The Good Trader List XLII

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+1 to Matt Darst (honking)

Polish gold for Jean Paul Villeneuve (J.P.V.) , Randy Salas (rasalas) , Benoit Vary (BennyB) .

All excellent traders!
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Please add a big +1 for FelixTheDog (Robert Neil) and welcome a great trader to the board!

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Milt Chaboyer (Grimmly)
, great buyer, pleasure to deal with
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Add a +1.........

Great trader!

Ted Tantalo (tacomantt)

Give him a +1, thanks!!
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Please polish the Gold for Gregory Meshman (Ashirg).

Thanks again,

Jean Paul
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a big +1 to Todd Douglas (Dragonfly) for a great trade. i now have Hard Boiled: Criterion! yay!

and a +1 to Randy/Stefanie Burrows (lugslady)



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Great trade with a great Gold Trader- Eloy Tavarez (bodhi1213)!
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+1 for Jason Tosta (RedDye5) ! thanks again for the great trade.
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Mao, please add +1 to Douglas Johnson (CrumpsBrother) for a great trade! Thanks!

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please add +1 for keith Dallas

Mao please add +1 to Keith Dallas (Capt._ Dallas) an excellent traderwho does this board a service

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Please add +1 to the rating of Omshanti Green (shark). He and I just completed a Criterion trade, and I found Omshanti to be friendly, responsible and fair.

Thanks again, Omshanti!

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Please add +1 for Ben Hollenbeck (jester695) for an excellent trade.
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Just wanted to polish the gold for Gilbert Enriquez (GilRiz1827) for a smooth exchange over the Holidays. He's an extremely professional and trustworthy DVD trader.

Thanks Gilbert!
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A +1 for Clint Sidwell, please.

(not sure of UserName).
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Please give a +1 to Matthew Rasbury (AnonomusBob15) for a great trade. Thanks again.
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Please post an overdue +1 for Ray Isada (i-bystander). Ray was kind enough to provide me a copy of the Best Buy Fox Promo DVD free of charge and sent it promptly. It is members like him that make DVDTalk the kind of community one is proud to be a part of.
Thanks again Ray !
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Please give Baris Arslan (paranoid0) another +1 for an excellent trade.
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Polish the Gold for Glenn Glass. I highly recommend trading with him - absolutely fantastic!!

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Please, add +1 to Steve Curry (scurry3) for a great trade.
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Pls. put another good trade beside the name of A.G. Bassett (sykes).
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please add a +1 for Lisa Cho (Bubble) for monty python, thank you.
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Can you please add a +1 for soaped.

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I just completed a great trade with Jason Pugh (Kainan99). He's already on the Gold Trader list, but I just thought I'd spread that word that he's still actively trading and still a pleasure to trade with.
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I had an excellent trade with Doug Johnson (CrumpsBrother). Easy to deal with and the DVD came as promised.
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Please give Baris Arslan (paranoid0) a +1 for a great trade.

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