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List of DVDs you plan to upgrade?

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List of DVDs you plan to upgrade?

Old 06-10-06, 10:28 PM
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List of DVDs you plan to upgrade to BR/HD?

I was looking through my current DVDs trying to figure out which ones I will buy in HD / BR (not until they have them with TrueHD or DTS HD tracks though). I've got a few selected which are just favorites so I'll upgrade them for better picture more than sound such as Doc Hollywood. I'm starting to believe the war may not end for another 5 years or more if enough hybrid players come out.

I have to say though -I can't Friggin wait to watch Amadeus again but in 1080p with DTS HD or DD TrueHD sound!!

Airplane II: The Sequel
Apollo 13
Batman Begins
Count of Monte Cristo, The
Die Hard
Die Hard II
Die Hard With a Vengence
Doc HollyWood
Fantastic Four
Ferris Beuller's Day Off
Fifth Element The
Gattaca DTS
Grosse Pointe Blank
Hot Shots
Hot Shots - Part Deux
Hunt for Red October
Independence Day
LA Story
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon II
Lethal Weapon III
Lethal Weapon IV
Long Kiss Goodnight, The
Lord of the Rings: 1 The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: 2 Fellowship of the Rings
Lord of the Rings: 3 Return of the King
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Matrix, The
Mummy Returns
Mummy, The
Naked Gun
Naked Gun 2 1/2 Smell of Fear
Naked Gun 3 1/3: The Final Insult
National Treasure
Professional, The Leon
Prophecy , The
Scorpion King, The
Starship Troopers
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
True Lies
Undercover Blues
X-Men 2

I held off on the following this 20% sale so I would have to buy them again in a year or so -
NCIS Season1
Underworld 2 Underworld: Evolution
Battlestar Galactica 04 (Season Two)
Battlestar Galactica 04 (Season One)
JAG Season1

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Old 06-11-06, 04:26 AM
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At least not until the war of the formats has determined who the ultimate winner will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old 06-11-06, 04:56 AM
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I'm not upgrading my system until a clear winner is announced and even then I would probably only double-dip (I would still consider it double-dipping) when the special features are really upgraded. Although I will admit now that I will buy "Buffy," "Angel," "Dawson's Creek," "Six Feet Under," "Roswell," and "Gilmore Girls" in any incarnation (although I highly doubt "Dawson's Creek" and/or "Gilmore girls" will ever make the jump to next gen DVDs... the others on the other hand probably have a good chance.
Old 06-11-06, 05:05 AM
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I'm in the "not till the war's over" crowd. Though I would kill for a 1080p transfer of 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Old 06-11-06, 05:20 AM
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I'll wait out the format war, though what i've read hasn't really impressed me.
Old 06-11-06, 05:28 AM
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Also waiting out the war, and won't have funds for a nice big, 1080p set for a couple of years anyway.

Even then, I'm not a video phile, so I'll probably just upgrade my absolute favorite films that are heavy on eye candy (be it special effects, or just great cinematography).

A few that come to mind are Star Wars, LOTR, Crouching Tiger, etc.
Old 06-11-06, 05:48 AM
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While I wouldn't bother upgrading everything, even if I could, any film that I truly love will get upgraded asap.
the ones I've sold recently in anticipation are

Body Heat
Barry Lyndon
The Shining
The Year Of Living Dangerously
Batman Begins
The Searchers
Full Metal Jacket

I'd like to get rid of about another 50-60 movies this year
so far the only title I've actually been able to replace has been Full Metal Jacket, and barely constituted an upgrade. Hopefully no more 1080i bobbed transfers.

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Old 06-11-06, 09:24 AM
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Planning on these:
Kill Bill
The Matrix
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek First Contact

Maybe these:
Lawrence of Arabia
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions
Terminator 2
Old 06-11-06, 10:16 AM
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Great, another useless HD/BR thread. The OP posts a legitimate and specific question and yet only two out of seven replies actually include lists!!

Aren't there already threads specific to the "will you upgrade to HD, buy HD, select blu-ray over HD, select HD over blu-ray, what's your philosophy on the matter ... etc." Perhaps if the OP instead posed the question, ".. if one were to upgrade to HD/Blu-Ray, which titles would you upgrade?" .. or something.

Sorry if I may appear somewhat irritated, but seriously .. it's interesting to see what people would upgrade for. Would those lists include everything, include classics - where some film prints could be damaged (almost defeating the point), include more contemporary films or out of those, just action/sound oriented films? If I wanted to see how many people were on the sidelines about the whole upgrade issue, I'd go to the appropriate threads ...

If I were to upgrade, I'd start out with a very limited selection to include some of my very favorite titles or those in my collection that "pop" visually or audibly .. Band of Brothers, Terminator II, The Incredibles or of that nature. Older films such as Alien or Blade Runner for instance, I would wait until some reviews mentioned more than just a marginal gain before considering an upgrade.

