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Your favorite Bill Murray comedy

Old 10-13-08, 05:23 PM
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Your favorite Bill Murray comedy

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The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
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Old 10-13-08, 05:39 PM
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I voted Ghostbusters but Caddyshack, Stripes, Kingpin, Groundhog Day and What About Bob? are all solid choices as well...tough to pick. Ghostbusters edged out Caddyshack since I didn't discover Caddyshack until I was in my teens but Ghostbusters has been a fave since I was 5.
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Old 10-13-08, 05:53 PM
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Groundhog Day towers mightily over any of Murray's other comedy vehicles except Rushmore, which was more of an ensemble film anyway.
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Old 10-13-08, 05:54 PM
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It's not truly a Bill Murray vehicle but it's easily my favorite of the bunch.

Where's the option for Broken Flowers?
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Originally Posted by PopcornTreeCt View Post

It's not truly a Bill Murray vehicle but it's easily my favorite of the bunch.

Although, I find Quick Change to absolutely hysterical! (I voted for it because I think it will probably need the boost in the poll)
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Old 10-13-08, 06:05 PM
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As much as I love Ghostbusters, Caddyshack kills me everytime.
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Old 10-13-08, 06:08 PM
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Caddyshack is the finest film ever committed to celluloid.

Although Ghostbusters is a favorite too, but I gotta give the nod to Caddyshack.
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no Meatballs ?
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No Lost in Translation, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, or Broken Flowers? You left off all his best films.
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Old 10-13-08, 07:35 PM
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1. Stripes
2. Ghostbusters
3. Groundhog Day

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Ghostbusters, with Quick Change, Rushmore, and Caddyshack close behind. Scrooged is great, and his turn in Kingpin is one of the film's highlights. What about his masochistic dental patient in Little Shop of Horrors? Still one of my favorite cameos in a movie.
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Looks like Ghostbusters is going to run away with it. I went with Stripes over it for the simple fact that GB is an ensemble, while Stripes was a Bill Murray vehicle.
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Old 10-13-08, 08:54 PM
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Ghostbusters 1&2, Caddyshack, Kingpin, Groundhog Day, What About Bob? dare you make me choose one!
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4.Groundhog Day

Just of the ones on your poll.
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It's too hard for me to pick one. Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Stripes, Quick Change, and What About Bob? are all classic Bill Murray comedies.

And then you have his more recent (and equally funny/brilliant) work with Wes Anderson in Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, and one of my personal favourites...Broken Flowers.
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Ghostbusters is my favorite.
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Ghostbusters is my favorite, hated Life Aquatic.
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Old 10-13-08, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Sean O'Hara View Post
No Lost in Translation, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, or Broken Flowers? You left off all his best films.

I guess you could argue loosely that these aren't strictly comedies, but at the very least they're comedy-drama.
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Old 10-14-08, 12:37 AM
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Man, some strong choices there. I almost said Groundhog Day, and I do list it as my favorite comedy when somebody might randomly ask me what it is. But I don't know...when I saw Rushmore on the list, I had to pick that. Obviously you can't compare the two...they are completely different movies, even if they are both comedies. But something about his performance in Rushmore...I think it was brilliantly outstanding. He was awesome in Groundhog Day, absolutely, but the way he played it in Rushmore put it over the edge in this poll.

And, while not a comedy, a hat has to be tipped to his performance in Cradle Will Rock. It made a great movie awesome.

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Groundhog Day for me.
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Where the hell is my Scrooged SE?
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What great collection, but I think I'm going to go with Groundhog Day.
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I love all of the below movies, but I think I have to go with Groundhog Day as my favorite.

Quick Change
Groundhog Day
Broken Flowers
Lost in Translation

I hate What About Bob?
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