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Anyone see the trailer for this? Thoughts? My thoughts: Extremely Pretentious Crap.
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Looks like the two get lost doing something out in the waste lands.

Casey wants to get a film career now? eh.

Could be good, then again it could just be CAST AWAY with sand in there instead of water.

the visuals should look great though.
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i loved it. but def. not for everyone. i wouldn't call it pretentious, but many will find it tedious.
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Here's a thread from when it showed at Sundance. Contains links to a couple of articles.

The comparisons to Bela Tarr, Abbas Kiarostami, and Chantal Ackerman really put me on guard. Those directors and their works are so far removed from Van Sant's sensibilities that it almost irks me.

After seeing the trailer last week, I'm just hoping it doesn't use the time lapse photography featured in some parts. And I'm not wild about the sepia tinting. But I'm still looking forward to it. At its worst, Gerry will just be a mindless art movie with a bunch of pretty pictures (yes those do exist). At its best, well, the possiblities are great, despite the presence of Matt Damon.
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Ugh.....van Sant aping Bela Tarr and Abbas Kiarostami? I think I'll pass, and go watch "The Wind WIll Carry Us" instead.
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I saw it last month and it is exactly what Grimfarrow says; Van Sant apeing Bela Tarr, Kiarastomi, and Tarkovsky. While it's a shame he can't do his own thing, it is still a fascinating film to watch.

In reguards to some of the questions, there is no sepia printing except in a delusional flashback that lasts about 45 seconds (all of which is shown in the trailer), there is maybe a total of 2 minutes of time-laps stuff, and one time laps shot is incredible.

All in all, like Solaris remade, this film has no audience. Matt Damon fans and casual film fans will be so off-put by this they will think it's a joke, and Bella Tarr/Kirastomi/art film fans will think it's a watered down 90 minute distillation of what they like in their 3-10 hour epic art movies. It's stuck in the middle.

Yet despite saying all that, it is worth seeing once.

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I want to see it... but I have my reservations. Pants seems to have a point. Still, I'd rather have Damon do something like this than crap like, say, best buddy Ben's Forces Of Nature.
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Good observations, Pants. It is indeed stuck in the middle of nowhere, ultimately satisfying neither the art crowd (who would find it utterly unoriginal) nor the general audience (who would find it too slow and different).
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hmmmmm.....I saw a trailor for this tonight and am very intrigued by it. Any others (besides those here already of course) who have seen have any opinions?
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Re: Gerry?

Originally posted by lesterlong
Anyone see the trailer for this? Thoughts? My thoughts: Extremely Pretentious Crap.
Usually I associate "Extremely Pretentious Crap" with Ben Affleck, so yeah I am hoping I will like this.
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I can't think of one Ben Affleck movie that I would label as Pretentious Crap. Mostly their just Crap and could never hope to achieve the status of Pretentious.
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The cinematography by the great Harris Savides will at least be something significant to look at.
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