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What have you upgraded?

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Re: What have you upgraded?

I upgraded virtually everything I enjoyed on DVD to Blu-ray. Those days are behind me and I am being much more selective with UHD. I now upgrade to UHD only if it's a movie I truly love and reviews aren't terrible.
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Re: What have you upgraded?

When Best Buy had the deal where you would get a $5 off blu ray coupon, I upgraded a lot of titles that were priced at $10.
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Re: What have you upgraded?

If I have it on blu I won't upgrade it to 4K the only exceptions are John Carpenter movies with They Live (Studio Canal 4K,) The Thing when released in 4K and EFNY (Studio Canal 4K).
If I don't have the blu I may upgrade pending a price drop on the blu or 4K. But I don't always as it will depend on what the DVD looks like. Most still look good enough upconverted.
If I am buying it for the first time I will typically get the 4K if available.
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Re: What have you upgraded?

Originally Posted by Alan Smithee View Post
Rule of thumb- I watch every movie I already have on my current setup (even if it's on VHS) and then decide if the quality of what I have needs improvement, and if I like the movie enough to justify that improvement. There's some movies that I've paid a decent amount to upgrade, and some that I wouldn't even pay $1 for a better copy of.
You are wise, sir.

I have thousands of catalog BDs I won't upgrade to UHD (the BDs usually look/sound good enough IMO).

Over the years, I often upgraded my BD collection whenever a newer release with a new master came on the market.
I have an obsession with my audio and video collection being of the very best quality available...
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Re: What have you upgraded?

Originally Posted by ViewAskewbian View Post
So, in conjuncture with my other thread about learning how crappy some of my old DVDs now look on a 4k tv, I am wondering what discs you have chosen to upgrade and why?

I certainly don't plain to replace my entire DVD collection with Blus but wondering what are some of the more worthwhile upgrades out there.
DVDs look better on my blu-ray player than they did on my DVD/VHS combo player, so I've had very little reason to upgrade anything. The only reason I might is because the DVD went wonky (Demolition Man) or looked HORRIBLE (Outland), or I found a really good deal on a Collector's Edition BD (Mad Max) or wanted a matched set (Road Warrior/Beyond Thunderdome - actually those came in snapper cases which in my mind was a double-whammy). I might upgrade In the Mouth of Madness because it's one of my favorite horror movies that comes in a snapper case. I won't upgrade just for the hell of it; there has to be a viable reason to, I really don't want to spend that kind of money and my wife would kill me if I tried to.
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