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Time and Tide - Region 3 -vs- Region 1

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Time and Tide - Region 3 -vs- Region 1

Old 06-25-01, 04:14 AM
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I purchased the Region 3 DVD and fell in love with the film - I also ordered it from Region 1. The region 3 release says some strange things on the back. It says words like: Fullscreen, Anamorphic, and Widescreen. In the Special Features section on the back cover it states "Digitally Mastered Audio & Anamorphic Video; Full Screen Presentation". Then at the very bottom of the back cover it says in small print: "Presented in a WIDESCREEN VERSION which preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio, approximately 2.20:1".

Now the picture is most definately fullscreen as there are no "black bars" on the top or bottom. It's also not squeezed. So the info at the bottom is surely false. Now - I've read a few places that suggest this release may indeed be Fullscreen (i.e. Open Matte) and not Pan & Scan. I'm pretty sure it's Anamorphic as well even though it's fullscreen, so that part is true. If it turns out that the Region 3 version is Open Matte and I'm getting more picture than with the widescreen version, I'll be a happy camper - otherwise I think I'll pass this Region 3 beauty on to someone else. The Region 3 release is indeed wonderful and I'm excited for the Region 1 release since it's the same company releasing it. Anybody have any info on the Fullscreen vs. Pan and Scan controversy? Anyone have any other comments about these two editions?
Old 06-25-01, 05:52 AM
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I'm kinda thinking out loud here, but is the disk NTSC? The reason why I ask is that on some R2 Anamorphic releases as of late (T1:UE, Snatch), the PAL->NTSC conversion in some players results in fullscreen. More specifically the "squeeze" scenario.

I just wonder if it's remotely possible that the same phenomenoa is occuring here. I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence. I just wonder if this possiblity has already been ruled out.
Old 06-25-01, 05:54 AM
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I should've added that the disc is NTSC - my bad.

It's not PAL.
Old 06-25-01, 09:05 AM
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"...I'm pretty sure it's Anamorphic as well even though it's fullscreen, so that part is true..."

...au contraire my friend! If the movie is indeed transferred full-screen and anamorphic you would know it the minute the movie started: the only way to achieve this is by windowboxing (not letterboxing!) the image, i.e. put black bars on all four sides of the image resulting in a smallish picture on your display, duly framed on all four sides with a black band!...

I know this, because...

a) it is so - that's how anamorphic transfers of 1.66:1 movies are done, and it is also the reason why anamorphizing 3:4 [1.33:1] movies is a pointless exercise, since doing so would not increase resolution - as it does with any movie with AR 1.66:1 or wider - instead, it would actually decrease resolution, what with those fr¦gg¦ng four black bands 'n' all...

b) my DVD 'collection' includes a R2/UK DVD of the 1952, pre-widescreen British movie The Importance Of Being Earnest which erroneously received the anamorphic treatment when it was transferred to disc... it's a very nice transfer, but with a really small picture!...

...my tip: don't ever trust in the correctness of whatever specs are written on the (back) cover of DVD cases - including run times!...

. . . . . .
Old 06-25-01, 09:08 AM
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If it was shot in Super35 as has been rumoured, then the 1.33:1 version may not be open matte in the sense that it shows everything the widescreen does and more. Instead, it would probably mean the widescreen version has more side info while the 1.33 has more vertical information.

However, that would mean Hark still composed his images for the widescreen version and all the CG shots are probably true pan&scan in the 1.33 version.

However, the US DVD specs list the aspect ratio as 1.85:1. It could well be open matte.

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