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What recording do you wish was on CD?

Old 05-04-02, 07:03 AM
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What recording do you wish was on CD?

I've seen some pretty tiny bands make it to CD years after their vinyl/cassette-only initial release (Green on Red for example). But there are a couple of things I'd love to find on CD and don't think they've been released yet.

Guadalcanal Diary's "Jamboree". Man, I'd love to have that one. The downloads off the internet are crappy vinyl rips.

Scruffy the Cat's first EP would be great to have (maybe combine that with their "Boom Boom..." EP).

I guess anything you list might be unknown possibly to others. It's been a long time since CD's became popular and I guess some things will never come out. I've made CD's from my own vinyl and been pleasantly suprised with the sound. But I'd still prefer something from the masters.
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A good recording of Depeche Mode's World Violation Tour. There have been no official recordings released, and most boots of it are horrible quality.
Chemical Brothers first 3 EP's - Song To The Siren, Mercury Mouth, and 14th Century Sky. I put all of my vinyl copies on disc, but a real release would rock.
Those are the first 2 that came to mind...
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I can think of a lot of stuff I'd like on CD.

Belouis Some - "Some People" (and all other albums)
Box of Toys
Aneka - "Japanese Boy" (it's silly, but fun)
Pheromones - "Yuppie Drone"
David Bowie Live at Gothenberg '83 (funniest damn_bootleg I've ever heard)
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Diary of a Love Song - A Perfect Circle
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Two of my favorite Neil Young albums have never made it to cd: "On the Beach" & "Time Fades Away".

"Deep Blue" - a George Harrison b-side

Lou Reed's "My Name is Mok" from the Rock & Rule soundtrack

The single version of Frank Zappa's "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted"
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Originally posted by Lokimok
Two of my favorite Neil Young albums have never made it to cd: "On the Beach" & "Time Fades Away".
I'll second that!

And also add Buckingham Nicks to the list.
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Originally posted by SubZero
A good recording of Depeche Mode's World Violation Tour. There have been no official recordings released, and most boots of it are horrible quality.

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Tranquillizers - Paranoia EP
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I can't think of any songs other than Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug (aphrodite mix). It is on vinyl however.

I wish that The Smashing Pumpkins Machina II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music was a officially released CD though. It is an official Vinyl though (limited to 25.)
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Mysteryfunk by Garage a Trois
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Stevie Ray Vaughn's segments from UNPLUGGED on MTV.

It was one of the best UNPLUGGED shows but they would rather play the 10,000 MANIACS show over and over and over.
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Originally posted by Lokimok

Lou Reed's "My Name is Mok" from the Rock & Rule soundtrack

I'd like that whole soundtrack.
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Freddy King - Best of Freddy King

It was purchased in 1976 and it is my absolute favorite ablum...ever.

I have taken extremely good care of it and I still listen to it at least once every couple of weeks.

I wish I had it on CD just for preservation sake. I am actually going to record it onto my hard drive, try and clean it up and put it on CD.
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The Cure - B-sides greatest hits
Siouxsie - Dazzle Glamour Mix
Maggotron - WTTPB
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An official edition of the soundtrack to The Shining would be great. I hear there are some bootlegs out there (but I won't say anything else about that ).
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Virginia Wolf. This was the first band Jason Bonham (son of John: Led Zeppelin) appeared with. Great, commercial hard rock from the mid-eighties. Roger Taylor of Queen produced the album and his wife even sang back-up on a couple of the tracks.

I burned a copy of my LP, but I would love to see this not-so-obscure gem officially released one day.
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Miracle Legion - Suprise, Surprise, Surprise
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Here in NY there is a record store that carries a bootleg CD version of On the Beach with 12 bonus tracks taken from an acoustic BBC session in 1971. It's really amazing. Of course only two days before I picked up the CD (I had never seen it before) I managed to find a beautiful copy of the vinyl, for which I had been searching for years.

Another album I would add is the Fugs' live album recorded at the Filmore. I have it on vinyl -- it's disgustingness is amazing.

One last one that will be fixed soon -- the recordings of Crime. There is one lackluster compilation out of this late 70s SF garage/punk band, but other than that there's nothing out there. The good news is a two-disc retrospective will be out shortly.
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Let's see: I have the CD bootlegs of Neil Young's "On the Beach" and "Time Fades Away." I also have a silver backed CD of Smashing Pumpkins "MACHINA II/The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music." At one point when I still purchased vinyl, I had at least 3 different bootlegs of the Depeche Mode "World Violation" tour - all of which were sold in my great vinyl purge of '98. 1200 albums and 12" singles out the door in one fell swoop.

If you look hard enough these things are out there.

Personally I'd like to see deluxe CD re-issues of Prince's entire 80's 12-inch single discography. I mean I already own the bootleg boxset of these (yes, I am the bootleg whore ) - I'd just like an official release so that I could play the hell out of "I Wish U Heaven" without worrying that I'll ruin the bootleg and never be able to find it again.
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I want the Weezer songs from the old Warped appearence. I also want all their b-sides collected on a two disc set. Weezer needs to release everything from the Pinkerton sessions and all of their lost recordings. I also want Stone Temple Pilots Unplugged but I beleive they have a limited issue of that floating about. Also a two disc of R.e.m.'s Unplugged would rock also.
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I'd like to see the Beatles' "Get Back" sessions (the sessons that spawned the "Let it Be" album) get a legitimate release, with cleaned-up sound. The same goes for Beach Boys' "Smile".

And there's so much Dylan material still inside the vaults that it ain't even funny. Come on Columbia, get on the ball! I'm tired of buying overpriced bootlegs...
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Neil Young-
American Stars & Bars
Hawks & Doves
Time Fades Away
On The Beach

Bush (70's Canadian Band) Self titled debut
w/Roy Kenner(v) - James Gang
Dominic Troiano(g) - James Gang/Guess Who
Prakash John(b) - Lou Reed/Alice Cooper
Whitey Glan(d) - Lou Reed/Alice Cooper

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REM- A cover of Lou Gramm's "Midnight Blue"
Jellyfish- "Will You Marry Me?"
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Jeffrey Cain: Whispering Thunder (1972 I believe)

This is a fantastic album with great lyrics, nothing like all the garbage out there these days.
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Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters singing "Tonight You Belong To Me" from the movie The Jerk complete with the dialog that follows:

Navin: You know, while you were playing that just now, I had the craziest fantasy that I could rise up and float right down the end of this coronet, right through here, through these vales, right along this tube, and right up against your lips and give you a kiss.
Marie: Why didn't you?
Navin: I didn't want to get spit on me.
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