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I Can't Hold Out Much Longer...

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Originally Posted by MisterHowie
I hear from the folks who installed my Plasma HDTV the other week that porn is being sold on HD but will not be on Blu-Ray. This was apparently one of the deciding factors in the VHS (yes to porn) and Beta war (no to porn, like Blu-Ray) and we know how that went...
I'd love to know how that conversation came about...

"Hi, we're Ray and Bob and we're here to install your new TV"
"C'mon in guys, my name is Howie"
blah blah blah
"Okay Howie, your new Plasma is ready to go"
"Awesome, it looks great, thanks!"
"Let us know if you run into any problems with your new set"
"Oh, just one more thing... what are my options as far as watching high-definition p*ssy on this?"
blah blah blah
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Nope. I've spent way too much money on DVDs in the past 9 years that I've had a DVD player and I don't see the reason to jump. I have a 32 inch Sony Wega regular old tv and I'm happy with it. I don't see the reason to go out and buy a new tv, new player and movies that are around $30 a piece. Not worth it.
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<---Still not jumping anytime soon as well.
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I way i approached it,i wanted to spend 400 bucks on a really kick ass upconverting dvd player...that just so happens to also plays HD!! and that's how the HD-A2 recently fell onto my lap. Amazing machine,loved my purchased!
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Originally Posted by Mike Adams
Well, even for those who already have a 360, the add-on will only allow them to play the discs. The achilles heel of both HD formats is that not only do you have to have the right equipment to play them, you also need a better display, since on a standard TV, HD content won't look much better than standard DVD.
Then I guess I should correct my statement:

Originally Posted by candyrocket786
If you really want to test the waters and already have an HDTV and Xbox 360, then purchase the HD-DVD Drive add-on ($169 at Microcenter this Monday).
It would be interesting if Microsoft released a Blu-ray Drive Add-on for the 360, but I don't think Sony is going to allow that any time soon.
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Originally Posted by candyrocket786
It would be interesting if Microsoft released a Blu-ray Drive Add-on for the 360, but I don't think Sony is going to allow that any time soon.
Sony might not like that, but I don't think they could stop MS from doing it. Microsoft simply went with HD-DVD rather than Blu-ray, so I wouldn't look for any BD-related peripherals for any MS product until HD-DVD is officialy declared dead.
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I bought an HD-DVD player partially because it's one of the best upconverting player. THe number of HD-DVDs available is pretty slim, and doesn't seem to be speeding up. I still mainly watch standard DVDs because that's what's out there. I have to justify my purchase somehow... so its use an upconverting player partially why I bought it.

I will get BD too, but only after the price comes down. It looks like BD releases are picking up steam, so if you don't have either player that may be the way to go.

Honestly, though, despite the specs, movies on HD don't wow me nearly as much as watching sports in HD. The difference, to my eyes, when watching an NFL game in HD vs. SD is literally night and day. Movies are clearly better in HD, but I don't get that wow feeling I get with sports using HD cameras rather than film. I know the specs are night and day difference. But from what I've seen I have no desire to upgrade most of my existing DVDs. I would like to start buying new titles in HD, but of course, the studios aren't making that possible, at least for HD-DVD. Again, it looks like BD is pulling ahead in this area.
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Originally Posted by The No Man
I'm not doing anything HD until Apple picks one to put in their computers. Right now I watch all of my dvds on a 15 inch powerbook. I know it's sad, but it does the job well for me. Once apple integrates either BR or HD drives into their computers, then I think I'll begin to switch. Why would I need a TV if I could get a 24 inch iMac that does EVERYTHING for the same price. But... would HD video quality even make a difference on a computer screen that's between 15-24 inches? Maybe a little, but not too much. So like I said, I'm waiting for Apple, which could be another year or two.
1080 quality wont be beneficial on that size TV anyway.

And Apple Has made a selection of formats....

Blu-ray Disc Association Welcomes Apple to Its Board of Directors
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