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DVDTalk Exclusive 16:9 & DTS International Database

DVDTalk Exclusive 16:9 & DTS International Database

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DVDTalk Exclusive 16:9 & DTS International Database


Welcome to the DVDTalk Exclusive 16:9 & DTS International Database. In the tables below, you will find movies from all around the world that are not available in DTS or Anamorphic widescreen within the United States & Canada (Region 1).

Please remember to check back here often for updates. If posting a film that needs to be added or taken off the board, feel free to do so. However, I do ask that you check back to see when updates are done so you can delete you posts to keep this thread as clean as possible.

Questions regarding if a certain film that is coming soon to DVD is going to be available in DTS needs to be addressed in a separate thread within the main forum.

Last updated 12:25 AM EDT 06/22/06

Anamorphic DVD Title Countries
A Life Less Ordinary United Kingdom
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective United Kingdom, France, Germany & Japan
Air Bud 2 France
Alive Australia & Japan
All Dogs Go To Heaven France & Spain
An American Werewolf In Paris Australia, Germany* & Luxemburg
The Amityville Horror United Kingdom
Anastasia Australia, United Kingdom & Korea
Anatomy Of A Murder United Kingdom
Angles and Insects Holland & United Kingdom
Annie Hall Australia & United Kingdom
Another Day In Paradise Australia
Arachnophobia Australia & France
Armageddon: DC Australia & United Kingdom
Armageddon: TC Brazil & France
Armour Of God United Kingdom
Arthur Australia
Basketball Diaries Australia
Battle For The Planet Of The Apes Australia
Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie Australia
Beautiful Girls Australia, United Kingdom & Spain
Beloved Australia
Beethoven Australia
Beethoven's 2nd Australia & Korea
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes Australia, United Kingdom & Japan
Big Australia, Japan & Korea
Big Fat Liar Australia & Sweden
The Big Boss United Kingdom
Bird On A Wire Australia
The Bodyguard Australia, Brazil,Japan & Korea
Bound United Kingdom, France, Japan*
Brassed Off Australia
Breakdown Australia, United Kingdom & Germany
Bright Lights, Big City Australia
Broken Arrow Australia, United Kingdom, Japan & Korea
Bullet In The Head Hong Kong
Burn The Floor Australia
Buzz Lightyear United Kingdom & France
The Calling (a.k.a. 666)  Sweden
Cherry Falls Australia & United Kingdom
A Civil Action Australia & France
Code Unknown United Kingdom, France, Holland & Luxemburg
Color of Money Germany
Color Of Night: DC France
Coming To America United Kingdom, France, Holland & Italy
Commando Australia, Brazil,  Korea & Mexico
Conan The Destroyer Australia, Brazil, France, Germany & Japan
Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes Australia, United Kingdom & Japan
Cool Runnings Australia
Crime Story United Kingdom
Crimson Tide Australia & Italy
Cross Of Iron United Kingdom & France
Croupier United Kingdom
Cube France & Korea
The Curve France
Cut France, Germany & Korea
Cyborg 2 France
Dangerous Minds Australia
Dead President's Australia
Deep Rising Japan
Deep Star Six United Kingdom & Germany
Dinotopia Australia
Diplomatic Siege Australia
Disappearing Acts Australia
Don't Tempt Me Spain
Don Juan DeMarco Germany
Doom Generation France
The Doors Australia
Dr. Dolittle Australia, France & Korea
Drive United Kingdom & Switzerland
Drunken Master Australia& United Kingdom
Earthquake (1974) Australia & Brazil
The Edge Australia, United Kingdom & Korea
8 Femmes Poland
Emma (Paltrow) France & Poland
The English Patient Australia & Japan
Escape From L.A. Australia
Ever After: A Cinderella Story Australia, Germany, Japan & Korea
Evita Australia, Italy & Japan
The Faculty Australia, France, Germany, Holland & Spain
Fair Game Australia, France & Japan
Father Of The Bride 2 Australia & France
54 Australia & France
Final Analysis Australia & France
Fistful Of Dollars Japan
Fist Of Fury United Kingdom
Flash Gordon Mexico & United Kingdom
Fluke United Kingdom
Forever Young Australia, France & Japan
48 Hrs. France
Four Rooms Spain
Frantic Australia & France
Free Enterprise United Kingdom
From Dusk Till Dawn Australia, United Kingdom & Japan
The Full Monty Australia & Korea
The Game Australia, Italy, Japan, Spain & Sweden
Game Of Death United Kingdom
Game Of Death 2 United Kingdom
The Getaway Japan
The Ghost And The Darkness Australia & Italy
G.I. Jane Australia, France & Sweden
A Goofy Movie France
The Great Escape: Special Edition Australia & United Kingdom
Great Expectations '98 Australia, Brazil & Korea
The Green Berets Australia
Gridlock'd Sweden
Grosse Point Blank Australia & Japan
Halloween H20 Australia & Germany
Happiness France
Hard Boiled United Kingdom & Hong Kong
Hard Cash Poland
Hard Rain Australia, France, Japan & Korea
Heaven's Burning Australia
Heaven's Gate Australia
Hellraiser III United Kingdom
Highlander 2 France & Switzerland
Highlander 3 Holland
Hitman Australia
Home Alone 1 Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea & Mexico
Home Alone 2 Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea & Mexico
Home Alone 3

Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea & Mexico

The Honeymooners Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom
Horse Whisperer Australia, France, Holland & Switzerland
The House Of The Spirits Spain
Il Postino United Kingdom
Innocent Blood Australia
Inspector Gadget Australia & France
Instinct Australia
Internal Affairs Australia & France
Iron Monkey United Kingdom
Jack Japan
James And The Giant Peach United Kingdom
Jean de Florette Australia & United Kingdom
The Jewel Of The Nile Australia, Japan & Korea
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat Australia
Judge Dredd  Australia, France, Holland & Japan
The Jungle Book France
Just Visiting Australia, France (French) & Korea (English)
Kalifornia United Kingdom
Kickboxer Korea
Kids Japan
The Killer Hong Kong & United Kingdom
The King And I '56 Australia & Japan
KunDun Australia
L'Enfer United Kingdom & France
La Legende Du Dragon Rogue (The New Legend Of Shaolin) France
LA REINE MARGOT France, Holland & Korea
Lake Placid Australia, Holland, Japan & Korea
Life Is Beautiful Australia, United Kingdom & Japan
Lifeforce Germany
A Life Less Ordinary Australia
The Little Mermaid 2 France
Little Odessa France
The Longest Day Australia
The Long Good Friday United Kingdom
Lost Son United Kingdom
Mad Love Australia & Germany
Madame Bovary United Kingdom
Mafia! Australia
Manon des Sources United Kingdom
Marked For Death Australia
The Master Of Disguise Australia, Hong Kong & Korea
Matilda Australia, United Kingdom, France & Germany
Merci Pour Le Chocolat United Kingdom
Metro Australia, France & Japan
Michael Collins Australia
Midnight Clear Australia
Midnight Cowboy Australia
The Mighty Ducks (Champions) Australia
Mighty Joe Young Australia, France, Germany & Spain
Million Dollar Hotel Sweden
Mimic France, Holland & Japan
Misery Australia, Brazil & Korea
The Misfits Australia, United Kingdom & France
Mona Lisa United Kingdom
Mr. Holland's Opus Australia & United Kingdom
Mr. Magoo Australia & Germany
Mr. Nice Guy France
Mrs. Doubtfire Australia & Japan
Mulholland Falls Holland
Muriel's Wedding Australia
My Favorite Martian Australia
My Girl 2 Australia & Japan
My Tutor Korea
Naked Weapon Australia & Hong Kong
Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut Australia & Germany
Nelly And Mr. Arnaud France
A Night At The Roxbury Australia & Germany
The Nightmare Before Christmas Australia, United Kingdom, France & Germany
Nightwatch '98 France & Holland
Nixon France & Korea
Nothing To Lose Australia & Germany
On The Beach France
One Fine Day Australia & Korea
Operation Dumbo Drop Australia & France
The Other Sister Australia & Germany
The Paper Australia
The Patriot (Segal) Australia & United Kingdom
The Phantom Korea
Phantoms United Kingdom & France
Phenomenon Australia
Piano Holland
Piano Teacher Australia & United Kingdom
Pierrot Le Fou (aka Crazy Pete) France
Pokemon The Movie 2000 Australia & Germany & Spain
Pokemon 3 Australia & Spain
Police Story Australia
Police Story 2 Australia
Polish Wedding Germany
The Poseidon Adventure Australia
Presumed Innocent Italy
Pride And Prejudice Australia
Primal Fear Australia & Spain
The Principal Australia & United Kingdom
Private Benjamin Australia
Private Parts United Kingdom
The Poseidon Adventure Australia
Psycho Australia
Queen Margo Australia & United Kingdom
Quiz Show Australia & United Kingdom
Raging Bull France
Raising Arizona Australia & Korea
The Rainmaker Australia, Germany, Japan & United Kingdom
Ransom Australia, France, Germany & Italy
Rapid Fire Australia, France & Italy
Ravenous Australia & United Kingdom
The Real McCoy Holland
The Ref Italy
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins United Kingdom & Korea
The Rescuers Australia
Rising Sun Australia
The Rocketeer Australia, France & Italy
Romancing The Stone Australia, Japan & Korea
Romy + Michele's High School Reunion Australia
Rugrats: The Movie Australia, United Kingdom & France
Scream Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan & Korea
The Shadow Australia & France
She Killed In Ecstasy United Kingdom
She's All That Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden & United Kingdom
Shining Through Australia
Sister Act 2 Australia
Six Days, Seven Nights Australia, France & Italy
Sliding Doors Australia
Snake Eyes Australia & Holland
Solas United Kingdom
Some Like It Hot: Special Edition Australia, France & United Kingdom
Spy Hard Australia & France
Strange Days Australia
Street Fighter Australia
Sudden Death Australia & United Kingdom
  Summer Of Sam Australia, France & United Kingdom
Tango & Cash Australia & Italy
10 Things I Hate About You Australia
Terminal Velocity Australia
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead Sweden
Those Who Don't Love Me Can Take The Train United Kingdom
Three Amigos Australia & France
Thunderbolt France
Timecop Australia, France, Japan & Thailand
Tremors Germany
Tremors 2: Aftershocks Australia & Germany
True Lies Australia, Brazil, Japan,  Korea & Mexico
Turbulence 2: Fear Of Flying Australia
The Turning '92 Germany
Ulzana's Raid Australia
Universal Soldier Australia, France, Holland, Italy & Japan
Vacas United Kingdom
Vampyros Lesbos United Kingdom
A Very Merry Christmas Movie Australia
Vertigo Australia, United Kingdom & Germany
Vlad Germany
  Volcano Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong & Korea
Waking Ned Divine Australia
Walkabout Germany
The Waterboy Australia & Germany
When A Man Loves A Woman Australia & Japan
While You Were Sleeping Australia
Who Am I: International Cut Japan
The Wild Bunch Australia, United Kingdom & Japan
Wives And Daughters Australia
Working Girl

