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canada dvd different to usa???

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canada dvd different to usa???

Old 09-06-14, 08:17 AM
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canada dvd different to usa???

Hi all - i bought the walkin dead season 1 and 2 on region 1 dvd and they play fine in my toshiba blu ray player but then bought season 3 dvd on region 1 and when it arrived (from amazon) i noticed it was canadian and it won't play - says it's the wrong region code - i though dvds from canada amd usa were both the same region 1 - what am i missing?
Old 09-06-14, 11:31 AM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

All Canadian discs are the exact same region as USA. Could be a defect or an import from another country. Return it.
Old 09-07-14, 07:56 PM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

Could you post pictures of the disc and package of this supposed Canadian Walking Dead set?
Old 09-15-14, 06:55 AM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

Where did you buy it from. If it was from a legit retailer,it should work. But, if you bought it cheap from some guy on the street corner/ flea market it's probably a bootleg.
Old 09-15-14, 10:57 AM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

The poster said he received it from Amazon, (directly, or from a third party seller, don't know though).
Old 09-29-14, 03:33 PM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

Maybe the original poster lives outside of Region 1, doesn't have a region-free player, and that the US sets are actually coded "all" regions (even though it might say "Region 1" on the box), while the Canadian set is coded to be "Region 1" only?
Old 12-06-14, 04:16 AM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

the walkin dead season is nice movie. I have seen it.
Old 03-14-16, 03:09 AM
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Re: canada dvd different to usa???

There are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about DVD playability worldwide. Many sellers say that DVDs will play on any DVD player when this may not be the case. Most of the problems concern US and Canadian Ebayers who have a DVD and TV system called NTSC whereas basically most of the world has a system called PAL. The differences in systems are explained below. Simple incompatibility of systems/regions can prevent playback or the disc may play but with a distorted or jumping picture. As a seller who always tries to warn bidders/buyers about these issues before a purchase is made, even I have buyers who simply refuse to read the listing properly and end up with a DVD they can‘t watch. REMEMBER that the onus is always on the buyer to ensure they have a compatible DVD and TV system. Sellers cannot know what system a buyer has or whether the DVD is being purchased for that Ebayer or as a present for somebody else. Hopefully this guide will help Ebayers understand compatibility issues. At the end of the day sellers want happy buyers and buyers want a DVD they can watch.


Due to rights issues, the staggered theatrical release of films worldwide and pricing differences, DVDs are issued with a Region code (shown on reverse of sleeve often in a small world symbol) as follows

Region 1 USA, Canada, US Territories
Region 2 Japan, UK Europe, South Africa, Middle East
Region 3 Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong and Thailand)
Region 4 Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Caribbean
Region 5 Eastern Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Africa,
Region 6 China
Region 7 Reserved
Region 8 Special International Venues (Planes, Ships etc)
Region 0 Region Free DVD's

All Region 1 DVDs are NTSC format. DVDs from other Regions may however be in either PAL or NTSC format. The main difference between North American systems and other countries is that other countries' TV systems can play either PAL or NTSC DVDs whereas many US and Canadian TVs are NTSC only. Most North American DVD players are NTSC Region 1 only players.


Film on a DVD is stored in digital format, and is formatted for one of two TV standards (NTSC or PAL). So apart from the region code issue there is the problem of disc format (two different formats of DVD, NTSC or PAL).

The UK, Europe, Australia, etc use the 625 line 50Hz PAL system.

Japan, USA and Canada use the 525 line 60Hz NTSC system.

If you can't play a PAL format DVD, although you have a multi-region DVD player, it's possible that your TV is the problem and not the DVD.


Most DVD players and TVs sold in PAL countries can play both formats of discs, however, this does not mean they can play any DVD (because of region restrictions). For example, a basic European DVD player (PAL Region 2 only) will be able to play a Japanese disc (NTSC Region 2), but not a US (NTSC Region 1) disc. An American basic DVD player (NTSC Region 1) will not play any other Region's DVD irrespective of format.

Many Ebayers have multi-region DVD players. Ebayers in regions other than Region 1 who have a multi-region DVD player can play any region’s DVD in ether format. US and Canadian Ebayers however may have a multi-region DVD player but if their TV has not been converted or is not PAL compatible then play will be affected.

Most North American DVD players can't play PAL discs.

Basically if North Americans want to purchase DVDs from around the world then they must have a multi region DVD player and a PAL compatible TV system; or be willing to watch the movie using a pc/laptop's DVD ROM drive (pc's are not format dependent.

There are always different versions/deleted/oop DVDs and films not released in some countries, which buyers are after. So if you still want to play other Region DVDs the equipment you'll need is:

1. A multi-region DVD player.

2. A PAL compatible TV set or a PAL/NTSC signal converter. Or alternatively you can watch a DVD via your DVD ROM drive on your PC/Laptop.

British, European and Australian Ebayers really have few problems playing any countries/other region DVDs in whatever format as long as they have a multi-region DVD player.

If you've found this guide helpful then please tick the box. Cheers and happy viewing.

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