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Introduce each other to a band!

Old 04-20-02, 10:44 AM
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Introduce each other to a band!

In a effort to listen to many types of music, I would like to have poeple list a band they like and their favorite song from that band. This thread will help all of us discover new great music. List anyone you would like.

My first one would be Atmosphere "Don't ever F'n Question that" They are a rap group.
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Old 04-20-02, 12:42 PM
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The Gourds are my favorite unknown band. They're pretty unclassifiable...rock/alt-country/folk/jazz/bluegrass/hip hop. Semi-famous for hilarious, but surprisingly substantial, covers of "Gin & Juice" and "No Diggity". Favorite song would be tough one, but a few really good ones are "Piss & Moan Blues", "Caledonia", "Clear Night", "Ghosts of Hallelujah", and "High Highs and Low Lows".

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Old 04-20-02, 03:20 PM
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Ride "Vapour Trail"
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Old 04-20-02, 04:25 PM
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J-Live is my current favorite MC out right now. Check out his song "Bragging Writes." He does both the rhyming and the scratching on the track. You might of heard him from his verse on the Handsome Boy Modeling School song "The Truth" (another great song).

Some choice lines from the song:

-"So brothers just panic when the Live one arrives/with the natural ability to run through your crew/from 214 to 213 to 212/In other words from Dallas to LA to the place where J stay."

-"J-Live with a mic is like a chef with a blade/cause suckers get sliced and sauteed/yeah, you thought your ***** was fly, but the flight was delayed."

-"I displays my credentials over instrumentals/and my potential increases at a rate that's exponential/it's detrimental f***in with my thesis/the penetration's exact like amniocentesis/I rip your ***** to pieces after draining out your fluid/My vocab is fluent/yours is evident of being truant."
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Old 04-20-02, 04:30 PM
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Buzzcocks- What Do I Get?
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Old 04-20-02, 10:31 PM
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Dredg - Leitmotif

It's the album title, but you can't listen to any single song. You must listen to the album as a whole.

Tool/floyd-esque rock band. Very good, definately going somewhere.
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Old 04-21-02, 07:56 PM
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If you like British pop-rock, listen to "Babies" by Pulp. Most of their music is about love and sex...more hardcore Pulp fans might enjoy something like "I Spy".

Another band I really like that is unheard of in the US is the rock band Bike from New Zealand. "Take In The Sun" is a great song that I enjoy when driving on a sunny day with not a care in the world.

Great thread!

Maria *meow*
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Old 04-21-02, 10:49 PM
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Greenwheel "Shelter"

great alt-rock track. fairly mainstream alt-rk group..

debut album drops in May
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Old 04-22-02, 01:10 AM
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Rasputina Hard to list favorites but here are a few to try out...

Transylvanian Concubine (Buffy Fans might recognize this one)
Signs of the Zodiac
Thimble Island
Hunter's Kiss
Howard Hughes
Tourniquet (Marilyn Manson Cover)
Things I'm Gonna Do
My Little Shirtwaist Fire

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Snoop-Being listening to atmosphere for a while Hip hop fans check out : Styles of Beyond
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Old 04-22-02, 11:17 AM
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Great idea, and a lot of good **** posted already.

OK although my music faves are Hip Hop and Irish Rebel Songs, I have an excellent suggestion for those who download.

Claude Challe - Solitude

If you like this, then download 10 more. Very diverse.

P.S. I bought Atmosphere - Overcast when I was in Minneapolis a few years back (I like to seek out local bands when I'm visiting different cities).
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The Refreshments-Mekong
Guano Apes- (Not sure on what song to list, just found them, but really enjoying them!)
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Old 04-22-02, 06:53 PM
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For those more interested in an industrial/techno kick, check out the following bands (with a few good "starter" tracks):

Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song, Starsign, Until The End Of The World
Covenant - Dead Stars, Stalker, Tour De Force
Front 242 - Crushed, Headhunter, Masterhit
Project Pitchfork - Carrion, Daimonion, I Live Your Dream
VNV Nation - Airships, Dark Angel, Solitary

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Old 04-23-02, 12:27 PM
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Flogging Molly - hmm.. Celtic Punk -- sort of the Pogues on speed.

Thrice - mix of hardcore and melodic punk. hard to explain

Swingin' Utters - Country/folk influence 70's-ish punk

Filthy Thieving Bastards - punk influenced folk

If you don't mind that they're Christian:

Calibretto 13 - something like a cross b/t Violent Femmes and Dead Milkmen.
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Old 04-23-02, 12:34 PM
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Pearl Jam

Seriously, they're good. Try em.

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Old 04-23-02, 04:04 PM
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Rival School - "Used For Glue"

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Cee-Lo from the rap group Goodie Mob. His debut solo album "Cee-Lo green and his perfect imperfections" (released today) is a pretty eclectic journey.
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Old 04-23-02, 05:53 PM
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Check out a group called Indigenous. They're an American Indian Blues/Rock band. Their lead guitarist is one bad ass mofo. He reminds me of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

/ modiman.
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My fav song by Shonuff is called "Fear No One" but their new jam called "Outcast" is damn good...

They are a funk-rock band, and they are fun. They pull their roots from everywhere...from Marvin Gaye to 24-7 Spyz to Kiss to name it, these guys can play it, and play it well. If only they weren't stuck here in Pittsburgh, they may have hit it big.
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I suggest Remy Zero, Juliana Theory, The Toy Dolls, Anything Box, and De/Vision.
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If you know who they are cool in my book
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Old 04-24-02, 01:08 AM
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If you like The Pogues, then check out The Tossers. They are now what The Pogues once were. Saw them open for Shane MacGowan & The Popes, and they were better even than he!
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Check out the songs.
They are one of my favorite bands (now defunct). They've toured with Tool and one of their members went on with Maynard James Keenan to work on A Perfect Circle

Another Space Song
Stuck on You

On - Lead singer from Failure's solo project

Pick Up

Zero 7 - New trip hop like band. Very smooth.

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Magnetic Fields - Fido Your Leash Is Too Long (though any song off the 69 Love Songs epic will do)

Coil - Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night (again, anything off the Musick to Play in the Dark releases is a winner)

If you like Portishead, Massive Attack, Curve or even Garbage, check out Laika.

Cornelius - anything off the Point cd

Clinic - anything off the Walking With Thee cd (still the best cd released so far this year)
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Originally posted by Scorpio
If you like The Pogues, then check out The Tossers. They are now what The Pogues once were. Saw them open for Shane MacGowan & The Popes, and they were better even than he!
Shane rules. I have heard the tossers before, but it's been a while.
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