Australia, France, Japan, Sweden & Switzerland

The Wraith Australia
Wrongfully Accused Australia, France* & Germany
Xchange Australia
Young Frankenstein Australia, Mexico, Japan & United Kingdom
The Young Master United Kingdom



DTS DVD Title Countries
Accidental Spy Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (Mandarin) & Sweden (English)

Adventures Of Rabbi Jacob

France (French)
Ah! My Goodness: The Movie Japan (Japanese)
Air America Poland
Air Panic Japan
Aladdin France (French), Germany (German) & Japan
Aladdin II Japan
Aladdin III Japan
Alias - The Complete Third Season (not sure if correct) Korea
The Alamo Germany (German), Holland & Taiwan
Alexander Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, Poland & Sweden
After the Sunset Hong Kong & Japan
Ali Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, Japan & Taiwan
Alien 3 Japan
Aliens Japan
Alligator United Kingdom
Alligator II United Kingdom
American Pie: Band Camp Japan
American Sweethearts Sweden
Amelie United Kingdom (French), Holland (English) & Korea (French)
American Psycho France (French)
American Psycho II Hong Kong & Taiwan
American Werewolf In Paris Germany* & Japan
The Amityville Horror (2005) Hong Kong & Poland
Amores Perros Spain
Anacondas Superbit Japan
Angels & Insects United Kingdom
Angel Heart Hungry & Poland
Angel Eyes Hong Kong & Japan
The Animal Sweden
AntiTrust Holland
Around The World In 80 Days Holland
Armageddon: TC Japan (Full Bitrate)
Army Of Darkness: TC United Kingdom
The Arrival Thailand
Art Of War Taiwan
As Good As It Gets Superbit Japan
Atlantis '91 Germany (German)
Austin Powers: IMOM Japan
Austin Powers: TSWSM Japan
Autumn In New York Belgium & France
Aviator Germany (German), Holland & Sweden
Avalanche Alley Taiwan
The Avenging Fist Hong Kong (Cantonese)
Awakenings Superbit Japan
Back To The Future Trilogy Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Holland, Japan, Korea & Sweden
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Holland, Hong Kong*, Sweden & Thailand
Bandits France
Basic Brazil, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Sweden & Taiwan
Basic Instinct United Kingdom, Germany, Japan (Full Bitrate), Korea & Sweden
Battle Of Britain Ultimate Edition Holland, Japan & United Kingdom
Battle Royale Hong Kong (Full Bitrate) & Korea (Both Japanese)
Beauty & The Beast: Enchanted Christmas Thailand
Before Night Falls Poland
Being John Malkovich Japan (Full Bitrate)
Below Holland, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Bend It Like Beckham Taiwan
Bewitched China & Japan (Superbit)
Beyond Re-Animator Holland
Bicentennial Man Superbit Japan
Bichunmoo Hong Kong & Korea (Both Korean)
Big Blue France (French)
Big Fat Liar Brazil, Sweden & Taiwan
Big Lebowski Scandinavia
Birth Hong Kong
Black Adder: Back And Forth United Kingdom
Black Mask Hong Kong
Black Mask 2 Hong Kong, Korea
Blade Japan (Full Bitrate)
Bless The Child Belgium, France, Holland & Japan
Blood And Wine Germany
Blue Crush Japan
Blue Submarine: Blue Sub No. 6, Vol 1-4 Japan (Japanese)
Blurred Australia
Boogeyman Holland
Boogie Nights France
Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 France (French) & Holland
Boss' Daughter Sweden
Bound Korea
Breaking The Waves Korea
Bridge On The River Kwai Superbit Holland, Japan & United Kingdom
Brokeback Mountain Hong Kong
Brother Hong Kong (Japanese) & Japan (English & Japanese)
The Brother's Grimm Holland, Japan, Korea & Poland
Bubba Ho-Tep Australia & United Kingdom

Buena Vista Social Club

Korea (English)

Buffalo Soldiers Hong Kong

A Bug's Life

Australia, United Kingdom & Germany (German)

Bullet In The Head Hong Kong
Bulletproof Monk Holland, Hong Kong, Japan & Thailand
Cabin Fever Holland, Poland & Sweden
The Calling (a.k.a 666) Sweden

Canone Inverso (Making Love)

