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Edison Force

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Edison Force

It's got a good cast, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, John Heard, Cary Elwes, Dylan McDermott. It also has LL Cool J, who's not the worst rapper turned actor. And Justin Timberlake.

It's a rather dull story about Timberlake as a rookie reporter who uncovers corruption in a elite police team. The corruption goes higher, to politicians and big businesses but once that's established, it's pretty much forgotten.

Timberlake is bland, but the bad acting award goes to McDermott as a psychotic cop. There was once scene where he's screaming and crying that's so hard to watch and made me embarassed for him.

Spacey, in the world's worst toupee, and Freeman both look bored as hell, just collecting a paycheck and spending a few weeks in Vancouver. In fact, I'd swear that Spacey was actually asleep during some of his scenes.

The action scenes are pretty much just guys firing machine guns at each other, although there was a pretty good fight scene between McDermott and cop-with-a-conscience Cool J.

It tries to be a hard-boiled film noir, but it falls way short. I really am surprised it attracted this many big names, but Spacey is supposedly a good friend of the director, probably from their Wiseguy days together, so that explains his charity.
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thanks for the warning.
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This title always catches my eye at the rental store. Glad I've been passing on it.
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Not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. I did kind of enjoy it however.
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Yeah, I rented it and it wasn't that great but it wasn't as bad as I predicted either. I still can't believe the cast this thing had, though. Never thought I would see so many big names in a movie that ultimately got released direct to DVD.

Even though it was far from a good movie, it did keep my interest and it was kinda fun watching such an A-list cast in such a dud kind of a movie. It was entertaining for an evening. Also, if I recall, the DVD had a pretty good 5.1 track which always helps.
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I saw this in the Walmart $5 bin last week. Glad I didn't pick it up.
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Originally Posted by Charlie Goose
Spacey, in the world's worst toupee...
When I first saw the bad rug I thought it would be referenced later on in the movie as part of the story because it was so obvious.
When the credits rolled and there was absolutely no mention of it, I realized that the rug was just a horrible attempt to cover Spacey's balding by a very bad hairstylist.

I could've done a better job if I stapled a dead cat to Spacey's head.

I don't understand how a director can look at the daily's and have no problem with it.

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