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Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

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Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Old 09-09-10, 09:10 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

So he's making a movie about Bruno's asshole?
Old 09-10-10, 05:45 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Boll is furious at all the hate this trailer has gotten and how people treat him and his career. He unloads in this interview.

I'll try to bold the important parts, but there are a lot. If you have the time, the whole thing is worth reading. I've got to say that he makes some decent points. It will be interesting to see how people respond to this.

Originally Posted by Uwe Boll

Whatís pissing me off is if anybody else made a movie like this it would be in the running for an Oscar. I do it and I get bashed by everybody. Especially people who totally ignored the last six, seven movies I did. Rampage or Stoic or Tunnel Rats are really realistic, political, fact-based movies. So is my new Max Schmeling movie. But when people write about me, they still center on House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark, and they completely ignore the 15 movies I made after them. They would never do that with any other filmmaker. You cannot judge a guy based on two movies shot six, seven years ago. Ron Howard said my film Darfur was a masterpiece. Amnesty International said itís the best film made about Africa. I just donít get it any more. If people have eyes in their head and saw these movies, they could not say "Uwe Boll is a trashy filmmaker, the worst filmmaker on Earth," whatever, it is completely absurd. Rampage and Darfur went to 30 film festivals and were sold to 100 countries. WHAT THE FUCK! Why do I get counted as an idiot, Iím a Doctor of Literature! I studied economy! Iím not Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino in a fucking coffee shop and only have knowledge about film journalists. The public opinion about me is completely on the wrong track. Sorry that youíre getting all my frustration, because youíre the only guy Iíve had a conversation with about this.

Everything I make gets completely ignored. Fifty percent of people donít even think the Holocaust happened, and I make a movie about it and I get criticised for it. Half of my crew for 22 movies have been Jewish! My best friend where I live in Vancouver, Jonathan Shaw, is Jewish. Itís completely absurd! They put me in a corner, saying itís an insult to the Jewish community, itís totally bullshit! Itís the opposite! I could be celebrating how much attention the movieís getting, but really itís pissing me off, people are just not getting what Iím doing, they just donít watch the movies, and theyíre not aware of what my agenda is. Look, Iím not a subsidised filmmaker. I did a movie, Heart Of America, about school violence, and it made no money, and again Ron Howard said it was a great movie, everybody should see it. The next movie I did, in 2003, was House Of The Dead, the worst movie Iíve done. But it made over $30 million and it cost $7 million. So is it a big surprise that after that I made more video game-based movies? No! Itís absurd that the worst movie I ever did made the most profit. Thatís when the Boll-bashing started, and I became known as the worst filmmaker of my generation. But then I started writing my own movies again, Postal, Seed, Tunnel Rats, AND THESE ARE ALL GOOD MOVIES! But the Boll-haters slam every film I do, and normal journalists close their eyes and follow in their footsteps. Iím a film enthusiast, I know what a good movie is, and my movies like Rampage and Stoic and Darfur are not good movies, theyíre great movies! Darfur is better than The Hurt Locker! People watching it at film festivals were crying!

Every single movie about the Holocaust concentrates on one character, stories of survivors, heroes, whatever. And I wanted to show the Holocaust for what it was. In Auschwitz, more than fifty percent of people who went there were dead in two hours. Four thousand babies got shot in the head in front of the gas chambers. So for me, it was timeĖwhen not only the Iraqi President but a lot of people are going sloppy on genocide issues, I think itís important to make the movie. And much of the movie is documentaryĖI did a lot of interviews with school kids about the Holocaust, and thatís the start of the movie. It starts with that, and then we go on a normal day in Auschwitz, where you see what I showed in the teaser, you see the killings, and itís super shocking, but this is how it was, in reality. We see the selection process, when the train comes in, and so on. And then I go back to the interviews. In German schools, I interviewed people who had no fucking clue what Auschwitz was! In German schools! So you can imagine in other countries itís already forgotten. And thatís also part of the movie. The trailer is shocking, but I wanted to show what the purpose of the movie is. And I only played the guard because in Croatia, where we filmed, we couldnít find German speaking actors for the smaller parts, so I said I would do it. And the sequence ended up in the teaser not because I wanted to feature me, but because itís a heavy shot.

