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Apparently they changed "The Core"

Old 03-05-03, 03:21 AM
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Originally posted by Kal Jedi
Well the only thing I know is that there ARE 2 versions of the trailer. One where the hacker guy says "I need Hot Pockets and Kung Fu tapes" and another one where he needs Star Trek tapes.
So what is geekier Star Trek tapes or Kung Fu tapes? Or Hot Pockets?
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Originally posted by funkyryno
So what is geekier Star Trek tapes or Kung Fu tapes? Or Hot Pockets?
I'd say Star Trek anything is geekier. But then, I own lots of Kung Fu and my roommate eats Hot Pockets. :/
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Originally posted by TheOne

It's the end of the world!
As we know it?
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I feeeel fiiiiiiiiiiiiine
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If it was released in the summer this movie would do real well: kids out of school, pg or so rating, repeat business etc.

For a march release? I dont see it topping 60 million total.
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They may want to change the movie again for it to be actually good.
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Originally posted by Moefuscious
I feeeel fiiiiiiiiiiiiine
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Seantn did you watch a test screen as in the whole movie? or are you talking about a preview. I remember seeing previews for this movie a long time ago.

As far as the business of it, disaster movies made a lot of money in the past such as Twister, Armaggedon, Earthquake, Titanic(although disaster it is in a totally different legue) but I doubt it if this will make much money at all. I predict they will lose money at least at the box office. they may make their money in video and DVD sales. I just don't think this movie appeals to the public especially at this time. I say it makes no more than 60 mill. which would still be somewhat decent but I don't know what the budget was.
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You want me to hack the planet?

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I'm gonna laugh my arse off when this movie makes about 20 bucks opening weekend.

Hopefully that'll get Hollywood to start thinking maybe they should stop making these sort of movies.
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It has to be better than Armaggedon because Brucheimers name isnt on it.
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