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I was suprised to see no thread on this one. It's nearing the end of its theatrical run, but I finally caught it last night and it's pretty good. It kind of has the Lost in Translation vibe, I'm suprised it hasn't garnered more attention. Claire Danes is really great in it, and it's one of the better bittersweet experiences I've had at the theater recently. On the whole, not an earth shaking movie, but it's nice to know Steve Martin can reach into his bag of tricks and pull out something more than family oriented crap.
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Here's a short thread from October:

But the search feature isn't working that well because I had to use "steve martin" to find the older thread.

I thought the relationship between the Danes' character and the Martin character was too creepy to enjoy.

It was okay. It's worth a matinee. The narration wasn't really needed, and detracted from what was already shown on-screen. It was like Steve Martin saw my thumb and decided he needed to hammer it home over and over again.
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Good movie, but like Patman mentioned the narration wasn't needed, and actually made me cringe. Especially since it was Steve Martin narrating but not as the Ray Porter character. That's what I got, anyways. Either that or he was talking in the third person. Whatever.

Also, I didn't believe that Claire Danes would have been interested in him, since he's ancient, not that attractive to begin with, and has no personality. They should have cast someone who's actually somewhat decent looking instead of Steve Martin. Then I would have bought it. But I know, he wrote the novella and the screenplay, but come on.
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I saw it, and thought Schwartzman was great. I could sense the LiT vibe as well. I'd give it a B. Good Matinee.
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Oy how the Lost in Translation comparisons irk me.

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Ive never seen LIT, but i absolutely loved shop girl. I felt the acting was great, the character relations were fantastic, and it just felt real to me. Definetly a great flick.
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I thought it was good, didn't like S. Martins narration either. Thought it was a different take on his L.A. Story made into a drama.
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Thought this was excellent. Claire Danes was adorable, Steve Martin was deliciously reserved, but Jason Schwartzman stole the show for me - he was just so damn funny throughout

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