Italy (Italian)
Cape Fear Japan


The Cave Korea

Cecil B. Demented


The Cell

Germany (German), Hong Kong & Japan (Full Bitrate)

Cellular Holland, Hong Kong, Japan & Taiwan
Chariots Of Fire Australia
Cherry Falls Holland & Spain
Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Poland
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Japan
Chocolat Japan (Full Bitrate)
Christine Japan
Chronicles Of Riddick Japan & Thailand (Full Bitrate)
The Cider House Rules Japan
City By The Sea Holland, Hong Kong, Sweden & Taiwan
City of God Hong Kong & Japan
City Of Lost Souls Hong Kong (Japanese)
The Code (La Mentale) France
Collateral Damage France (French)
Committed Hong Kong (English)
Con Air China, Korea, Taiwan & Thailand
Conan The Barbarian Australia, Holland & United Kingdom
Confidence Holland & Taiwan
Constant Gardner Holland
The Core Japan
Corrina, Corrina Belgium
Copland Poland
Crash : Theatrical Cut Holland
Crazy Germany
Creep Hong Kong
The Crimson Rivers

France (French), Holland, Taiwan(English), & Thailand

Crimson Tide Hong Kong, Korea & Taiwan
Crossroads Hong Kong & Sweden
Cube 2: Hypercube Holland
Cursed (Wes Craven) Holland
Cutthroat Island Japan (Full Bitrate) & Poland
Dance With The Devil (Perdita Durango) Germany (German)
Dark Blue France, Holland & Thailand
Dark Blue World Taiwan
Dark City Belgium , France, Holland & Sweden
Dark Water Japan
Darkness Korea & Holland
Dawn Of The Dead Japan
Dawn Of The Dead (2004) United Kingdom
Dawn Of The Mummy United Kingdom
Deathwatch Hong Kong
Derailed Holland
Desert Saints Hong Kong
Devil's Own Superbit Japan
Diamonds Are Forever United Kingdom
Dinotopia Australia
The Discovery Of Heaven Holland
Dobermann Germany (German)
Dr. Dolittle 3 Hong Kong
Dr. No United Kingdom
Dodgeball Korea
Dog Soldiers Hong Kong , Sweden & Thailand (Thai)
Dogma France (English & French)
Dominion : Prequel To The Exorcist Holland
Donnie Darko Benelux, Germany & United Kingdom
Doom Holland & Hong Kong
The Doors Italy (Italian)
Double Impact Germany
Downfall Germany & Taiwan
Dracula 2000 Belgium , France* (English & French), Holland, Hong Kong, Japan & Sweden
Dracula III - Legacy Poland
Drive Switzerland
Driven Australia, Hong Kong & Japan
Duets Italy
Dune '84 Australia (Full Bitrate)
Dungeons And Dragons Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland & Taiwan
Easy Rider Superbit Japan
Ed Gein Spain
8 Femmes Poland
Ekran & Stefan Germany (German)
Electric Dragon 80,000 V Japan (Japanese)
Elf United Kingdom
El-Hazard, The Magnificent World Vol. 1 Korea (Korean)
El-Hazard, The Magnificent World Vol. 2 Korea (Korean)
Emma Poland
Empire Brazil, Japan & Taiwan
End Of Days France (French)
Enemy At The Gates Australia, United Kingdom (Full Bitrate) & Japan
Equilibrium Benelux,  Japan, Korea, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan & United Kingdom
Erin Brockovich Superbit Japan
Evita France*, Italy & Korea
The Exorcist : The Beginning Holland, Japan & Poland
Extreme Ops Korea & Thailand (Thai)
The Fabulous Destiny Of Amelie Poulain aka Amelie United Kingdom (French) & France (French)
Face/Off China, Korea & Thailand

Fahrenheit 9/11

Fear Dot Com Japan & Korea
Feeling Minnesota Belgium & Holland
Femme Fatale Benelux & France
A Few Good Men Superbit Japan
15 Minutes Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong & Korea
51st State United Kingdom, Korea & Japan
Fight Club Korea
The Final Cut Holland & Hong Kong
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Italy (Italian-Superbit) & Japan
Finding Nemo Australia, Korea, Holland & Taiwan
Finding Neverland Hong Kong & Korea
First Knight (Superbit) Italy (Italian)
A Fist Full Of Dollars Australia
Fist Of Fury Hong Kong (Cantonese) & Japan (Cantonese)
Fly Away Home Superbit Japan
For A Few Dollars More  Australia & Japan
For Your Eyes Only United Kingdom
The Four Feathers

Holland & Hong Kong

The 4th Floor Germany
Four Weddings And A Funeral Italy
Frailty Holland
Freddy Vs. Jason United Kingdom, Holland, Hong Kong & Japan
Frequency Japan (Full Bitrate)
Frida Hong Kong, Japan & Taiwan
From Russia With Love United Kingdom
Fukkatsu no Hi aka Day Of Resurrection Japan (Japanese)
Gentlemen's Game Taiwan
Gen-X Cops Holland (Cantonese)
Geripen Japan (Japanese)
Get Carter '00 Hong Kong
Get Shorty Hong Kong
The Getaway Japan
Ghandi Superbit Japan
Ghostbusters Superbit Japan
Ghostbusters II Superbit Japan
Ghosts Of Mars

