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DVD Addiction

Old 02-11-07, 07:56 AM
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DVD Addiction

Anyone here feel that they are addicted to purchasing DVDs?

I started collecting DVDs about three years ago and was up to about 900 DVDs at one point. This year I made the decision to really cut down my DVD puchasing and I think I've done very well. I look back at these three years and think to myself... what else could I have done with the money I used to buy these movies?
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I probably would've blown it on alcohol and drugs. Curse you, DVD!
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All that could go into a retirement fund, or only part of it... Hey dont' scowl at me, I'm buyign DVDs too.

I think I do have a bit of a thing. But I'm pretty adept at defusing it. I see something, say... the last Batman Animated set... and I say to myself "Oh, get it! It's cool and you'll have them all!" Then a little voice says "You have to save money for a bigger place and the missus is depending on you." So I sigh and turn away, go home, and cry into my Batman pillow.

It's not pretty, but life isn't always pretty.

I'm not Frank Sinatra in "The Golden Arm" yet, so I count my blessings.
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I think most of us have an "addiction" to some degree. It only becomes problematic when your buying starts to interfere with your abilities to pay your bills.

My collection tends to stay around 250 or so. After that point, I usually go through a divestiture phase and sell movies that don't get alot of play. To me, you should really only own movies that you plan on watching again several more times. That's why I love Netflix. It's really cut down on my buying, and if I wanted a title for some reason, three days later, I can watch it.
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I think I do to some degree. Sometimes, I think that the pursuit of the DVD is more fun than watching it. It's finding that "big deal" or an OOP DVD in a used DVD store. I paid $111 for the big MASH Martinis and Medicine box set that is now going for around $300 on ebay because it is OOP. That's kind of a rush to know that I can make that profit if I wanted to sell it. Sometimes, its just the enjoyment of great movies. Personally, I am an Edward Burns fan, so whenever one of his movies comes out on DVD I snatch it up. It's just fun!
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I used to be. From the tailend of 2002 through the early stages of 2006, that's where the bulk of my money went. I lived at home, had my car already paid for, and really only had to pay for insurance and my cell phone. Thus, just about everything else went towards DVDs and the ex. I probably spent more on the former there than the latter, which is something I still question how I could've let myself do.

Anyway, things started to change midway through 2006. We split up and a few weeks later, I totaled car, which meant I had to take on a car payment and higher insurance rates. At that point, I started to realize how I had been throwing so much cash into DVDs, none of which had really made me any happier. I knew things had to change. They did. I still bought, but with less frequency.

In October, my mom had a ruptured brain aneurysm. That left a lot of uncertainty and really forced me to have perspective on what was important. She survived, but we had to sell the house and for the first time, I had to strike out on my own (I'm 21, by the way).

It's four months later and with a car payment, insurance, rent, utilities, cell phone, and other necessities, I just don't have that cushion to buy DVDs every week. I have extra cash, but honestly, would rather spend it on other things, like going out with friends, new clothes, or something that's actually going to improve myself.

I still buy the occasional DVD, but only the ones I know I'll watch again and again. I look back and realize my obsession with DVDs really hurt one of the most important relationships I ever had, not to mention kept my bank account eternally shallow. I'm still proud of my collection, but no longer do I let those shiny discs rule everything else around me.
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There's a distinction between doing something because you enjoy it, and doing something because you feel very unhappy if you don't.

I love buying and watching DVD's, but stick to a strict budget and always wait for the stuff to appear in a sale (this is much more common here in the UK than it is in the USA, I know - we generally have higher prices but to compensate we have special sales a lot more!). I also have a list of "wants" that is ordered by priority. It doesn't bother me if I have to wait a year or so, also some months I buy very little, others...a lot more.

If I was spending money I couldn't really afford or needed for other things, or was buying discs every week for the sake of buying "something" to fulfill a need to just buy, then I'd know I would have what could genuinely be called an addiction.

I think that's what happens when people have something like a shopping addiction. Everyone indulges in a bit of retail therapy, but when it;s out of control...

We have a TV show here called "Spendaholics" which is all about people who have run up huge debts but just can't stop themselves from buying more stuff.
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Heh, spendacholics always gives me a laugh.

I've got it pretty bad.. I spent over 300 in january ($600)

Mostly because I had to sell 400+ in 2005.

I only have around 300 at the moment and about 100 on the want list.

Most of my films are rewatched at least 3-4 times.. and others 10-15 times.

I'm trying to cut down.. but the worst part is I feel it all starting again with Blu-Ray

It's fun to buy dvds.. and have your own libary of films that you enjoy.. or that mean something to you.

And I always get excited on a monday when I get my new DVDs.

But just tell yourself you have a limit, and bills, food shopping ect to pay for and you wont go crazy.

