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you know that a song is overplayed when?

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you know that a song is overplayed when?

... you hear it at least 3 times per hour on various stations. (today coming home, in about 10 minutes of time, i heard "the reason" by hoobastank on 3 different stations, at 3 different times)
you can figure out the words to a song before the album comes out
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Hmmm...I do my best to avoid the "overplayed" problem...not big on listening to the radio because that seems to happen far too often.

One flag for me is that I'm changing stations when a song comes on so that I don't have to skip the track of the song (assuming I own the cd).

And then, following up with that, it's obviously been overplayed when I end up skipping the track on the cd.

Hmm...that seemed a bit redundant, and so did the hmmm. Oh well.
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I once heard Hoobastank's "The Reason" on two different radio stations, but they were both playing in a perfect round. The first verse started on one radio station right when the second verse started on another radio station. It was more amusing than it should've been. I was paying more attention to switching between the two stations than the road.
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you know that a song is overplayed when?
... you know a song inside-out and it gets stuck in your head (regardless if you like it or hate it) - meanwhile you never listen to the radio and never watch the video channels.
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If it's a song you like (initially)... it's that moment when the song comes on somewhere and it illicits no reaction from you. Instead of thinking, "Oh great, I like this song! Turn it up!", you just shrug or don't even notice it's playing.

In essence, it's the moment you become desensitized to the song.
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..... billboard runs "feature" articles about the crappy band who wrote it.
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Posts: 498's used in a movie commercial.

No seriously, with the turnaround time of getting the rights, and finding out what's popular and with whom, and if that audience matches with the movie's audience etc.; by the time a movie commercial airs the song in it (assuming it's a recent popular song) has probably been overplayed.

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When it reaches #1 on VH1's video countdown. I've never seen a station more behind on current music.
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it's been overplayed when your at a club and you here the club mix of the song.. i even heard coldplay once at a club.. i think the song was clocks.. not long before you here the reason super extended club mix
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...President Reagen can sing it word for word.
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It causes you constipation and erectile dysfunction whenever you hear it.
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God I hate hoobastank..
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Originally posted by Capo2002
God I hate hoobastank..
They aren't bad once you get past the radio singles (all of which are terrible). But for some reason, I hate The Reason. I like Creed, but I despite With Arms Wide Open.
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