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Internet Radio

Old 04-14-04, 09:16 PM
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Internet Radio

Anyone know any decent FREE internet radio sites?

I always get angry looking at pay site ads when the damned radio in my car is free, but I don't want to get ambushed by popups...

Is this just going to be a fact of life for free radio, or are there any sites that are reasonable?
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Old 04-14-04, 11:35 PM
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Have you tried shoutcast?
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Old 04-15-04, 05:38 AM
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I love KEXP. They stream at 96k (used to be 128k) which is pretty good for a free Internet station. They have quite an eclectic variety of music.

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Radio IO

Ton of formats - commercial free.

I dig the 80s
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Old 04-16-04, 03:37 PM
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All you really need to do is open WINAMP if you use it,show the MEDIA LIBRARY window,to the left are links,click on INTERNET RADIO and you'll get about 500 streams.
You can choose all kinds of genres as well.
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Originally posted by 12thmonkey
Radio IO

We are constantly listening to it at work.
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Old 04-19-04, 01:15 PM
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The best modern rock station I have ever heard. They play stuff like The Shins, Modest Mouse, Spoon, Clash, REM, Nirvana, South, TV on the Radio, Pixies, etc.

If you like indie, alternative and classic modern rock, then this is the palce for you. I like it even better then KEMP.
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Gotta pimp the college radio station. It's actually pretty decent Hot AC'ish music. Give it a listen.
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I like how they create their playlist. You can upload songs, they review them and decide if they want to add it to the playlist. You can also rate the songs they have on their playlist on a 1-10 scale.
They play recognizable stuff like Tom Petty, U2, Radiohead and mix in some world music, electronic music, alternative country, or whatever else they happen to like. Almost no rap or heavy metal in that mix, but I've heard about everything else.

My one complaint is they play too many covers, sometimes novelty ones like bluegrass Metallica covers. They are funny at first, but after you've heard it once you don't need to hear it come up again a week later.
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I usually listen to Virgin Radio.

They play a lot of Brit Rock and Brit Pop, alternative and some indie. They play some mainstream stuff from the US and some classic rock (Beatles, Stones, Who, etc.) They never play rap, country, or heavy metal/nu-metal.
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I'll second I just found them in the last couple of days. They play a lot of different but great music.
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Originally posted by thebunk

The best modern rock station I have ever heard. They play stuff like The Shins, Modest Mouse, Spoon, Clash, REM, Nirvana, South, TV on the Radio, Pixies, etc.

If you like indie, alternative and classic modern rock, then this is the palce for you. I like it even better then KEMP.
Maybe not for long:



We had anticipated that the last day of our terrestrial broadcast at 97.7 FM would be around May 1st, but things sometimes take longer than expected, so it now looks like it will be closer to, but no later than, May 13th.

That's the good news the bad news is that it might also be our last day broadcasting on the Internet.

Over the past three months we've been looking for sponsors or investors who could help us fund this very expensive venture into the future. We've talked with many, many potential partners, but as of now, it's not looking good. There are still some active conversations, but every day that goes by makes it less and less likely that we will find a funder.

Believe it or not, it would cost more to run this Internet radio station (with half the staff) than it ever did to run our terrestrial radio station. The main reason is the costs of music performance royalties and bandwidth for our audio streaming. Unlike traditional AM and FM radio where the cost of operating the transmitter is fixed no matter how many people listen, on the Internet our costs go up for each additional person that tunes in. With our online audience approaching 50,000 unique listeners and growing every month, the already substantial costs continue to rise with no significant revenue stream to pay for them.

We've researched alternative scenarios including moving to a listener-supported subscription service, but even in best case scenarios, reasonably priced subscriptions would not create enough revenue to cover the costs of creating and delivering 97X. As a commercial business, it would be improper for us to accept listener donations, and even if we did, it would not provide a viable, long term solution.

However, it's not over 'til it's over, and there's always a chance that someone with a vision of the future will see a way to say yes. We'll keep you posted.
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You can also try I'm one of the DJs there and you can catch my show tonight from 8 - 10 PM EST.

There is a wide variety of musical tastes between the many DJs at our site.

It's come listen if you get a chance. :-)

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