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Trevor 04-04-14 04:08 PM

Can a thread exist in multiple subforums?
Does the forum software allow a single thread to appear in multiple subforums?

Many subjects can realistically appear in two or more subforums, but it seems silly to have multiple active discussions on the same things, like in the Amazon Fire TV threads in Streaming and Tech. And why not start one in Gaming and TV too!

I'd guess it's not possible; but a good solution would be the same exact thread being in multiple places.

VinVega 04-04-14 11:38 PM

Re: Can a thread exist in multiple subforums?
I think this question came up before. We can't have the same thread live in 2 different forums. Someone had a sticky that they wanted in multiple forums and we had to put a copy of it. Obviously it then becomes a different thread once copied. Sorry Trevor.

story 04-05-14 12:03 AM

Re: Can a thread exist in multiple subforums?
When I browse the forum, I just click "New Posts" and if the title interests me, I check it out regardless of its subforum. I've checked out quite a few threads I would have missed otherwise, because I pretty much have no interest in sports, for example, and wouldn't think to check subforums like this one, the feedback one, on a regular basis. But I do know we have a few members who only frequent certain subforums and don't venture out much (like sticking in video games and avoiding Otter). Every once in a while, I'll bet there's a thread that would really benefit from those members taking a look and contributing but they'll never see it. Not sure how to solve that one. :shrug:

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