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Funny SW Ep 3 article on MSNBC

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Funny SW Ep 3 article on MSNBC

Old 05-22-04, 11:34 AM
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that article was in a major paper? oh, it was just msnbc. sounded more like an editorial in a college paper.
Old 05-22-04, 05:38 PM
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What surprises me is how people who go on and on about how awful the prequels are compared to the original trilogy seem to completely forget that Return of the Jedi sucks.

True, The Phantom Menace is even worse, but I think Attack of the Clones was a definite improvement over either of those two awful chapters.

Old 05-22-04, 05:56 PM
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Agreed about Clones being better than Jedi.
Old 05-22-04, 06:15 PM
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What a stupid article. It's not funny and if he wanted to be taken seriously Lucas couldn't make these changes anyway because most of the movie has already been shot.
Old 05-22-04, 07:11 PM
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Did Lucas write Epiii by himself?
Old 05-22-04, 08:15 PM
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Originally posted by Get Me Coffee
Did Lucas write Epiii by himself?
No, he again used the help of Jonathan Hales, who co-wrote AOTC with Lucas. This time he's also using the help of Tom Stoppard, one of the writers from Shakespeare in Love to start, so hopefully with the help he'll be able to get some better dialogue.

Now, personally, this Lucas bashing is unecessary. Granted, I myself hated TPM...I thought it was terrible. But AOTC was a great rebound, and I found myself enjoying Star Wars again. And for all of Lucas' problems as a director, mostly to deal with acting, I still think Lucas has some good chops behind him as an action director. He's got a great eye for visuals and action sequences, and he sure knows how to make pop fun entertainment. I know some people think the Star Wars SFX are bad or something, but quite frankly I think you're insane. Definately some of the best SFX work out there.

Now, while I understand why some might not like the prequels, I wish it wasn't necessary for people to comment how us people who do like them are somehow clueless, or in denial. This article just seems silly to someone like me, as the humor is based on an opinion I just don't agree with. If the article had been witty, or said something at least intelligent it could've worked. But the article was nothing more than "George Lucas sucks, let someone else do it!!!" Hardly defining commentary, and definately worthless suggestions.
Old 05-23-04, 01:03 AM
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I don't get all the bashing for AOTC either. I think it was a great comback off of TPM. I think it is top notch other than a couple of Hayden scenes. One where he is whining to Obi wan at Padme's place, for one. But I consider that a harkening back to Luke whining about going to Toshe station to get some power converters.
Old 05-23-04, 01:42 PM
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AOTC was very good and I consider it and Phantom Menace as being superior to Return of the Jedi.

I'm also blown away by this:
Originally posted by jaeufraser
This time he's also using the help of Tom Stoppard,
Stoppard is one of the greatest writers working today on stage and screen. He co-wrote Brazil for crying out loud! This more than anything raises my hopes that Ep. III will kick royal ass.
Old 05-23-04, 02:20 PM
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You know, for as much as people bash the the love story, I think it is fairly believable. Neither of these characters had any serious relationships. Anakin has probably very little experience about what love is outside of maybe movies he's seen, books he's read, and the occasional couples he has come across. Same is probably true for Padme. The relationship was uncomfortable because that's how they are with love.

Now I'm not saying it was a classic love relationship, it could've been better. Not every scene needed to be uncomfortable, they're could've been a bit more scoundrel in Anakin and less of a creepy vibe, and a bit of the stuck up Senator in Padme. I do think it worked, though, and I believed they cared for eachother.

Also, can we please drop the Midichlorian debate. The Midiclorians take zip away from the mystical nature of the force. The Midiclorians are just there to gauge the potential of the force in individuals, and that was all that was presented in the film. I know without them there is no Force, but without life there is no Force. It's just another aspect of the Star Wars Universe.

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