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DVDtalk's Black friday Position

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DVDtalk's Black friday Position


There's a bigger issue here than Target threatening action.

BLACK FRIDAY ADS have NOT been released to the public. The information posted to forums has been either stolen or disclosed by someone who is BREAKING THEIR CONFIDENTIALITY agreement.

It's unethical to be promoting, publishing and otherwise spreading information that got into the public domain through illagitmate channels.

Black Friday is the single biggest day where consumers benefit. Stores often sell things at or below cost to get you to shop there. Spreading around Black Friday Ads before they are printed could have a negative effect on this, and more importantly it could REALLY hurt one of these companies.

Imagine you're TARGET and you're going to push a big title as your big lost leader. But your info got leaked and now someone like WALMART or BEST BUY knows about it. It's still far enough away for them to beat your price which will hurt your business.

Black Friday deals typically DO get printed the week of Thanksgiving and there is a good amount of time to discuss and sort through them BEFORE black friday.

Starting a group on another site is NOT the answer and in the end you hurt the stores, and other shoppers, for at the time that stores are being most consumer friendly, you're endangering their ability to do so!


Geoffrey Kleinman

Let me start by saying I do not fault Geoff from closing these but I was a bit bothered by his reasons.

But I am a bit scared at his defending Target for its actions. It seems to be that this board is all about getting infomation before it is "released to the public". And while I don't think this is worth risking getting sued, I am scared at the precident it sets. We get a lot of info at DVDtalk before the general public. Every week there are threads about the prices of DVDs at B&M stores usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Are these threads also in danger if the store threatins legal action? Or what about rumored DVD specs that haven't been released yet? And if you compare DVDtalks response to the response at Fatwallet, I have to admit I am a sad that we arn't doing something simmilar.

I think their legal footing is shaky at best but they know these web sites cant afford to get into a battle with them. So I guess my question is at what point do you say "no" this is a rumors site, we can speculate about prices all we want and tell Target or whoever's legal team to go to hell?
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Thanks for your feedback.

Appearently this isn't a black and white issue.

So just to be clear. If you have a newspaper with the Ad you can post it.

We'll be looking in to a long term policy on all this as well as it isn't clear exactly at what point this info is in "The Public Domain"
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