France* (English & French)

Ghost Of The Abyss Holland & Japan
Ghost World Benelux
The Gift Holland & Hong Kong
G.I. Jane Sweden
Ginger Snaps Sweden

The Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girlfight Japan
Gloria Superbit Japan
Glory Superbit Japan
Goldeneye United Kingdom
Godsend Holland & Taiwan
Godzilla (Broderick)

China, France* (English), Holland, Italy & United Kingdom

Gojoe Japan (Japanese)
Goldfinger United Kingdom
Good, Bad And The Ugly Japan
Good Will Hunting Japan, Korea & Poland
Great Expectations Mexico
The Great Raid (Full Bitrate*) Holland & Hong Kong*
Green Street Hooligans Holland
The Grudge (US) Holland, Hong Kong, Korea & United Kingdom
Guys & Dolls Japan
Halloween Resurrection Hong Kong, Poland & Sweden
Hardball Japan
Hard Boiled Hong Kong
Hard Rain Germany (German), Japan (Full Bitrate) & Korea
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle Denmark, Norway & Sweden
Harrison's Flowers Sweden
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Korea
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Korea
Harts War Japan (Full Bitrate)
Head in the Clouds Japan
Heathers United Kingdom
Heartbreakers Holland
Heat  Hong Kong,  Italy, Japan & Korea (Wrong Aspect Ratio)
Hellboy Sweden
Hellraiser United Kingdom
Hellraiser II United Kingdom
Hellraiser III United Kingdom
Hellraiser: Hellseeker Holland
Hero Hong Kong, Japan & Korea
Hide And Seek Japan & Korea
History Of Violence Holland
The Hitcher Hungry & Poland
Holes Holland
Honey Japan
The Hours Holland, Japan & Taiwan
House Of Flying Daggers Australia & Korea
House of the Dead Hong Kong
House of 1000 Corpses United Kingdom & Holland
The House On Haunted Hill '99 Germany
Hostage Holland, Hong Kong & Korea
Hot Shots Hong Kong
The Hulk Australia, Brazil,Holland, Japan, Korea, Sweden & Thailand
The Human Stain Holland & Hong Kong
The Hunted Hong Kong, Sweden & Taiwan
The Hurricane France (French)
Ice Age Australia, Japan & United Kingdom
The Ice Harvest Holland
Ichi The Killer Hong Kong & Japan
In Enemy Hands Japan
In Good Company Holland
Independence Day (*Ultimate Edition) Australia, Brazil, Holland, Japan*, Korea, S. Africa & United Kingdom
The In-Laws Japan & Sweden
In The Cut Benelux
In The Line Of Fire Superbit Japan
In The Mouth Of Madness Japan
Insomnia Hong Kong & Taiwan
Intermission Holland
Invincible (Billy Zane) Poland
Island Of Dr. Moreau Taiwan
Italian Job (2003) Germany (German)
The Jacket Holland
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Sweden
Jeepers Creepers Australia, Holland. Hong Kong (Full Bitrate) & Sweden
Jeepers Creepers 2 Holland & Hong Kong
Jerry Maguire Superbit Japan
Jin Rho Germany (German)
Johnny English Brazil, United Kingdom, Holland, Japan, Korea & Taiwan
Ju-On: The Grudge Hong Kong  & United Kingdom
Jumanji (Superbit) Japan
Just Visiting Korea
K-19: The Widowmaker Germany, Hong Kong, Poland & Taiwan
Kate & Leopold France & Japan
The Killer Hong Kong
Killing Me Softly Japan
King Arthur Australia, Holland, Japan, Korea & United Kingdom
King Kong Holland
Kiss Of The Dragon France & Germany
Kissing Jessica Stein United Kingdom & Sweden
Kramer vs. Kramer Superbit Japan
Kundun Holland
Kung-Fu Hustle Superbit Japan
La Femme Nikita Japan
La Legende Du Dragon Rogue aka The New Legend Of Shaolin France (French)
Ladder 49 France & Japan
Lake Placid Japan (Full Bitrate)
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Japan (English), Germany (German), Italy (Italian)
Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle Of Life Japan & Korea
Last Action Hero Superbit Japan
Last House On The Left Holland
Last Man Standing Belgium & France
League Of Extraordinary Gentleman Brazil, Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Poland, Mexico, Sweden & Taiwan
Leaving Las Vegas Germany (German)

Le Pacte Des Loups (Brotherhood Of The Wolf)