Interviewer: Stanley Kubrick abandoned the Holocaust film he was making because he said to make an accurate film about the Holocaust it had to be unwatchable.

I agree. And I think my movie will be almost unwatchable for most people. But personally I think itís necessary to show this stuff. An Auschwitz movie like this would never get any financing, I made it because I was shooting Bloodrayne: The Third Reich in Croatia, and put a few hundred thousand on top of that budget to make this because we already had all the set-ups, the concentration camp, the train station. It was an opportunity to make something that nobody would ever finance, but is necessary to make. To make people ask how people can do something like this, planned, organized, calm killings. The really scary part of the movie is that it all went down like a normal day in the office. Only 15 or 20 minutes of the movie are the killings, 60 minutes are organizing things, who picks people up off the train, whatís the selection process, and itís all done calmly because there was no way out. It was like a meat factory, itís the same procedure. There were no big revolutionary fights, no big goodbyes, it just happened. You come in and then youíre ashes. The main reason I made the movie was to show the craziness of what humans are capable of. I saw a British documentary with interviews with SS people who worked in the concentration camps, people in their 90s, and they werenít regretful, they slipped through the net, so they didnít get put in jail, and when the BBC asked why they killed Jews, they had no clue. They didnít know why Jews were supposed to be bad, they just thought it was a fact. They didnít question orders.

Interviewer: Is the film an idea youíve had for a long time?

Yeah. Iíve had it for years. But I never had the opportunity to do it, especially as a German. And Iím not loved in Germany either. But to be honest, what is Germany doing? If you make a Sophie Scholl movie or an Anne Frank movie, you get subsidies, you get into the Berlin Film Festival because everybodyís happy that youíre showing that there were Germans in the resistance. But that is bullshit! The reality is that everybody went with it. Only 40 percent voted for Hitler, but then 90 percent went with it and didnít question why Jews were getting deported. And after the war they said they thought the Jews were in working camps or being sent to the front line. Everybody had an excuse. And if you make a movie now you only get support if you show Germany in a positive light. The real hate Iíll get will come from Germany, because I donít show any Germans in the movie who have any doubt, who think they shouldnít be doing this. You see how it was. I wanted to show a totally normal day in Auschwitz, which was completely unemotional, like a butcher basically, who has no bad feelings about cows or pigs getting killed. This makes it scary, but thatís the point of the movie, to show what humans can do.

Interviewer: But inevitably people will call it torture porn and say itís exploitative.

But itís not true. If you see the finished movie, youíll see thereís only 20 percent where you have that violence in your face. Eighty percent is the daily routine in the camp, and the documentary and the interviews. So it will not satisfy Hostel fans.

Interviewer: Well thatís where the trailer is possibly misleading then, because it only projects that part of it.

Yeah, youíre right, it is a little misleading, but it was important for me to make a point with the trailer. This is the strategy of the movie, there are no heroes, itís not one personís story, itís really like a documentary. And it needs to show what happened for real. There has never been a movie with a camera inside a gas chamber. In Schindlerís List there is for two seconds maybe. But this is how it was. I have, for example, a very good scene with a father and his six year-old son. And the moment they get separated, thereís no screaming, no big music, no saying goodbye, it just happens in one second in the crowd during the selection process, and then itís over, and the son gets gassed and burnt. I think itís the opposite of torture porn, it will make a lot of people cry because itís so unemotional. Iím sad that people donít give my movies a shot, theyíre worth it, I put my money and heart into them, and I hope Iíll get the same chance as other filmmakers.

Interviewer: What sort of reactions did you get from people in Germany when you started talking about making the film?

I never talked about it. Nobody had a clue until I put the teaser up. And people are flipping out in Germany. The distributor working on the release of my Max Schmeling boxing movie, which is coming out in October, said the Auschwitz trailer is a disaster for them. They said, "This has ruined your reputation, we had such good press for Max Schmeling, and now youíve released this Auschwitz trailer." But Auschwitz is a way more important movie than Max Schmeling. And itís way better. And people on websites have complained that Iím doing this to make moneyĖif I wanted to make money I would have kept my money and not spent it on this. Itís totally absurd to think a movie like this is for box office. Itís the opposite, we all know that it will be really tough to get any cinemas playing it.

