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Old 03-17-03, 01:07 PM   #1
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Sing along with me.."Here Come the Men In Black" yet AGAIN...

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean it'll actually get made..
Barry Sonnenfeld has agreed to direct and develop MEN IN BLACK III for Columbia Pictures, based on an idea pitched to him by MIB stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Sonnenfeld and producer Walter Parkes don't play nice with each other, but Smith and Jones won't do the film without Sonnenfeld. Therefore, Parkes is expected to have a more reserved role during this film.
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Old 03-17-03, 01:11 PM   #2
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Cool. I enjoyed the first two, even tho many on this forum like to crap on them. Great popcorn fare, if you ask me, and the first one still puts me in stitches.

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Old 03-17-03, 01:25 PM   #3
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I'm with ChemDoc.
Vader was framed.
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Old 03-17-03, 01:35 PM   #4
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If it has to be made, they should try and do something different from the repeat plot they used for MIB2. It was a great, winning formula the first time, but the only thing good about the second movie was Smith and Jones. And no Johnny Knoxville or Lara Flynn Boyle this time, please.
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Old 03-17-03, 01:37 PM   #5
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I say bring it on. Let's just hope they capture the spirit of the first one, because anything has to be better than MIB2.
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Old 03-17-03, 02:16 PM   #6
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I just hope that this one's longer than MIB2.
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Old 03-17-03, 02:21 PM   #7
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Not really surprised by this. As long as they make money, they'll continue to make sequels.
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Old 03-17-03, 02:31 PM   #8
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If they do a third, I hope it's an adventure that take the MIB off Earth to stop a threat in space. Another adventure on Earth and I think it would just be more of the same, but that would be an interesting twist taking it off planet, at least for a good portion of the movie.
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Old 03-17-03, 03:54 PM   #9
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I absolutely hated the second one. I could not believe they would have such a pathetic story after all the neat stories they did on the Men in Black animated series.

It would take a hell of a lot to make me see a third movie.
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Old 03-17-03, 04:01 PM   #10
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MIB 1: Awesome!!
MIB 2: Horrible, horrible, horrible.

The only thing I took home from MIB2 was the cameo by Biz Markie and that hot chick, not the alien, but the one in the video store.
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Old 03-17-03, 04:13 PM   #11
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Chalk me up as anther who absolutely hated MIB2. Just horrible.
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Old 03-17-03, 04:36 PM   #12
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didn't realize the beat box guy was biz markie. what a cameo.
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Old 03-17-03, 05:53 PM   #13
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I just hope Barry does it better next time around. I didn't like the 2nd one as much as the 1st, especially without Linda Fiorentino . But I did like Lara Flynn boyle

The way I figure the plot, at this point they're going to have to go to another planet...
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Old 03-17-03, 06:25 PM   #14
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Originally posted by calhoun07
If they do a third, I hope it's an adventure that take the MIB off Earth to stop a threat in space.
Certainly a much better way to go. The first film is certainly one of my top 5 films. The second one was bad but I try not to think of it. The cast of the second film made it bad for me. I like Jackass but I don't need to see Knoxville do movie and Boyle was pretty crappy too. I only ever liked her in Threesome.

I'm willing to see a 3rd. They might get it right again.
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Old 03-17-03, 06:28 PM   #15
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When I saw it, I thought the second one was okay but a bit redundant. After seeing the original MIB again soon after, my opinion of the second one dropped considerably. The first one had real charm and is a nice, light movie.

I'm sure MIIIB will involve them leaving Earth.
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Old 03-17-03, 08:11 PM   #16
DVD Talk Limited Edition
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The second one seemed like one big commercial for the MBZ E500. I absolutely hated the movie but it did make me want to go out and test drive the car.
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Old 03-17-03, 08:24 PM   #17
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why not? i'm guessing they're gonna see if they can trump making millions of off 88 minutes of crap by releasing a 78 minute crapfest. Sadly, they will.
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Old 03-17-03, 08:24 PM   #18
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Old 03-17-03, 09:11 PM   #19
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MiB II was total and complete crap, but it did make money (what a suprise), so I won't be suprised if they make a 3rd. I just hope they put some effort into it this time.
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Old 03-17-03, 09:15 PM   #20
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Will this one be even shorter then the second? I always wanted to see a half hour movie in the theaters...
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Old 03-19-03, 10:20 PM   #21
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I know what their idea was, I know! I know!

it was this:

"Barry- I know a way to get us, 3 hard working fellas, millions and millions of dollars---
let's make another back in black picture."

"Eureka! Will smith you are a genius!..I like that idea."
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Old 03-19-03, 11:20 PM   #22
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I say bring it on....hopefully they have learned from their mistakes...doubtful but hopefully. I doubt it if they will listen to the voice of reason when the flip...flip...flip...flip of the dollars is all they hear.
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Old 03-23-03, 03:18 AM   #23
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The second one was pretty bad, ruins the whole thing unfortunately. Hopefully MIB will redeem itself with the third movie.
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Old 03-23-03, 03:42 AM   #24
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The thing I liked about the first movie was that it showed the possibility of a movie franchise where you didn't need the same actors every movie (i.e. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon).

Have an actor come in, sign for 2 or 3 movies, at the end of his stint, he's either killed or has his memory blanked (i.e. Jones at the end of MIB1). I was expecting Linda Fiorentino to be one of the agents in the 2nd movie. Patrick Warburton was awesome in the beginning of the 2nd movie.

But they're stuck with the idea of needing Smith and Jones in all MIB movies. Let's get some new actors in as agents.

I mildly enjoyed the 2nd movie, not as much as I liked the first movie. Johnny Knoxville was probably the funniest part of the movie. That and the little civilization in the locker.

And bring back Michael Jackson as Agent M. With his recent problems, it'd be even funnier this time.

Maybe even get a new musician to take Will Smith's place in MIB 4. Kid Rock would be cool.
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Old 04-07-09, 09:31 AM   #25
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Men in Black III in development

MIB 3 confirmed

While at the Sony presentation at ShoWest, president Rory Bruer mentioned in his intro that they have a lot of interesting projects in the works
for 2010 and 2011. Those included the previously announced SPIDER-MAN 4 and GHOSTBUSTERS 3 but then he said they're currently actively developing MEN IN BLACK 3. No other details were available as this wasn't a Q&A but it got a good gasp from the crowd. There had been rumors about a MEN IN BLACK 3 since last year when producer Walter Parkes mentioned that they'd like to get the gang back together. But hearing from Sony that they're actually developing the script is much more of a confirmation than we've ever had. Not sure we need a MEN IN BLACK 3 but considering Will Smith can take a movie like HANCOCK to well over $100 million, MIB3 would make a mint for Sony. What do you think? Would be excited at all if Smith and Tommy Lee Jones came back?
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