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The All New Stores That Ship Overseas Thread

Old 04-25-00, 06:17 AM
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Here's the ones I know for definite...


DVD Empire
Barnes and Noble (full DVD store currently being put together)
CD Now (but on Music DVDs only)
Mass Music
CD Universe
DVD Box Office
AB Sound
TLA Video
Family Wonder (but very high shipping)
Second Spin
Disc Central
Bigstar *
*NEW* Django
*NEW* Total Action Universe

And those that don't...

CD Now (on regular DVDs)




CD Japan


Chaos Music
Digital DVD Shop

Any errors/amends etc, post here and I'll try to keep the list updated if there's a demand for it. I'll add links when I work all this affiliate code stuff out.

Removed - maybe it's worth getting this going again?

* Currently ship to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland , Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom only

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Old 04-25-00, 07:21 PM
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DVDNorth went out of business earlier this year, taking my 28 with them...!!!!
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100 posts! - cool.

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Old 04-27-00, 02:33 AM
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As I feel that this thread should probably include stores anywhere on the planet that ship overseas (and not just those that deal in Region 1 titles or offer coupons etc), then how about we add the following for starters (regardless of reputation):

For R2 and R3:
CD Japan

For R4:
Chaos Music

regards, Tim...

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Old 04-27-00, 08:41 AM
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Zone 4

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Old 04-27-00, 05:03 PM
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Maybe you should include shipping rates, methods of packaging, classification of items for customs check etc.

There was a time where my dvd was retained by customs because the dvdexpress logo was pasted on the package itself, thus exposing the contents. Anyone know which sites provide the best way to avoid the customs.
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Old 05-01-00, 07:25 AM
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Moving this up - has anyone got more to add?
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Old 05-01-00, 08:16 AM
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DVD Empire is another to add.
shipping rates to u.k $5 +$2.25 per item, if i remember right.
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Old 05-01-00, 09:26 AM
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Maybe you could add some sort of comment on how reliable all these places are, and how much (broadly speaking) delivery charges are? Just because a store ships overseas doesn't mean they're any f***ing good at it...

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Old 05-02-00, 10:02 PM
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And maybe someone could post how to get your postage costs reimbursed, and then also how to cash your refund cheques (or checks).

Shipping charges can be reimbursed by using a company like Brands For Less (

As to the cashing point I did a little bit of following up on something that has been mentioned on DVDTalk before, namely cashing of BrandsForLess and ****** refund cheques in the UK :

Halifax 4 per cheque;
Abbey National 7.50 per cheque;
Royal Bank of Scotland 14 per cheque;
Barclays Bank FREE if amount is less than 50, 4 if amount is 50-100, or 9 if amount is 100-2,000, with a 0.25% charge if the amount is above 2,000 (now that is a lot of DVD postage).
BUT you have to have a Barclays account to pay it into.
HOWEVER, you can open an "Instant Saver" for just 1.00 (but get no interest unless you've got >100 in it), which you can pay the cheques into.

So, thanks to all the people on DVDTalk who recommended this - I opened one today, with 10, and then promptly paid around $140 of BFL cheques into it. The lady on the FOREX counter was v.helpful, so she split the amounts payable into 2, so I didn't even have to pay the 4!

I *know* that this has type of info has been posted before, although I haven't seen it for a little while. Anyway, I thought it would help the "recently DVDd".

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Old 07-11-00, 02:24 PM
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Update: DVD Jam now ship overseas, but they only use FedEx, which is something like $25 and then $2.50 per item.

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Old 07-12-00, 01:34 AM
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There is one more store in Canada that ships overseas.The shipping are quite resonable. also ship's to overseas and thier rates are cheaper
Now for shipping prices
CD Universe for Asia 6.80 each item 2.95
moviesource is 4.99 per shipment $1.99 / Item
My slow growing collection

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Firstly, this is a great thread, and I'm sure all us International DVD freaks ( ) appreciate it, but how about adding the basic shipping rate for those above?

Just a suggestion, although admittedly it will be a lot more work.

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Old 07-12-00, 06:41 AM
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Great post. I do agree on the basic shipping rates. Something like (Europe):

Store Per shipment Per item
Amazon $6.00 $1.95
Express $6.00 $1.95
CDUniverse $5.99 $1.50
DVDBox office $0 $0

How about international friends outside Europe (Canada, Australia, Asia)?

(simonbrew: you can use the above numbers!)
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How about adding to the list of R4 retailers?
Fantastic service.
4 days to the UK, shipping 16 hours a day, rapid email responses to queries, even a little bit of bubble-wrap in the case to stop the DVD coming loose.

Highly recommended.
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Old 07-12-00, 04:40 PM
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Posts: 86 are also shipping internationally too.
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Old 07-12-00, 10:28 PM
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R1: Digital Eyes ships overseas.

Overseas shipping $3 per shipment + $2 per DVD

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Here are a two places i have had a good speedy service from they have free shipping a few problems the last week due to changing to a new server.

I also recommend i ordered five used dvds when they arrived two of them were brand new still sealed and the rest were also in mint condition not a mark on them
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