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Is Enemy at the Gates any good?

Old 11-08-08, 06:47 PM
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Is Enemy at the Gates any good?

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Yes its rather very good.
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I don't know if that record was broken but at the time of its release, it was the biggest, most expensive european film made.

Very dark, and sort of hard to sympathize with either side at war, because the film presents characters that, while easy to understand as individuals, are hard to root for because of their allegiances. A World War II film exclusively about Stalin's Russians defending themselves against Hitler's Nazis, all boiled down to a showdown between two snipers. That being said, as it's really about two men that you really get to invest time with, I enjoyed it and the action/effects are very impressive. Nowhere near as graphic as "Saving Private Ryan", in case you're wondering about that.

The typical British accents are a bit much, but every historical drama has that it seems, and I suppose it's easier to understand than heavy Russian accents. Ed Harris doesn't use a German accent, or even a British one. He's just very formal and pronounced, but with no accent. Of course I loved Horner's score but a lot of people didn't and found it too much. Whatever, I'm not them.

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I liked it a lot. I remember the film for some of the great sniper scenes and the love scene in the trench between Jude Law and Rachel Weisz.
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I would have been better if they'd done it in German and Russian, but that's forgivable since it's a Hollywood film I suppose.
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I really like that film.

Ed Harris was fantastic as usual.
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I thought it was very well done.
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Good movie. The problem is that with snipers they have to stay still for hours on end waiting for someone to come along. The movie did a nice job of keeping things moving. Easily could have been overly long. If that guy that directed Babel had directed Enemy, it would have been 17 hours long.
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I remember the cool sniper scenes. And I remember the city ruins sets looking awesome.

The story and suspense never totally grabbed ahold of me. But it was enjoyable. I'd recommend a rental or buy it used.
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Old 11-09-08, 01:12 AM
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great movie. you should watch it.
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You should watch it. Highly recemmended!
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I enjoyed it as well.
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It rivaled the opening of Saving Private Ryan in the siege of ...was it Stalingrad? where refugees had to cross a narrow water channel in boats while being pummeled by cannon fire. Rather riveting that.
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It was OK but Stalingrad was a much better film on the same battle. And that sniper duel was total fiction.
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Yeah it had some good scenes but the way they made the Soviet army out was regular Hollywood. There was no 2 men per rifle nonsense, the kid going between Nazi and Soviet sides was funny since he would be found out as a spy very quickly by the NKVD, the trains with soldiers were kept open incase of air attack and there were no open land where soldiers would charge at each other, they fought in houses and rubble very irregularly.
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Originally Posted by arminius View Post
And that sniper duel was total fiction.
So was the Holocaust but we've gotten some pretty good movies based on that.
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I enjoyed it a great deal when I saw it in the theater. Excellent cast. But never bought it on DVD. And I buy just about everything.
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It was okay. Jude Law is a bland, boring personality with not much range.
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Originally Posted by Daytripper View Post
I enjoyed it a great deal when I saw it in the theater. Excellent cast. But never bought it on DVD. And I buy just about everything.
Same here. I own plenty of movies that are worse than Enemy at the Gates but for whatever reason I don't own it. I'll get the Blu-ray.
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The DVD is dirt cheap now, and also comes as a double-bill with "Uncommon Valor".
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Old 11-10-08, 01:39 AM
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It's most of a good movie.
The actual combat and duel between snipers is really good, but the love story is obscene against such a backdrop.

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I had high hopes for this movie, since it's a great subject, but the movie was a disappointment. It's been so long I can't say exactly what it was but the lasting impression I have is that it was too hollywood-ized. It had good visuals but the script and acting was very theatrical. Even though it largely had the look it was still missing the character of modern WWII productions like SPR and Band of Brothers. It didn't help that the character's accents were all over the place, literally. Some Russians would have Russian accents, others would sound British, etc.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Only 3 responses before someone mentioned the love scene. What took so long?
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