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Do you usually watch all the bonus features?

Old 05-26-07, 11:52 AM
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honestly i don't. if it's not on the first disc i probably won't get around to watching them.

but, i still like knowing they are there...
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Old 05-26-07, 12:07 PM
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Personally I usually go for the 'Special Edition', 'Director's Cut' or whatever it may be regardless. Knowing that all the extras are there whenever I'd like to watch them is fine with me. It depends on the movie, but I'll ususually watch some of the features right after the movie. If it's a comedy then I particular enjoy watching the 'Gag Reel'.
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Old 05-26-07, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by scott1598
honestly i don't. if it's not on the first disc i probably won't get around to watching them.

Yeah, I like special features, but will rarely put in a second disc if it is only special features. Take the Farscape starburst DVD's for example, I wouldn't mind watching those special features, but they put them on the 4th disc of each set (when they easily could have been placed on the other discs) so I haven't watched a second of them. I guess they figured they could justify a higher price by calling it a 4 disc set, even though it probably has about 2 discs worth of content.
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Old 05-26-07, 12:29 PM
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Used to do it for movies I rent. Not no mo!
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Old 05-26-07, 12:52 PM
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Depends on the movie.

= J
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I have always thought a good DVD needed only four things: A commentary, a newly-made making-of featurette (i.e. made for the DVD) hopefully 20m or more in length, deleted scenes, and the trailer. If all DVDs had those four things I would really not have any reason to complain about the amount of content (since that touches all the important bases) and I might actually have time to watch all of them.
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Depends on the movie but unsually, not enough hours in the day.
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Old 06-06-07, 11:02 AM
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When I first got into DVDs I made an effort to watch every special feature, even reading all the production note and cast info screens.

But then I gradually fell behind and now would need several clones with multiple lifetimes to watch everything.

But I like having tons of special features, and will usually watch some of them when I watch a DVD. I'll almost always watch the deleted scenes and blooper reel, and then I'll often listen to the commentary as background noise while I do other stuff.
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Old 06-06-07, 11:11 AM
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Nope. Not enough time.
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Old 06-06-07, 11:17 AM
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I usually try to watch them at least once.

If it's a movie, I watch it first then special features.

If it's tv on dvd, and it's a show I don't know well I do it the same way. If it's a show I was a regular watcher of when it was on, then I watch the features first.

And like other posters, sometimes they are so boring they put me out.
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Old 06-06-07, 02:29 PM
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I watch everything. It started back in 2001 when I was unemployed. Since money was too short to keep buying new material, I had to do something to keep myself occupied. And for some reason (OCD perhaps?), I've never stopped.

But now that I've jumped on the HD DVD bandwagon, I'm making it a point to put an end to that. I'll just watch the stuff that interests me. Especially since I can't bring my HD DVD into work to listen to the commentaries like I do with DVDs.
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Old 06-06-07, 03:06 PM
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Very rarely. Like others have said, just not enough time.
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For me it completely depends on the movie and the quality of the features. I usually buy a DVD only if it meets high criteria for a/v quality, bonus features, and occasionally really slick packaging.

The first set of DVDs I remember devouring (except for the millions of concept galleries) were the LOTR extended discs. The transfers are so good and the hours of making of docs are just fantastic. Even the commentaries were great. The most recent disc I did this with was the Pan's Labyrinth DVD. Often times I'll skip most of the features and just stick with a good director's or writer's commentary. I find that good commentaries often give all and more information than crappy bonus features.
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I'm about 50/50 - like others said, depends on the movie and my overall satisfaction (of it). I watched the SE of 'Black Rain' last night and the documentary featurettes were so utterly engaging and interesting, I spent nearly another hour watching (this is on top of the 120 minute run time of the feature...)
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Old 06-06-07, 03:27 PM
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I seem to watch the bonus features more often on rented DVDs, probably because I know that my owned DVDs will be there whenever (if) I want to watch it anytime.
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Old 06-06-07, 03:53 PM
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I always watch them after viewing a movie, or sometimes before if trailers are included. It is part of the full movie experience.
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Old 06-06-07, 03:53 PM
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Nope. Unless it's a movie I REALLY like, I'm happy with single disc versions at this point.
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Old 06-06-07, 04:02 PM
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With the exception of trailers, I rarely watch anything on the disc other than the movie itself.
Funny thing is, if a movie comes out in both 1 disc and 2 disc versions, I always go for the 2 discer even knowing i'll never watch any of the stuff on the second disc.
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Old 06-06-07, 04:55 PM
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I rarely watch the special feature, but always try to buy the DVD version that comes either as 2-disc special edition or what ever best release of the movie is.
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Confession Time:- I am an extras whore.