France (French) & Holland (French)
Le Roi Danse (The King Is Dancing) Belgium (French) & Korea (French)
Les Miserables (Liam Neeson) Japan (Superbit) & Taiwan
Licence To Kill United Kingdom
Lifeforce Germany
A Life Less Ordinary United Kingdom
Lilo & Stitch Australia, France (French) & United Kingdom
Lion King Brazil, United Kingdom, France (French), Japan, Korea & Sweden
Little Nicky Australia, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong & Sweden
Little Odessa France
Living Daylights United Kingdom
Live And Let Die United Kingdom
Lola Rennt Germany (German)
The Long Kiss Goodnight Germany (German), Taiwan
The Long Weekend Holland
The Longest Day Brazil & Japan
Lost In Translation Holland & Hong Kong
The Machinist Germany*, Scandinavia & United Kingdom
The Magnificent Seven UE Japan
Magnolia Japan & Korea
Malena Holland (Italian), Italy (Italian) & Korea (Italian)
Mallrats Australia  & United Kingdom
Man-Thing Holland
Man For All Seasons Superbit Japan
Man of La Mancha Japan
Man From Snowy River Australia
The Man Who Wasn't There France (English & French) & Korea
Man With The Golden Gun United Kingdom
Manhunter Japan
Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Holland & Japan
May Taiwan
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 Thailand (Thai)
Menace II Society Belgium & Holland
Men Of Honor Spain
The Merchent Of Venice Holland
The Messenger: The Story Of Joan Of Arc (*Superbit) France (English & French), Japan*, Poland & Sweden
Michel Vaillant Holland (French & English) & Japan (French & English)
Microcosmos France
Million Dollar Baby Holland, Hong Kong & Korea
Mimic 2 Holland & Sweden
Mindhunters Greece, Holland & Thailand
The Mission Taiwan
Mission To Mars Germany (German)
Monday's In The Sun Spain
Monsters Inc.

Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (Korean),Sweden, Taiwan & United Kingdom

Monster's Ball Holland & Taiwan
Moonraker United Kingdom
Mortal Kombat Italy (Italian) & Taiwan
The Mothman Prophecies Holland & Hungry
Motorcycle Diaries Holland
Mulan Hong Kong
The Mummy Returns Australia,  Japan, Holland, Poland, Sweden & United Kingdom
Murder Of Crows Japan
Music Of The Heart Japan
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Holland & Hong Kong
My Father Is A Hero Korea (Cantonese)
My Wife Is A Gangster Korea (Korean)
Naked Weapon Hong Kong
Napoleon: Mini-Series Taiwan
Narc Holland, Hong Kong & Scandinavia
Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut Benelux & Germany
Ned Kelly Brazil & Holland
Never Die Alone Holland
Never Ending Story Holland
No Way Back Poland
Nobody's Baby Poland
Nonhosono (Sleepless) Italy
The Notebook Japan
Nurse Betty France & Holland
"O" Hong Kong
Octopussy United Kingdom
Oklahoma! Korea
Oliver Twist (2005) Holland & Hong Kong
On Her Majesty's Secret Service United Kingdom
On The Beach France
On The Waterfront Superbit Japan
Ong Bak Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Thailand
187 Germany
Original Sin Holland & Japan
The Others Hong Kong, Sweden & Taiwan
Out Of Reach Holland
Out Of Time Holland & Thailand
Owl's Castle Korea (Japanese)
Papillon Holland
Peter Pan (2004) Australia & Holland
Peter Pan 2 Australia & France (French)
Phantasm United Kingdom
Phantasm 4 United Kingdom
The Phantom Korea
Phantoms Poland
The Phantom Of The Opera Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Taiwan
Philadelphia (Superbit) Japan
The Pianist Holland
Platoon Holland
Play It To The Bone France
Prince Of Darkness Poland
The Princess Bride Australia & Holland
Quiet American Holland & Taiwan
Raging Bull Japan
Rain Man Japan
Ransom China, Korea, Taiwan & Thailand
Rat Race Holland
The Real McCoy Belgium & Holland
Rebel Without A Cause Korea
Red Dragon Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Holland, Japan, Sweden & Taiwan
Red Sonja Hungry
Reindeer Games: TC France & Japan
The Relic Taiwan (Full Bitrate)
Replicant Germany (German), Hong Kong & Taiwan
Requiem For A Dream France
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Taiwan
Ripley's Game Holland
River Runs Through It Taiwan
Road Home Superbit Japan
Romeo + Juliet '96 Spain
Ronin Australia, Holland, Japan & United Kingdom
Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story Hong Kong
Rules Of Engagement Holland, Hong Kong, Italy & Spain (Spanish)
The Rundown Japan
Runaway Jury Japan
Sade France
Sahara Holland, Hong Kong & Japan
Saw II Holland & Japan
Scary Movie Belgium, France (English & French), Germany (German) & Spain (English & Spanish)
Scary Movie 2 France, Germany(German) & Holland (Full Bitrate)
Scary Movie 3 Holland
The Scorpion King Australia, Brazil, Holland, Japan, Korea, Sweden & Taiwan
Scream Australia, Germany, France & Japan
Scream 3 France (English & French), Germany, Japan
Seabiscuit Japan
Seed Of Chucky Poland
Serpico Poland
Sex & Lucia Hong Kong
Sexy Beast Belgium & Holland
Shadow Conspiracy Taiwan
Shaft '00 Spain
Shakespeare In Love Australia (Superbit), Korea & United Kingdom (Superbit)
Shaolin Soccer Hong Kong & Japan
Shanghai Knights Sweden
Shanghai Noon Germany (German)
Sharkskin Man Peach Hip Girl Japan (Japanese)
The Shawshank Redemption Japan, Poland & United Kingdom
She's So Lovely Korea
Shigatsu Monogatari aka April Story Japan (Japanese), Korea (Japanese)
The Shipping News Benelux (English)
Shiri Korea (Korean)
Showgirls Japan (Full Bitrate) & Korea
Signs  Australia, Japan, Holland, Sweden, United Kingdom
The Silence Of The Lambs Holland, Japan & Korea
The Sin Eater (The Order) United Kingdom, Holland, Japan , Korea, Sweden & Taiwan
The 6th Day Italy (Italian Superbit) & Japan (Full Bitrate)
16 Blocks Holland
The Skulls France (English & French)
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow Holland, Hong Kong, Japan & Sweden
Sleepers Japan & Taiwan
Sleepy Hollow France (English & French), Germany (German), Italy (Italian) & Japan
Smoke Poland
So Close China & Japan
Solaris Japan
Soldier Japan (Full Bitrate)
Son of the Mask Holland, Hong Kong & Japan
Spartacus Hong Kong
Spartan Hong Kong
Spawn France (English & French, Italy (Italian) & Germany (German)
Species Hong Kong & Japan
Species III Japan
Spider Holland & Hong Kong
Spirited Away Australia, Holland, Hong Kong & Japan
Spy Kids French (French) & Japan
Spy Kids 2 Hong Kong & Japan
Spy Kids 3D Japan
Spy Who Loved Me United Kingdom
St. Elmos Fire Superbit Japan
Stalingrad France
Stand By Me Superbit Japan
Steamboy Superbit Australia
Storm Riders Hong Kong (Cantonese)
The Straight Story Japan (Full Bitrate)
Streets Of Fire Korea

Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild

Stuck On You United Kingdom , Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Sweden
Substitute 3 France (English & French)
Submerged Poland
Sum Of All Fears Japan
Supergirl Japan
Stay Hong Kong
Streets Of Fire Korea
Summer Of Sam France
Sunshine France
Super Speedway  Korea
Tadpole Taiwan
Tale of Two Sisters Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Taiwan
The Talented Mr. Ripley France (English & French) & Japan (Full Bitrate)
Talk To Her Taiwan
Tango Italy
Taxi (NY/2004) Japan
 Taxi France (French)
Taxi 2 France (French), Hong Kong (French) & Korea (French)
Taxi Driver Superbit Japan
Tears Of The Sun Superbit Japan, Korea & United Kingdom
The Terminator Holland, Italy (Italian), Japan & United Kingdom
Terminator 3 Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea & Taiwan
Texas Rangers  Holland & Hong Kong
They Live Hungry & Poland
Thirteen Days Australia, Germany & Hong Kong
The 13th Warrior Germany (German)
3000 Mile To Graceland Japan
Thunderball United Kingdom
Thunderbolt Taiwan (Cantonese)
Thunderbirds Holland, Japan & United Kingdom
Ticker Sweden & Taiwan
Timecop Australia, Holland & Italy
Timeline Germany & Japan
Titus Poland (Full Bitrate)
Tokyo Raiders Hong Kong
Tomorrow Never Dies United Kingdom
Toolbox Murders United Kingdom
Touching The Void Holland
Total Recall Japan, Korea & Poland
Traffic Hong Kong
Transamerica Hong Kong
Transporter 2 France & Germany
Treasure Hunt Hong Kong
Treasure Planet United Kingdom
True Lies Germany & Japan
Turbulence 3 Hong Kong
Twisted Holland & Japan
Two For The Money Holland
Ultimate X S. Africa & Sweden
Under Suspicion Belgium & Holland
Undertaking Betty (Plots with a View) Poland
Undisputed (Ice Man) Holland
Universal Soldier Holland, Japan (Full Bitrate), Poland, Sweden & United Kingdom (Full Bitrate)
Unstoppable (Nine Lives) Japan
Up Close And Personal Korea
 Vabank II Poland
Valiant Holland
Van Wilder Benelux
Vanity Fair Korea
Venomous Hong Kong
Versus Germany (German)
Vidocq  France (French), Germany (German), Holland, Japan & Sweden
View From The Top Thailand
View To A Kill United Kingdom
The Village Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Taiwan
Wasabi Hong Kong (French), Taiwan (French) & Thailand (French) & Taiwan
The Watcher Italy (Italian)
The Waterboy Korea
The Way Of The Gun Belgium &  Japan
We Were Soldiers  Holland, Hong Kong & Sweden
 The Weight Of Water France
West Side Story Collector's Edition Japan
Whale Rider Australia
What Women Want France & Taiwan (Full Bitrate)
Where The Money Is


Where There Is Love Spain
White Noise Holland & Hong Kong
White Squall Japan


Korea (Japanese)

Who Am I

Whole Ten Yards Holland
Willard Holland, Hong Kong & Korea


France, Holland & Japan
Winged Migration China, France, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea

The Wisdom Of Crocodiles

Wonderland Holland & Sweden
The World Is Not Enough United Kingdom
Wrong Turn Holland, Hong Kong, Korea & Sweden
I Tu Mama Tambien Hong Kong

The Yards

France & Japan
You Only Live Twice United Kingdom

You're Under Arrest

Zatoichi Hong Kong & Japan
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DVDTalk Exclusive 16:9 & DTS International Database

Included in this list is the current list of names I have of whom have contributed to this list since I took it over (me excluded). This does not include no longer registered users. If you have contributed to this list and I have left you name off, please drop me an email and let me know.

