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Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

Old 02-13-09, 12:38 AM
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Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

I have about 100 dvds to sell. What's the best way to go about it?

All I've done so far is list each of the titles. I plan to put prices on each, but how do I determine what prices are fair to me and the buyer? I've tried SecondSpin but all the prices are fair to them and not myself.

I've been asked how much I want for the whole list. I told them I'd get back to them, because I'm not even sure how much I want for each.

How would you sell your DVDs on craigslist? Ideas please.
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

You shouldn't expect much for them whether you sell them one at a time or all together. Seriously, don't you see how cheap NEW DVDs sell for at Best Buy and Target week after week?
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Old 02-13-09, 01:22 AM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

Yeah, but $.10-$1 isn't fair at all. Plus some of these are still shrink wrapped.
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Old 02-13-09, 01:47 AM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

You are better off listing on half.com as you'll get a better price also they are easy to use and fair on commissions. You can also get an idea of what dvd's are going for in the resale market.
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Old 02-13-09, 02:38 AM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

If you're willing to do trade-in instead of cash, you're probably better off using DVD Planet's Quote Machine. There's a thread in the Store Forum (where this thread probably belongs), and several of us have had great success.
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Old 02-13-09, 02:57 AM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

Wouldn't it be easier to list them as one big bundle?

You won't get your money back either way but probably selling them in one lot is more attractive since I see people posting ads that they are looking to buy dvd collections.
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Old 02-13-09, 03:37 AM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

I was tipped off to newtownvideo.com by RobCA in another thread. Definitely worth checking out. In several cases, they paid MUCH better than Second Spin. They were also much faster than any of the other services. Basically, I just open three tabs in my browser (1 for NT, 1 for SS, 1 for DVD Planet) and see what I can get for each title and split them up that way. Out of 90-100 discs, I only ended up with about five that none of them wanted, or they would only pay 5 or 10 cents for. DVD Planet does only do credit, but most of the time, they'll take the crappiest title and give at least $2-3 for it.
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Old 02-13-09, 04:12 PM
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

The problem I find on craigslist is that it is difficult to sell much of anything under about $20.

People have to factor in driving to your house, trying to find your house, fear of a possible scam etc.

Unless it is a really great deal or a rare item, it isn't worth it for the buyer.

I would recommend trading them in or selling them at the next garage sale.

Expect $2-$3 each for most titles. Sad but true. My local video store is having a tough time selling their old titles for $3.99, buy one get one free.
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Re: Tips on selling DVDs on craigslist.

My best advice to anyone pricing things is to first entirely discard what you paid for the item. It's tempting to think in terms of, "This was $X when I bought it, minus Y years I've had it, it's in great shape....The value should be: $Z." That never works out, because too many market factors are ignored.

The aforementioned Half.com is one of the few things left related to eBay I still use because it's fairly hassle-free. I generally price my items low enough to be the lowest in their condition field when I list. If that price is so low I would be dissatisfied taking it, I generally find something else to do with it such as trade-in at Half Price Books.
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