If a disc goes in my player, it does not come out until I have watched every bonus feature, listened to commentaries, etc. If it is a film I really, really like I will even listen to alternate language tracks. I speak a little German so I particularly like to hear German tracks to keep my skills up.

(On a side note, the German dub of the 1998 remake of Psycho is much, much better than the English language track. The actors give it absoultely everything they have and it is really quite extraordinary.)

Indeed, I will quite often re-watch making of documentaries and featurettes far more regularly than I will watch the films that they support. I suppose the reasoning behind that is that I always wanted to work in the film industry but never got the opportunity to do so. I can therefore attempt to live vicariously through the work of others as they describe their creative contributions.

My work days are often given over to consideration of "What DVD extras shall I watch tonight?" rather than, "What film will I watch tonight?"

I suppose it is a little pathetic but I really do appreciate a good extras package on a DVD.

Final note - everybody please buy the new DVD of The Sand Pebbles (1966) - the extra content is outstanding. Two versions of the film, two commentaries (each three hours long!) and nearly two hours of feaurettes, archival radio documentaries and trailers.

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I used to go after special editions but lately I've lost interest in most of them. If the exact same print is available in a cheaper bare bones version, I'm more likely to save the bucks now.

There's a few commentaries I like but I've found that most bonus features, incuding commentaries, don't really stand up to a second pass.

When out-takes and deleted scenes are stuck on as separate extras, they are usually boring and if anything, they just prove why they didn't belong in the film. Funny bloopers can be a hoot sometimes if they are not obviously contrived.

With a very few exceptions, the only things that will draw me into a possible double dip now are if the film is one of my favorites and it has been improved with a better print and/or a re-edit. All the other bonus stuff won't sell me on a new DVD any more.
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I always watch all the extras for movies I purchase.
Sometimes it feels like I may be trying too hard to stubbornly get my "money's worth", but I generally enjoy going through everything.

I used to do the same for rentals, but finally decided a year or two ago that I had to give that up (unless I really love the film or I'm interested in what a particular actor or director has to say).
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Originally Posted by scott1598
honestly i don't. if it's not on the first disc i probably won't get around to watching them.

but, i still like knowing they are there...
Thats really how i am. I have a bad habit of having to have the 2 disc if there is one available, but then i usually never move that 2nd disc from the case. I think I actually took the time to look at the bonus disc of "Night at the Museum" but i still haven't touched the extra disc of "Pan's Labrynth " as of yet. Those are the last two 2 disc i've gotton, but i'm sure there are at least 100 on my shelf that i've never looked at.
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The more I like the movie the more likely I will watch all of the stuff on it. I especially enjoy commentaries for films I like, but lately I haven't had the time to watch as much.
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Depends on the movie. A lot of times I'll just watch the first few minutes of a special feature and decide if it is worth it or not to continue watching. I'm much less likely to watch deleted scenes now than I used to...most of the time deleted scene means it should've been deleted. I do make sure to watch alternate endings though.

I particularly like watching features that pertain to special effects.

I generally don't care for commentaries unless by the director himself, very rarely do I care about actor commentaries, even though they tend to be more lighthearted and entertaining, they are usually not very insightful (IMO).

Overall though, special features are such a mixed bag. Some of them are incredibly entertaining, while others are a borefest. Like I said before, I usually check it out for a few mins to decide if I want to continue (and I always skip the reading bits, etc. the stuff that is way easier just to read off IMDB, etc.)
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