Works for me anyway.
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Not so much now, but a year or so ago I would say yes. I would go buy tons of new releases, most I had seen and liked but often I'd buy some special editions of movies I hadn't seen. In the last few months I've realized that with several hundred dvds I need to stop. Being in college and needing money for other things is important too. I went abroad for vacation recently and that cut any dvd trust fund I might have had.
I currently use an online rental service which is very nice and lets me see anything I want to again and I am really trying to stop buying unless its something I really want. I haven't bought a dvd since Christmas, but I will be getting The Departed and The Prestige soon.
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I proudly have not purchased a DVD since December 19th. Thanks to Blockbuster online and the library, I haven't even had the urge. The Departed comes out Tuesday though, so I will have to buy one. After that, I can probably last the rest of the year as the movies coming out haven't been good and I have almost all the TV shows I want. I even broke down and have been watching this season of 24 as it airs to avoid purchasing the DVD on release day.
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Yes, just yesterday i bought 3 new DVDs, even though its not Tuesday yet. There's always titles I want and right now, I can afford it. But there's been sometimes when I've overspent and have spent a lot of money. I always matain a decent size collection, because of my limited space, but have a big wishlist (see my dvdaf).

Sure, nowadays I spend little on "new release Tuesday", but its an addiction that I think is a positive one; I'm an aspiring filmaker and I love studying film. Lot better than drugs or alcohol.
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when i get a new dvd all i fixate on is getting it home, melting it down and shooting it up.
the rush i get with a good batch as opposed to a bad one is that which cannot be described!!

i'm already salivating at getting blotto on "The Departed" and "Half Nelson" next weekend. "Half Nelson" should have extra kick.
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Originally Posted by Zodiac_Speaking
I'm an aspiring filmaker and I love studying film. Lot better than drugs or alcohol.
Don't worry, as an aspiring filmmaker you will have plenty of opportunities to study drugs and alcohol as well.
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Originally Posted by scott1598
when i get a new dvd all i fixate on is getting it home, melting it down and shooting it up.
the rush i get with a good batch as opposed to a bad one is that which cannot be described!!

i'm already salivating at getting blotto on "The Departed" and "Half Nelson" next weekend. "Half Nelson" should have extra kick.
Oh dear god, save me some of that.
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My DVD addiction has calmed down in the past 3 years, mostly because I have everything I could ever want on DVD right now. I still buy a lot of DVDs, just not one every week.
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Sometimes on Tuesday my lunch money goes to DVDs. I've got around 1300 DVDs and HDs. Always the best possible version. If there's a gift set, I'll buy it. I have no life outside of DVDs.
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There is doctor on 5th and main in chicago that is said to cure this. But I get feeling he just watches my dvds....
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I used to feel that way (I think it was 99 or 00 I had atleast 1 new DVD show up every day there was mail) but between; having most of the existing titles that I already want, re-releases and discount box sets once series are fully relased, dirt cheap used prices a month or two after the release and the 20% sale at DDD (not to mention being swamped w/ unwatched DVDs) I have to say my buying trend has taken a significant downturn. I still watch a DVD or two a day but a lot of it is rentals now and I usually only buy when I like the show/movie and I can get it w/ some sort of coupon/discount.
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I'm not. I usually only spend about $200 a year on dvds if that. I always get the Simpsons for my BDay and Christmas from my family and maybe a few others. I hardly buy dvds at all unless its during the 20% DDD sale or Barnes and Noble b1g1f deal. I will pick up the last 2 seasons of Threes Co. since they are cheap and on sale now at DDD. Then I figure out down to the penny which is cheaper. I keep a list of dvds I want and when those deals come around I buy up to $200 and that's it. Oh, and no blind buys. There aren't too many must haves for me, so I can wait until things go down in price.
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after reading this forum for a few years, i'd say most people who post here not only have addictions but have OCD on one level or another.. i know i do (it's been proven by doctors) But when i read about how anal some people are about creases, slip covers, snapper cases, dirt, etc as well as how organized they are (organizing dvds by letter, or colour or whatnot) thats a little bit of OCD in each of us
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i'm addicted to buying dvds. i recently just bought over 80 dvds on ebay.
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I've not purchased anything since the end of 2006. Yeah, it's only 6 weeks but it's a start.

I guess I knew it was sort of an addiction just by seeing my "On Order" list at DVDaf. Months would go by and there was always something I was waiting for -- mostly from online purchases.

I made a resolution to go the 1st 3 months of '07 without buying a single DVD. It's worked so far although my recent purchase of the Almodovar collection from my CH is going to my brother -- making me a small profit.
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Originally Posted by R.E. Freak
Sometimes on Tuesday my lunch money goes to DVDs. I've got around 1300 DVDs and HDs. Always the best possible version. If there's a gift set, I'll buy it. I have no life outside of DVDs.

That's totally funny! Yeah, I've seen some of you guys at your worst during the DDD 20% off sale ;-).
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i've really tried to cut down on spending, but at one point when i was trying to "build" my collection more, i would say yes.
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I recently decided I was also addicted to buying dvds (hence my username). I realize I never really watch many of them. I have these cd holders with the discs since i have no room to keep them in the cases and I kept having to reorganize them and sell some to make room for new ones. Also, I realize most of them have no real value with the new format coming out. Few things will be unavailable in some format or other. I've cut down a lot and will probably focus mostly on criterion, if anything. Netflix helps a lot and so does tivo. I used to watch a lot more dvds before I got the directivo. I'm approaching 30, though, and I figure it's time to move on with real things. I'd rather travel or save for a house than invest much further in my dvd collection. Also, I need to watch the discs I already own before I buy more. If you want to keep buying, I suggest parting with the majority of what you already own either on ebay or through a local buyer. It's amazing how good it feels.
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