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What To Watch...

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What To Watch...

I was wondering how you guys and girls decide what to watch. Especially if you have massive 2 or 3 thousands dvds/blu-rays. I only have slightly less than a thousand and sometimes it can be really tough to find something to watch. It all depends on mood, I guess. If I'm feeling down, I'll watch something funny and inspiring like Little Giants or Matilda. (they really have to put a widescreen version of that one out !) If I'm in a really defiant mood, I'll watch something like Braveheart, Rob Roy The Highland Rogue, or The Fighting Prince Of Donegal. If I'm in a nostalgic mood, I'll put on something Batman the animated series(or the superman one), Jurassic Park, certain Doctor Who episodes, or Empire Records.

What about you ?
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Re: What To Watch...

Mostly mood but sometimes I make efforts to see certain flicks.
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Re: What To Watch...

Whatever the fuck hits my fancy at that time.
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Re: What To Watch...

By scent.
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Re: What To Watch...

whatever i want that finally reached below $10 on amazon 2 days prior
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Re: What To Watch...

I usually stand in front of the rack, and wonder what to see. I keep my unwatched discs shrink-wrapped (so I can identify them). I hem and haw for about ten minutes.

I end up picking a film I've seen a dozen times before.
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Re: What To Watch...

Originally Posted by The Bus View Post
I usually stand in front of the rack, and wonder what to see. I keep my unwatched discs shrink-wrapped (so I can identify them). I hem and haw for about ten minutes.

I end up picking a film I've seen a dozen times before.
This. I think that if you add up the time spent thinking about what to watch while standing in front of the dvd racks. It would probably equate to an extra movie a week. Some times I will plan ahead a pull a small stack of things that I really want to get through, but most of the time it is me just staring and debating what to watch for 10-15 minutes and then picking an old standby.
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Re: What To Watch...

Lately I've been consulting DVD Profiler to see which ones haven't been marked as watched yet. In the Collection List (lower left side) if you right-click on the title bar then scroll down to View Columns, instead of DVD Release Date, I have Last Watched checked, so I can keep track of them easily. I can sort by last watched, then choose by genre if I want to watch scifi (or whatever). I also keep a hand written list so I can keep track of the ones I just bought. We'll usually choose from the ones just bought before we choose another from the collection. Every once in awhile we'll just pick one we really want to see regardless of when we watched it last.

We keep a TV series going, watch it every other night, with a movie on the off nights so we don't get bored with either. -kd5-
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