another US tour once the new album is released.
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Metallica eluded me for about 6 years. From '83 to '89 when I finally saw them. I've lost a job at Wendy's to see them (but someone gave my ticket away). I've had finals while they were playing. No ride to other shows... etc...

Then I FINALLY see them and well... that's another story...
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A few come to mind: Megadeth, Anthrax, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sepultura, and Yngwie Malmsteen.
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Social D
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Three of my favorite bands that I've missed the chance to see:

311 - one time they were here and I missed them
Red Hot Chili Peppers - missed them both times they were here
Tool - It pains me that I missed them the only time they were here
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Megadeth was one that I could never seem to catch.
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-The David Lee Roth era of Van Halen
-U2 (especially on their last least I've got the Slane DVD)
-The Grateful Dead (with Jerry Garcia, of course)...the Dead have played Dallas exactly one time in the last 23 years, and I was unable to go to that one show.
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U2, Pearl Jam

Offspring - seem to stay on the west coast on most tours
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They were my favorite band for several years and several during a time I saw the most shows in my life, but I never managed to see 10,000 Maniacs in concert.
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Originally posted by iggystar
Duran Duran

I missed them in the 80's - They played a big arena here in Detroit. I was young, my mother wouldn't take me and none of my friends listened to them.

It was at Cobo and it was '83 or '84 because I was a sophomore in HS and had I known you didn't have any friends who liked them, I would have invited you to go with was a great show! The girls outnumbered the boys like 4-1!!!
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Originally posted by Chrisedge

U2 (30+ times, 7 Tours)
Wow. I envy you. Were there any particular tours that stood out from all of those shows? I love U2; Bono is so incredible and entertaining and just simply by being Bono. I saw the post 9/11 show in NY and it was just awe inspiring. I can't wait until they tour again, I hope to get closer this time..
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U2 (30+ times, 7 Tours) [/B]
I thought I was bad. I've seen them about 20 times, over 3 Tours. I was 11 years old when they did the Joshua Tree tour, I really wanted to go, but the parents weren't to into it.

Bono is the best live performer on the planet. I could see u2 live every night and would never get bored.
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