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Old 03-29-02, 08:14 PM   #1
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Las Vegas
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Best Film of 1985 (ongoing survey)

I know we've got polls like this all the time around here, but I figure this one will be a little more comprehensive and perhaps even informative.

This thread will be for your pick for best film released during 1985 (think Oscar considerations for what's eligible). I'm not making it a poll because whether you like it or not, that would influence some people's choice.

Results will be posted in this thread, and all subsequent threads for each year, and they will be ongoing... so you can still vote here even weeks after other year's polls have begun.

Please start your post with your #1 film from 1985 (try to limit it to one - after all, that's the point - two at the most (I'll split the vote)), and yes, discussions are more than welcome!

Current Leader -- Back to the Future

All Years:
2000 -- Requiem For a Dream*
1999 -- (currently) Fight Club
1998 -- (currently) Saving Private Ryan
1997 -- (currently) Boogie Nights
1996 -- Fargo*
1995 -- (currently) Usual Suspects
1994 -- (currently) Pulp Fiction
1993 -- Schindler's List*
1992 -- Unforgiven*
1991 -- Silence of the Lambs*
1990 -- Goodfellas*
1989 -- (currently) Do the Right Thing
1988 -- Die Hard*
1987 -- (currently) Full Metal Jacket
1986 -- (currently) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1985 -- Back to the Future*

If you haven't voted on the previous years, feel free to go back and do so.

*Poll closed, winner declared.

Last edited by JonTurner; 04-05-02 at 01:30 AM.
Old 03-29-02, 08:17 PM   #2
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 2,725
I've only seen 9 films myself from '85, but here's what I can say so far:

1) Back to the Future - 9/10
2) Brazil - 8/10
2) Breakfast Club - 8/10

[stupid observation]the year of the B[/stupid observation] - I really need to see Blood Simple!

For the heck of it,

1) The Color Purple
2) After Hours
3) The Falcon and the Snowman
4) Prizzi's Honor
5) Ran
6) Witness
7) Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
8) Lost in America
9) Streetwise
10) Blood Simple

1) Shoah
2) Ran
3) The Color Purple
4) Streetwise
5) Prizzi's Honor
6) The Official Story
7) Mishima
8) The Falcon and the Snowman
9) Back to the Future
10) The Purple Rose of Cairo

Last edited by JonTurner; 03-29-02 at 08:20 PM.
Old 03-29-02, 08:37 PM   #3
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Back to the Future

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Old 03-29-02, 09:07 PM   #4
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Back to the Future
Old 03-29-02, 09:33 PM   #5
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Southern California
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Blood Simple.
Old 03-29-02, 09:39 PM   #6
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Central Jersey
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Back to the Future
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Old 03-29-02, 09:39 PM   #7
DVD Talk Legend
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For once, my selection isn't to be laughed at:


Gotta go back in time...

Old 03-29-02, 10:17 PM   #8
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I'm getting too young for these threads.
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Old 03-29-02, 10:53 PM   #9
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Prizzi's Honor
Old 03-29-02, 10:58 PM   #10
DVD Talk Special Edition
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After Hours
Old 03-29-02, 11:14 PM   #11
DVD Talk Limited Edition
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The Color Purple
Old 03-29-02, 11:26 PM   #12
DVD Talk Legend
Join Date: May 2000
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Now I gotta go back in time to see if JonTurner did really have a 10/10 for BTTF originally, since it's 9/10....
Old 03-29-02, 11:34 PM   #13
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
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Old 03-30-02, 01:08 AM   #14
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back to the future
Let Go.
Old 03-30-02, 01:27 AM   #15
Senior Member
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Back to the Future!

Wonder how long until this vote will be finished?
Old 03-30-02, 03:43 AM   #16
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Las Vegas
Posts: 2,725
Originally posted by Eddyhazkel
Back to the Future!

Wonder how long until this vote will be finished?
Eh, it's no surprise where this is going... I space them out intentionally though, so I'll wait at least 4 or 5 days before starting the next one... but yeah, this is the biggest landslide yet.
Old 03-30-02, 08:26 AM   #17
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Location: Columbia, TN
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Easy pick for me.

Old 03-30-02, 12:14 PM   #18
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 1999
Location: Oakland, CA
Posts: 373
Well it looks like Back to the Future is going to win in a landslide.
That's my pick too but here are some honorable mentions:

Young Sherlock Holmes
Real Genius
The Breakfast Club
Better Off Dead
Old 03-30-02, 12:32 PM   #19
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Old 03-30-02, 12:55 PM   #20
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Old 03-30-02, 05:25 PM   #21
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Romulus, MI
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I'm going to go with Ran also. One of my favorite movies.
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Old 03-30-02, 06:01 PM   #22
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jun 2000
Posts: 1,437
It's hard to know whether I should vote when I haven't seen so many of the movies.

Witness would be my choice from what I've seen.
Old 03-30-02, 06:07 PM   #23
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Jan 2001
Posts: 1,129
BTTF definitely, Brazil is really close behind tho......awww and Goonies is on there too...... lol that's just nostalgia talking tho..... and Peewee's Big Adventure:

Back to the Future
Old 03-30-02, 07:34 PM   #24
DVD Talk Hall of Fame
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Back to the Future is just an awesome movie.

For serious(right word?) pick would be Prizzi's Honor.
Old 03-30-02, 08:33 PM   #25
DVD Talk Platinum Edition
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Posts: 3,071
technically (in a literal sense) speaking, Ran is a better movie, but i think i'll follow the flow and go with BTTF on this one.

on a different note, JonTurner, when you going to do the best film of 2001 thread?!
-di doctor-

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