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What movie made you start loving movies?

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What movie made you start loving movies?

Old 08-28-21, 07:14 PM
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What movie made you start loving movies?

I’m going to have to say, watching a black and white movie on at least a tonnage of a tube tv, Casablanca just floored me. I was young, but not so much so that I didn’t understand what was going on. I just loved it.

Sure, when you’re a kid, who wants to watch a b/w movie, let alone from 1942! but watched with fam bc it was on. No other particular reason. And that was catalyst. It’s a favorite, not all-time fav or anything, but def influential.

Saw It’s’a Wonderful Life shortly after one x-mas and that was it. Collecting movies different and more diversity in tastes have grown through the years, but I think Casablanca was the one. It wasn’t till older, now, that I truly appreciate what I saw and continue to see.

Old 08-28-21, 11:04 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Batman The Movie 1966.

The tv show was one of my favorite tv shows as a kid. We had a b/w tv back then. The movie was the first time seeing the show in color! And it was glorious!
Old 08-29-21, 02:35 AM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

The Wizard of Oz from yearly TV airings- also The Sound of Music which I found out had a little more cut out of it each year to make room for more commercials! Probably the first time I realized how evil it was to alter movies.

Star Wars of course (only the original version), and Time Bandits after that which is a personal favorite.
Old 08-29-21, 03:30 AM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Batman 89
Ghostbusters 1&2

The real game changer was seeing Halloween for the first time at a friends birthday sleepover when I was 11.
Old 08-29-21, 04:49 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

I had watched movies when I was little, I remember seeing batman 89 and Indiana Jones, and the early bond films with my parents at home. Then in 94 for my fifth birthday we saw Jurassic park and I started thinking movies are pretty neat. We got it on vhs and I watched it constantly in my little tent fort in my room and then one day planet of the apes came on and it absolutely floored me. I remember jumping up and down going APE PEOPLE COME SEE. After that I watched movies all the time. I was always drawn to the older ones for their cheesy special effects by today's standards and I still prefer older movies to the almost cartoon digital movies of today. But Apes really showed me what movies could make me feel excited for and even now when I watch it I still get excited when the apes are first revealed.
Old 08-29-21, 05:14 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Star Wars and possibly Superman: The Movie.
Old 08-29-21, 05:15 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

In fall of 1965 I discovered James Bond bubble gum cards. I became obsessed with seeing the movies. I began checking the movie ads in newspaper each week hoping one of them would be playing. Looking at all these ads I noticed there was a lot of really cool stuff at the movies. Then one day the ad for Thunderball "starts tomorrow". I was 7.
Old 08-29-21, 05:39 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

I saw a lot of movies on TV when I was a kid, like THE THIEF OF BAGDAD, ONE MILLION B.C., MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and SON OF KONG (which I actually saw years before I saw KING KONG), but I'm guessing the one that sealed the deal for me was THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1958), seen on the big screen when I was five, 50 years to the month before I joined DVD Talk.

Old 08-29-21, 05:52 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

It started out in the 80s with Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Die Hard, that made me love movies.

Then in the 90s when I was a little older, movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Dances with Wolves, Heat, made me love the filmmaking process.

To add on to this, the first REAL movie that really caught my attention as a kid was The Bridge on the River Kwai when I saw it with my dad. I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 years old when I first saw it but I remember what a wonderful movie it was.

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Old 08-29-21, 11:43 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Star Wars as a young kid being swept up in the hype. While I like movies, it wasn't until I was in my early twenties and caught Sunset Boulevard on AMC, thought what is this glorious movie and then proceeded to watch it again. Taught me to appreciate movies as an art form.
Old 08-30-21, 12:27 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Star Wars is the film that made me fall in love with the movies. Empire of the Sun is the film that made me appreciate the visual artistry of film
Old 08-30-21, 01:15 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Star Wars. Not sure how many times the parents took me to see it but it was a lot.
Old 08-30-21, 03:55 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Dawn of the Dead 78
Friday the 13th
Die Hard
Old 08-30-21, 04:26 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Shaw Bros Movies

... and Jaws.
Old 08-30-21, 05:29 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

I don't know if there is a movie that made me fall in love with movies, but The Magnificent Seven definitely made me fall in love with westerns. When I was a child my mom and I used to watch westerns, when my dad was away. The Magnificent Seven really stuck with me.
Old 08-30-21, 06:14 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

I liked blockbuster movies from childhood through my teen years, but one Christmas Day at college, all my roommates were gone and I got back from work at the theater and Jaws and Willy Wonka were on TV. Watching those that day was the first time something sort of "clicked" in my brain, in terms of understanding cinema, even though I'd seen them both multiple times before.

But other than that, I don't really have any particular films. Movies have always been a big part of my family's relationships with one another.
Old 09-05-21, 08:49 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Five Element Ninjas (1982)
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
Iron Monkey (1993)
Jurassic Park (1993)

Not a single film but a group of films that helped deepen my (early) appreciation for the medium.
Old 09-05-21, 09:54 PM
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Re: What movie made you start loving movies?

Hmm, well technically it was watching a made-for-TV being filmed in my hometown here in Oregon called Finish Line starring Josh Brolin, Mariska Hargitay and James Brolin, think it was back in 87 or 88. Just was cool seeing how a simple walk and talk scene was done with a dolly shot, plus big lights (they also moved a phone booth out of the way). The scene itself in the movie was only like 2-3 minutes but fun to see it edited together. The movie itself wasn't very good and was supposed to be something akin to Brian's Song.

My dad was "crowd control" while my mom was working in the theater the two characters (Brolin and Hargitay) walk out of (there were people in the theater watching a movie; not a big enough of a production to shut the theater down for a night after all ) Fun little story, James Brolin was in watching a movie in the back smoking a cigar. Non-smoking theater but nobody wanted to tell him that.

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