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Your Top 10 of 2008?

Old 12-26-08, 06:46 PM
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Your Top 10 of 2008?

In no particular order...

The Dark Knight
Snow Angels
The Visitor
Iron Man
The Bank Job
In Bruges
Horton Hears a Who!

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Old 12-26-08, 08:51 PM
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havn't seen enough for this to be a finalized list but as of now:
*The Dark Knight (A)
*The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (A)
*Miracle At St. Anna (A)
*Snow Angels (A)
*Milk (A)
*Funny Games (A)
*The Fall (A-)
*Synecdoche, New York (A-)
*Iron Man (A-)
*Recount (A-)
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Old 12-26-08, 08:56 PM
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Slumdog Millionaire
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Tropic Thunder
Wall E
Adrift in Tokyo (Japan)
Tokyo Sonata (Japan)
The Chaser (Korea)

Have not seen The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, Milk & The Reader
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Old 12-26-08, 09:19 PM
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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Dark Knight
Get Smart
Kung Fu Panda
Quantum of Solace

I plan on seeing:
Slumdog, Milk, Doubt, Rev Road, Wrestler, Frost/Nixon, Gran Torino
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Old 12-26-08, 09:44 PM
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1. The Dark Knight
2. Iron Man
3. Redbelt
4. The Bank Job
5. Wanted
6. Quantum of Solace
7. Hellboy II
8. Incredible Hulk
9. Indiana Jones
10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Old 12-26-08, 09:46 PM
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1. Slumdog Millionaire
2. The Dark Knight
3. Wall-E
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5. The Visitor
6. In Bruges
7. Tropic Thunder
8. The Bank Job
9. Man on Wire
10. Iron Man
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Old 12-26-08, 09:50 PM
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1. The Wrestler
2. Hunger
3. Wendy and Lucy
4. Waltz with Bashir
5. Rachel Getting Married
6. Revolutionary Road
7. In Bruges
8. Milk
9. The Fall
10. Let the Right One In

Others (11-50):
11. WALL•E
12. Reprise
13. Man on Wire
14. Dear Zachary
15. Happy-Go-Lucky
16. Slumdog Millionaire
17. The Dark Knight
18. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
19. The Chaser
20. Burn After Reading
21. Chop Shop
22. Doubt
23. Tell No One
24. JCVD
25. The Visitor
26. Boy A
27. London to Brighton
28. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
29. In Search of a Midnight Kiss
30. [Rec]
31. I've Loved You So Long
32. Nothing But the Truth
33. Inside
34. Cloverfield
35. Gomorra
36. Timecrimes
37. Pineapple Express
38. Iron Man
39. Role Models
40. Recount
41. Bigger Stronger Faster*
42. Kung Fu Panda
43. Frost/Nixon
44. Bolt
45. Redbelt
46. Dead Set
47. Taken
48. Please Vote for Me
49. Tropic Thunder
50. The Reader

Need to see: Ballast, The Class, The Edge of Heaven, Flight of the Red Balloon, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Up the Yangtze, Encounters at the End of the World, Paranoid Park, In the City of Sylvia, Still Life, Young @ Heart, A Christmas Tale, Trouble the Water, Somers Town, Mad Detective

The worst I've seen this year:
1. The Happening
2. Hell Ride
3. Diary of the Dead
4. 10,000 BC
5. Semi-Pro
6. The Clone Wars
7. Mamma Mia
8. Gran Torino
9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

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Old 12-26-08, 09:52 PM
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In no particular order

Wall E
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Dark Knight
In Bruges
Definitely Maybe
War Inc
Iron Man
Kung Fu Panda
Sukiyaki Western Django (Japan)
Red Cliff (China)

Still haven't seen but I'd like to: Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, Bolt, Quantum of Solace
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Old 12-26-08, 10:48 PM
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1. Slumdog Millionaire
1. The Dark Knight
3. Wall-E
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
5. Iron Man
6. Tropic Thunder

Still need to see: Milk, Gran Torino, The Wrester, Seven Pounds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road, Doubt
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Old 12-27-08, 04:50 AM
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As of now, the list stands at:

1. Slumdog Millionaire
2. Let the Right One In
3. The Dark Knight
4. Milk
5. Repo! The Genetic Opera
6. The Signal
7. Sex Drive
8. Speed Racer
9. In Bruges
10. Cloverfield

Honorable Mentions:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Pineapple Express
Tropic Thunder

Ghost Town
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Still need to see: Gran Torino, The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, Doubt
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Old 12-27-08, 05:20 AM
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The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Quantum of Solace