Interviewer: Are you concerned about upsetting Holocaust survivors and their families?

No. Because we talked to Holocaust survivors, and we talked to [Israeli Holocaust memorial center] Yad Vashem to get stock footage for the documentary material. They know that itís good to make sure that nobody forgets what happened. So even if itís disturbing and shocking, itís better that it exists than it doesnít exist. So I think they will hopefully step up and support the movie when itís done.

Interviewer: When will it be done?

I think November, and I will try to get it into the Berlin Film Festival. But I donít think theyíll take it.

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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Thanks for posting that. For as much hate as Uwe Boll gets, he does make some valid arguments. He comes across as a reasonably intelligent and coherent individual at least, despite probably letting his temper get the best of him at times.

People levying all the hate at him are, I imagine, just basing it on his garbage video game movies and haven't seen what he claims are his more serious movies. I'll admit that the thought of a Uwe Boll Holocaust movie doesn't scream artistic integrity and important social/historical commentary, but I guess it is sort of unfair to bash the guy without having seen the movies that aren't video game based.

The problem is the teaser trailer really makes it look as though he is going for the shock factor and making an exploitation film, but if he was trying to portray the brutal reality of Auschwitz, I guess he succeeded?

I will say though that he isn't any worse than guys like Michael Bay (I like Bad Boys and The Rock, but they aren't great cinematic achievements by any stretch of the imagination) and Eli Roth (this guy is a true hack) though.
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

I've liked Uwe Boll ever since he started fucking with people.
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

After reading the article I get what he is trying to say. We do have a tendency to hate on a director no matter how good/bad his films are. I am actually intrigued by this movie (and Darfur) even I though I have yet to be able to sit through the entirety of his shit films.
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Originally Posted by SomethingMore View Post
Tired of nerds and armchair directors slamming his (alleged) cinematic masterpieces BLOODRAYNE, ALONE IN THE DARK and HOUSE OF THE DEAD, besieged German director Uwe Boll decides that if the Marquess of Queensbury rules donít apply to cyberspace, then heíll bring cyberspace to a squared circle in Vancouver. Boll invites six of his most vehement opponents in the blogosphereóindividuals who have called for Boll to retire, die or bothóin an effort to hold them accountable for their words, an act most athletes and politicians have likely dreamed about.
I'd like to see George Lucas do something like this.
Old 09-11-10, 12:51 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
I'd like to see George Lucas do something like this.
Lucas is so fucking rich...he doesn't need to give a shit about what you think.
Old 09-11-10, 11:14 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

Eric D. thanks for posting that interview. It may have actually given me an open mind about Boll.

I've loathed Boll for a long while. The only movie of his I actually finished was House of the Dead because it fell into the "so bad its good" realm. I turned off Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne less than 10 minutes in because they were simply unwatchable (I only tried to sit through them because I was hoping for another HotD laugh fest). Other than that and that 9-11 Postal trailer everything I know about the man has come from critics. Most of the movies he listed as his "good films" I never even heard of (15 movies since HotD?)

I'll actually give this one a shot (but I still expect it to suck, the interview wasn't that good).
Old 09-11-10, 11:53 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

I've never had much of an opinion about Boll, but the brief bits of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark I've seen gave me a slightly unfavorable view of his work. But I like what he has to say in this interview, and he does make some very solid, valid points. I can't say whether or not I'll see this movie, or any of his movies, but I can understand his frustrations with being pigeonholed as a shit filmmaker based off of his video game films and nothing else.
Old 01-02-11, 10:20 AM
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Re: Uwe "Toilet" Boll makes a movie about Auschwitz

I watched Postal this morning, again. I equate Uwe Boll to something like Lloyd Kaufman/Troma, with more money for production value. It's like, everything looks good and is more comprehensible. But they still have something that's just totally off. And I love them both.

During the Postal credits, Uwe Boll has a tiny interview (at his "Little Germany" theme park). He says, "my grandfather died in the Holocaust, too. He fell from a watchtower."

During the Postal commentary, he kept answering his cell phone, which I thought was hilarious. I have no idea if he's doing this stuff as a big joke, or he was just insincere.

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