Current List:

compulsive dvd
Gourmet Artist
Brett C
Doc Moonlight
Tony Dvdfan
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I see several versions of Universal Soldier available from Japan. Which one has DTS?
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Hi Bill,

I have a new update for your list.

Brothers Grimm DTS R2 Holland
Green Street Hooligans DTS R2 Holland
In Good Company DTS R2 Holland
Dark Water DTS R2 Japan
Windtalkers UE DTS R2 Holland
Crash : Theatrical Cut DTS R2 Holland
Dark City DTS R2 Holland
Doom DTS R2 Holland
Dominion : Prequel To The Exorcist DTS R2 Holland
Man-Thing DTS R2 Holland
The Long Weekend DTS R2 Holland
Two For The Money DTS R2 Holland
Chaos 2006 DTS R2 Holland
The Merchent Of Venice DTS R2 Holland
Edison DTS R2 Holland
The Jacket DTS R2 Holland
Valiant DTS R2 Holland
Saw 2 DTS R2 Holland
The Ice Harvest DTS R2 Holland
Ladder 49 DTS R2 France (English and French)
16 Blocks DTS R2 Holland
The Great Raid DTS R2 Holland
Oliver Twist 2005 DTS R2 Holland
The Grudge DC DTS R2 Holland

Some corrections in the list as well :

* The Amityville Horror 2005 No DTS in Holland
* Bad Santa No DTS in Holland
* Hotel Rwanda No DTS In Holland
* Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow 2 times in list...add Sweden to 2nd one
* Coach Carter No DTS in Korea
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I think that is the wrong version of the movie Invincible. I believe it is the one with Tim Wroth not Billy Zane. Same situation over here.
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You can add the R2 007 Ultimate Editions to the DTS lists.
This link shows the font & back covers which show DTS audio:
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Tango & Cash- Australia 16x9
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Originally Posted by Quinty
Hi Bill,

I have a new update for your list.

Brothers Grimm DTS R2 Holland
Green Street Hooligans DTS R2 Holland
In Good Company DTS R2 Holland
Dark Water DTS R2 Japan
Windtalkers UE DTS R2 Holland
Crash : Theatrical Cut DTS R2 Holland
Dark City DTS R2 Holland
Doom DTS R2 Holland
Dominion : Prequel To The Exorcist DTS R2 Holland
The Constant Gardner DTS R2 Holland
Man-Thing DTS R2 Holland
The Long Weekend DTS R2 Holland
Two For The Money DTS R2 Holland
Chaos 2006 DTS R2 Holland
The Merchent Of Venice DTS R2 Holland
Edison DTS R2 Holland
The Jacket DTS R2 Holland
King Kong 2005 DTS R2 Holland
Valiant DTS R2 Holland
Saw 2 DTS R2 Holland
The Ice Harvest DTS R2 Holland
Ladder 49 DTS R2 France (English and French)
16 Blocks DTS R2 Holland
History Of Violence DTS R2 Holland
The Great Raid DTS R2 Holland
Oliver Twist 2005 DTS R2 Holland
The Grudge DC DTS R2 Holland

Some corrections in the list as well :

* The Amityville Horror 2005 No DTS in Holland
* Bad Santa No DTS in Holland
* Hotel Rwanda No DTS In Holland
* Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow 2 times in list...add Sweden to 2nd one
* Coach Carter No DTS in Korea
Where do you get this info from? Care to let us know where one can order these Dutch DTS titles?
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I get info from all distributors in Holland. You can buy these titles at www.frs.nl or www.mediadis.com
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Originally Posted by Quinty
I get info from all distributors in Holland. You can buy these titles at www.frs.nl or www.mediadis.com
Thanks, for the info. Did know about the two suppliers. However, I cannot find 16 Blocks DTS R2 Holland. Gotta a link for it?

IŽd appreciate it.
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16 Blocks is not out yet......it is scheduled to be released as a steelbook edition on September 15th 2006.
Also Slither will come out on the same date as a steelbook edition.

Here are some more releasedates :

Chaos Steelbook 2-disc set DTS 11-07-2006
Beowolf And Grendel Steelbook DTS 25-07-2006
V For Vendetta Limited Steelbook 03-08-2006
Merchant Of Venice 2-disc set DTS 08-08-2006
The New World DTS 30-08-2006
Basic Instinct 2 DTS 07-09-2006
16 Blocks Steelbook 2-disc set DTS 15-09-2006
Slither Steelbook 2-disc set DTS 15-09-2006
Tristan + Isolde Steelbook DTS ??-10-2006
Lucky Number Slevin DTS 17-10-2006
The Great Raid DTS 15-11-2006
Silent Hill DTS 29-11-2006
The Devil's Rejects Steelbook DTS 14-12-2006
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Flight 93 - Germany - DTS (German Only)
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Lord of War - R2 Scandinavia (Denmark/Sweden) - Fullbit DTS
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