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King Kong DVD Question

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King Kong DVD Question


All DVD versions of the movie contain at least four known instances of DVD "watermarking" that are assumed to be anti-piracy measures. In Region 1, the letters "KKDD" appear for one frame on the character Bruce Baxter's (Kyle Chandler) arm at 00:30:29 and 2:01:33. Another is seen at 1:00:05 on the arm of an islander. The fourth instance is at 01:30:05 on the bamboo stick King Kong is chewing on. Region 2 has the same instances, but the letters "KKID" are used instead.

is that true for the HD DVD version?
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had not heard this before
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I checked my standard def version of King Kong first to make sure I knew what I was looking for. Sure, enough, I spotted the first watermark at 30 minutes, 29 seconds.

I then checked the HD-DVD, and could not find any such watermark (checking at and around the same point of 30:29). I only checked for the first watermark.
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Yeah, like watermarks are going to stop piracy. Bootlegers make pirate copies of theater recordings of the movie. Several dumb watermarks aren't going to stop them from making copies of it. That is as useless as the FBI warning and the anti-smoking ads.
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Actually, the watermarks in theatrical prints are unique on each print, so by watching a copy of a bootleg, investigators can determine which print, in which theater, in which city, the bootleg originated.

However I LOATH those ugly brown watermarks and they ruin the theatrical experience for me.
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These watermarks are different than the ones in theatrical prints, and seem to be the same from one disc to another.
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I don't understand how it could prevent/deter copying. However, maybe it's there so you can verify you DON'T have a bootleg.
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I've never noticed watermarks in theaters or anything. So as long as they don't overdo it and become obvious. I'm not worried about them like some people
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