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Child's Play SE coming 1Q08!

Old 10-20-07, 07:46 PM
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Child's Play SE coming 1Q08!

Check this out http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news...ws.php?id=1666

"We just did the commentary on the 20th Anniversary of [Child's Play], and all the stars, the little kid Andy Barkley, all of that, so thatís coming out in January/February.Ē

finally - am assuming it will anamorphic.

Not sure about the remake, tho.. I say just keep making more sequels!
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Old 10-20-07, 08:00 PM
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Good to know. I'd held off on buying the current version out there waiting for something better to come along.
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Old 10-20-07, 08:03 PM
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this is great news...i almost bought the region 2 just the other day.
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Old 10-20-07, 08:24 PM
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Great news! I've been holding off on this title for so long. At 4.99 this week at Circuit City, I almost bit the bullet.
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Old 10-20-07, 08:43 PM
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finally, and ill assume widescreen aswell. the remake sounds stupid tho, i dont even think they will make that much money off of one.
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Old 10-20-07, 09:29 PM
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I own all the Chuckys on DVD but I will glady double dip on a SE DVD...About time!
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Old 10-20-07, 09:38 PM
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Old 10-20-07, 09:44 PM
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About F**ken time. This is something we should've had 5 years ago.
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Old 10-20-07, 10:05 PM
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What big e said.
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Old 10-20-07, 10:10 PM
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This is great news!

Just finished watching all 5 films last weekend.

It would be nice to have an HD version as well, but that's probably wishful thinking.


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Old 10-20-07, 11:44 PM
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This is great news, I've been hoping for a re-release for years. I wish they would put some special features on Child's Play 2 & 3.

I'm not so sure about the re-make. I was actually hoping for a Chucky 6. I like the horror/comedy angle. I can't imagine Chucky having anyone buy Brad Dourif's voice.
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Old 10-21-07, 12:38 AM
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I told my brother the other day that a widescreen version of Child's Play would probably be out by Halloween 08 because it was the 20th anniversary. I guess I was right!

Can't wait!
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Old 10-21-07, 07:07 AM
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Great! I've watched it million times on VHS, but I'm so glad I haven't bought it on DVD yet!
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Old 10-21-07, 09:23 AM
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Like so many others, I held off on the current release ....patience has its rewards!
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Old 10-21-07, 09:36 AM
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I remember seeing this in the theatre so many years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit (I don't like horror and this just wasn't quite horror). I've never seen any of the other movies in the franchise.

I'll definitely pick this up as it's been 20 years since I last saw this. I'm hoping that it will hold up as I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time.
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Old 10-21-07, 09:46 AM
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I've had the R4 for awhile. I can't believe this has taken so long in R1. I'll buy the new one. The R4 has no extras except a trailer.
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Old 10-21-07, 10:13 AM
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Nice!!! I'm really hoping for a hd release, but I'll take Child's Play in OAR no matter what (assuming that this new release will rectify the full frame situation).
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Old 10-21-07, 03:25 PM
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FINALLY! Like many others, I've held off on getting this for so long because it wasn't in the OAR. I'll definitely pick up the SE.
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Old 10-21-07, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by marty888
Like so many others, I held off on the current release ....patience has its rewards!
As a person, I agree with you. As a DVD collector, I want to strangle you!

I own all the Chucky movies on DVD, but Iíll double-dip on the original.

A remake of Childís Play, thatís the dumbest thing Iíve heard in a long time. I mean, considering the series has had only 5 films; I say keep on coming out with the remakes. Some might disagree, but I think Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky are 2 of the best movies of the franchise & only the OR is better, but theyíre all great. Childís Play 3 was the only weak movie in the franchise, in my opinion.
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Old 10-21-07, 07:21 PM
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Finally! Now I can stop feeling bad about ignoring that lithographic re-release on shelves now. Now to start on Pumpkinhead....
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Old 10-21-07, 08:01 PM
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As usual, news of a remake inspires a re-release of the original. Good news to me. I'm glad that the best film of the series (which doesn't say much, btw) is getting the treatment it deserves. Just give me an anamorphic transfer and I'm good to go.
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Old 10-21-07, 08:21 PM
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I just got back from Wal-Mart. I was excited there because I saw a lenticular covered Child's Play there. It's just a slipcovered version that's already out. Glad to come home tonight, to read this news. As I'm sure everyone will say in this thread until we're sick of hearing it... IT'S ABOUT TIME!
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Old 10-21-07, 08:21 PM
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Think we'll get an in-character commentary with Brad Dourif as Chucky?
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Old 10-21-07, 10:21 PM
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I highly doubt it. Although I'd certainly like more titles that come out on DVD to include an 'in character' commentary. You can have one serious commentary, and another with the characters.
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Old 10-21-07, 10:53 PM
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Just watched the old MGM (first) DVD release for the first time. I actually avoided it because of the whole full frame issue. To be honest, the DVD seems to be just an open matte transfer of the film. The transfer is actually pretty damn good for such an old DVD release.

I might consider double dipping, but right now, I'd actually just stick with this edition. It all depends on what they pack into the set, and what the transfer looks like.

As for the remake... what are they thinking?
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