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I want an Austin Powers sequel

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I want an Austin Powers sequel

Old 03-20-08, 11:15 PM
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I want an Austin Powers sequel

... that doesn't rely on forced humor and pointless cameos.

2 and 3 felt like watery soup compared to 1, though there are people that love em. All had stringshoe plots, nothing more really needed, but the original had humor which went along just right, it just wrung true, the awkward faces and great wordplay. The sequels had some funny stuff but a lot just did not work. Whattya think?
Old 03-20-08, 11:28 PM
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All were pretty enjoyable for me. I probably laughed in equal amounts for all three films. Haven't seen any of them in years. Wouldn't mind a sequel. I'm sure when one is made that it won't be like the others, I'm guessing. Maybe a...DUN DUN DUN...prequel? sorry, I couldn't resist.
Old 03-20-08, 11:38 PM
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the first was a spot-on parody of the james bond genre... the other two were slapstic routines
Old 03-20-08, 11:47 PM
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I laughed at these a lot. But now not so much.
Old 03-20-08, 11:55 PM
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First one is good, second one has moments (the Jerry Springer scene), third had a nice opener with the Hollywood satire but fizzled out.

Apparently there was talk that Myers was going to make a Dr. Evil-centric movie a year or two back, but nothing ever came of it.
Old 03-21-08, 04:04 AM
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The problem I have with Mike Meyers is that he never knows when to say "when".

"Wayne's World" is great but 2 was mediocre.

"Austin Powers" I hold in high regard because it is a fine James Bond/spy movie spoof. Smartly written, and it shows a love and understanding the of genre/movies it pokes fun at. Mike Meyers should have stopped when the credits finished.

I have nothing good to say about the sequel. I hated the toilet humor, the stupid plot, and the moronic way they tried to "fix" things so that the sequel would "work". <cough>

I saw the intro to the third movie (someone showed me that part) and thought that bit was funny, but I avoided the 3rd movie because I knew it would be more of same lame stuff that was done in the 2nd movie.
Old 03-21-08, 05:45 AM
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I actually liked Austin Powers 2 over the original, mainly because the Dr. Evil scenes are always hilareous, and the sequel had more of Dr. Evil then the original. The 3rd movie was totally forced, and only had a few funny moments, but I think Myers knew it was time to stop. There is only so many times Dr. Evil can say, "Zip it" to his son until it gets old.

Totally agree with whoever said the Jerry Springer scene was hillareous, as I remember almost falling off my seat in the movie theater, when Dr. Evil goes ballistic and starts throwing a chair!
Old 03-21-08, 05:59 AM
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After seeing the preview for The Love Guru, I think Mike Myers should do an Austin Powers film as soon as possible.

Part 1 is terrific. 2 sucks, but that's mostly due to the horrific acting by Heather Graham. 3 is pretty good, imo. I found Goldmember's character to be quite funny.
Old 03-21-08, 09:18 AM
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I have to be honest with myself and say that if they made it, I'd most likely go see it right away.
Old 03-21-08, 09:21 AM
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i read months ago that a 4th movies is in the works....the trailer of The Love Guru is the worst trailer i've ever seen lately though..
Old 03-21-08, 09:25 AM
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I say this picture should be shot in a foreign local - China or Japan, and the female character should be Lucy Lu - Have an evil villian named Sweinen Zour Schiken or Aggfu Yung.

Make him look like Fu-Man Chu.

Judo Chops would be hilariously appropriate in this movie.

Last edited by True_Story1011; 03-21-08 at 10:41 AM.
Old 03-21-08, 09:49 AM
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The Love Guru looks pretty funny. I think that Mike Meyers is into all of that Indian stuff. Will probably be big. Should be good.

I adore the first Austin Powers. I put up with the second's play on "our first movie became a big hit ... here's more and more and more". Going into the third movie with nothing new to do was pretty dumb. The movies ate themselves.

I'd rather see Wayne's World 3.
Old 03-21-08, 10:10 AM
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They got funnier to me, but their stories were worse and worse. I'm all for another though.
Old 03-21-08, 10:12 AM
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who watches an Austin Powers movie for the story?
Old 03-21-08, 10:24 AM
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Loved the first one for the Bond spoofs, but 2 and 3 just killed it to the ground for me. I think Powers should stay in retirement.
Old 03-21-08, 10:38 AM
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I'm surprised people saw the second, didn't like it, then saw the third anyway. I've not seen the third, nor do I have any plans to see it unless it comes on TV randomly one day.
Old 03-21-08, 10:53 AM
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I loved the first one. Great stuff.

The second one ame out the summer of my senior year in high school, so I have fond memories of seeing it, but it has been a while since I last watched it.

The turd, um... third one is easily the worst of the bunch thanks to someone thinking Beyonce could act. She completely killed that movie for me. There was potential there, Goldfinger was a funny character, but she ruined any chance I might have had of enjoying that film.

I wouldn't mind a 4th, but it would have to be on-par with the first to even be remotely good at this point.
Old 03-21-08, 11:01 AM
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I love the first one, don't really like the second one at all, thought the third wasn't good but had some really funny bits (the subtitles, the fountain, and some goldmember scenes).
Old 03-21-08, 11:48 AM
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I really enjoy all three, but think another would/could be too much. Other than a few mis-steps (Cat In The Hat, anyone?), Meyers seems to have a pretty good handle on "enough is enough", I think. The Wayne's World movies were both enjoyable to me, too. But a third? Nah, probably not.
Old 03-21-08, 11:59 AM
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I love the characters and I'll take all I can get. But then again, even Epic Movie grew on me.
Old 03-21-08, 02:28 PM
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All I really want is a better DVD of the first movie.
Old 03-21-08, 04:01 PM
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I think they're all about equal, each with its own weaknesses.

The main weakness of the first one was the love story, which never worked and stopped the comedy dead every time the movie switched to that.

The main weakness of the second one was adding some gross-out humor to the mix, which didn't work nearly as well as the spoof stuff.

The main weakness of the third one was the attempt to bring Austin Powers and Dr. Evil together as family - just a bad idea!
Old 03-21-08, 07:31 PM
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The first and third were OK but unlike most of you, I loved the second. Hilarious from start to finish. Fast-paced jokes abound.

I wouldn't mind a fourth but I can't think of what they would do with AP that would be interesting. Maybe the prequel idea.

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