This would be my full list as of right now:

12 Monkeys
Abyss, The
Band of Brothers
Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru)
Bittersweet Life, A (Dalkomhan insaeng)
Bourne Identity, The
Bourne Supremacy, The
Cast Away
City of Lost Children, The (Cite des enfants perdus, la)
Die Hard
Fifth Element, The
Fight Club
Finding Nemo
Ghost in the Shell (Kokaku kidotai)
Goodwill Hunting
Incredibles, The
Innocence: Ghost in the Shell II
Isle, The
Jurassic Park
Kill Bill: Vol I
Kill Bill: Vol II
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Minority Report
Monsters, Inc.
Musa: The Warrior
Pearl Harbor
Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Pitch Black
Saving Private Ryan
Shiri (Swiri)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Super Speedway
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Terminator II
Titan AE
True Lies
True Romance
Old 06-11-06, 10:41 AM
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Not a single one.

I've spent too much time and money, double, triple dipping to get my collection up to where it is now, with almost every title, a SE/Director's Cut/Limited edition, etc., and I'm not playing that game again just because a new format comes along every so often.
Old 06-11-06, 10:55 AM
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Assuming backwards compatibility, I'm not planning on upgrading on any. I'm actually at the point where I'm purging a lot of my unwatched sets (Alias, Futurama, etc...) so I'm actually downsizing b/c I just don't have the time to watch all of these things all the time.
Old 06-11-06, 11:12 AM
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Already upgraded
The Last Samurai
Van Helsing

Plan to upgrade:
Equilibrium (already ordered)
Fast and the Furious/2 Fast 2 Furious
Tomb Raider (both)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Batman Begins
King Kong
War of the Worlds
Conan the Barbarian
Any Van Damme movie

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Old 06-11-06, 11:21 AM
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When one format is decided upon, and the HD-DVD/BR-D includes all special features that the SD-DVD has then all discs will be replaced.

If the Hi-Def version of a title is missing special features then i'll still hold on to the SD-DVD version.
Old 06-11-06, 11:36 AM
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In the spirit of the thread, I would like to state that I'm waiting until July 2007 to go HD ... and I'm hoping that I'll be able to purchase a "Combo" (DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray) player at that time.

Here's the titles that I would definitely want to upgrade to HD:

* All the Star Wars Movies -- These would currently be on Blu-ray based on the allegiances of the studios as of June 2006.

* All the Star Trek Movies - HD-DVD/Blu-ray

* All the Disney/Pixar animated classics - Blu-ray

* Indiana Jones Trilogy - HD-DVD/Blu-ray

* E.T. - HD-DVD

* The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - HD-DVD/Blu-ray

* Planet of the Apes - (Charlton Heston version) - Blu-ray

* Ben-Hur - This 2.76:1 aspect ratio movie needs all the resolution it can get! - HD-DVD/Blu-ray

Where the release is available on both formats, and, assuming that I have a "Combo" player by then, then I'll purchase the edition with the largest number of and/or "best" supplements.

As for the rest of the 400 some odd movies in my current collection: I'll probably be content to stay with my current DVDs and play them in upconverted mode on my "Combo" player.

I'm on record as stating that I won't be purchasing any more Star Wars merchandise until (and if) LucasFilms gives us a proper release of the historic and groundbreaking Original 1977 Star Wars movie; so my future purchase of the HD iterations of the Star Wars movies is contengent upon that condition. It just seems shameful to me that Lucasfilms will not provide us with a proper release of that movie at a time when DVD is enjoying the greatest market penetration that it will ever have.

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Old 06-11-06, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxflier
Already upgraded
The Last Samurai
Van Helsing

Plan to upgrade:
Fast and the Furious/2 Fast 2 Furious
Tomb Raider (both)
Batman Begins
King Kong
War of the Worlds
Conan the Barbarian
Any Van Damme movie
I hadn't thought about that - if they completely remastered the audio for Conan, I would love to hear it with really good sound!
Old 06-11-06, 11:56 AM
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Here's a list of all the DVDs I plan to upgrade:
Old 06-11-06, 12:42 PM
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Dont know if it counts as an upgrade(other than space saving) but after buying season 4 of Buffy in the new thinpaks im trading in all my other 6 seasons and going thin,since they are very cheap anyway

oops,i didnt really read all of this thread so i guess thats not what was meant but oh well
Old 06-11-06, 01:01 PM
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Very few, most of mine (when I do start getting a new format, which won't be for a while) will be newer discs.
Old 06-11-06, 04:01 PM
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only David Lynch related projects. im content with the rest of what i already have.
Old 06-12-06, 07:27 AM
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If and when there is a format to upgrade too I will consider it. For that to happen I need a player that functions without issues, titles that are available and a definite connection method that is free from issues.

As of today this does not exist.
Old 06-12-06, 11:27 AM
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The Godfather Parts I and II
Lord of the Rings EE's
Star Wars - All Films
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The New World
Old 06-12-06, 11:59 AM
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Jaws 2
The Matrix
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Fire in the Sky (1993)
Die Hard Trilogy
Batman Begins
Jurassic Park
Ghostbusters 2
The Relic
Back to the Future
Back to the Future Part II
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Old 06-12-06, 12:12 PM
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Kindergarten Cop
True Lies
The Abyss
Only if they offer Anamorphic widescreen.
Old 06-12-06, 03:34 PM
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None. I'm going to wait and see which format actually survives before foolishly purchasing equipment that could become obsolete at any time.

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