I didn't see very many in theaters this year, but I thought these three delivered the goods.
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Old 12-27-08, 08:30 AM
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1. Paranoid Park
2. My Winnipeg
3. Let the Right One In
4. Happy-Go-Lucky
5. Flight of the Red Balloon
6. You, the Living
7. The Fall
8. Frozen River
9. Youth Without Youth
10. Redbelt

11. Snow Angels
12. Hunger
13. The Way We Are
14. Shotgun Stories
15. Eden Log
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Old 12-27-08, 08:46 AM
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Dark Knight
Iron Man
Hellboy II
Quantum of Solace
Tropic Thunder
Indiana Jones
The Ruins
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I'm only around 30 2008 releases, so I will use this as a placeholder for now.
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Old 12-28-08, 10:24 PM
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Top 5 of '08:

1. Slumdog Millionaire
2. The Wrestler
3. Wanted
4. Iron Man
5. The Dark Knight

Have plans to see Valkyrie and Doubt this week, so I imagine my list will change as TDK was just OK.
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Old 12-28-08, 10:29 PM
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10. Wall-E
9. The Incredible Hulk
8. Sex and the City
7. The Dark Knight
6. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
5. Twilight
4. Eagle Eye
3. Get Smart
2. Iron Man
1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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Old 12-29-08, 01:45 AM
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Other than Dark Knight holding the top spot, I don't have a definitive list.

The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Gran Torino
The Wrestler
Tropic Thunder

Is In Bruges 2008? I enjoyed that.. jeez maybe I didn't even see 10 movies this year. I can't think of anything else.
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Old 12-29-08, 08:20 AM
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As of today (in no order):

Iron Man
Step Brothers
The Dark Knight
Red Belt
Tropic Thunder
Kung Fu Panda
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Role Models

Still need to see Snow Angels, The Wrestler, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Let the Right One In.
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as of today (I'm watching 'The Edge of Heaven' tonight and 'Revolutionary Road' tomorrow night)

- Still Life
- My Winnipeg
- Milk
- Slumdog Millionaire
- Ashes of Time Redux
- Waltz with Bashir
- Gomorra
- Man on Wire
- Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame
- Encounters at the End of the World
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Still Life
Tokyo Sonata
The Chaser
Christopher Columbus, The Enigma
24 City
Man on Wire
Slumdog Millionaire
The Dark Knight
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From best to second best:

1. The Fall
2. Arranged
3. The Wrestler
4. Role Models
5. Wall-E
6. Slumdog Millionaire
7. Valkerie
8. Jodhaa Akbar
9. The Dark Knight
10. Benjamin Button
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I've missed a ton of movies this year; I'm not even sure that Man on Wire played in Columbus.

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
2. Wall*E
3. Slumdog Millionaire
4. The Dark Knight
5. Milk
6. In Bruges
7. Iron Man
8. Burn After Reading
9. The Bank Job
10. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Mildly disappointing:
11. Quantum of Solace

Bland as hell:
12. Price Caspian

Wildly disappointing, and brought the suck:
13. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Haven't seen: Gran Torino, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, Man on Wire, The Wrestler, Let the Right One In, Revolutionary Road, Synecdoche, New York, The Fall, Snow Angels

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My list so far for this year:

2. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
3. Burn After Reading
4. W.
5. Zack and Miri Make A Porno
6. Iron Man
7. The Dark Knight
8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10. Quantum of Solace
11. The Happening
12. Tropic Thunder
13. The Incredible Hulk
14. The X-Files: I Want To Believe
15. Righteous Kill
16. Semi-Pro
17. The Other Boleyn Girl
18. Untraceable

Still need to see: Doubt, Revolutionary Road, Milk, Valkyrie, Synedoche New York, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express. Others, I'm sure.
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1. The Dark Knight
2. CJ7
3. Wall-E
4. Hellboy 2
5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
6. Tropic Thunder
7. Iron Man
8. Forbidden Kingdom
9. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
10. The Bank Job


1. Foot Fist Way
2. Vantage Point
3. Burn After Reading
4. Meet the Spartans
5. Semi-Pro
6. 88 Mins
7. Step Brothers
8. Hancock
9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10. The Day the Earth Stood Still
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There is still a ton I haven't seen yet but right now. . . .

1. Let The Right One In
2. The Wrestler
3. The Fall
4. The Dark Knight
5. Tell No One
6. Pineapple Express (damn, zero love for this, ranks so high b/c I was expecting nothing out of it)
7. Iron Man
8. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
9. Rambo
10. Tropic Thunder

Movies I haven't seen yet that may likely make the list once seen. . .

Slumdog Millionaire
Benjamin Button
Revolutionary Road
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