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Could this be the first Criterion HD-DVD?

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Could this be the first Criterion HD-DVD?

Here is a press release I found from Paramount.

April 1, 2006

Today we are pleased to announce a title that will be very true to the hearts of dvd and hd-dvd fans everywhere. We are finally releasing the definitive version of the #1 classic hit of the 20th century. Although this movie only grossed 27 million domestically we feel it is the best movie we have ever produced. It is with great pleasure that we present to you....
Academy Award nominee Kenan Thompson and Academy Award winner Kel Mitchell in....
Goodburger........The Criterion Collection

We are pleased to announce our first direct collaberation with the fine folks at criterion in which paramount will directly distribute a criterion release. Specs include....

-1080p master directly from the original film negatives processed at 4k resolution.

-Dolby TrueHD uncompressed 7.1 digital surround

-Dts 7.1 lossless digital surround

-Interactive in movie experience with the owners of MondoBurger and Sinbad

-Unrated Extended cut with over 7 hours re-instated via seamless branching.

-Theatrical cut

-Das Boot version (Director's Cut)

-Alternate Ending

-Coupon for free Hamburger at McDonalds

- 117 commentaries ranging from Michelle Trachtenburg to Pete and Pete and Donkey Lips featuring the little red haired kid from Diffrnt Strokes

-Audio commentary with stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (their first commentary)

-Audio commentary with Sinbad and Abe Vigoda

-Audio commentary with Director Brian Robbins

-Audio commentary with stunt double Jill Stokesberry

-THX-Certified with THX Optimode tests

-Fully animated menus

-HD-DVD Introduction: Reminscing about the Good Burger: Director Brian Robbins and Kenan and Kel Remember

-Dexter and Ed: Getting Into Character with Kenan and Kel

-Theatrical trailers and TV spots (featuring "Get Ready for This")

-Deleted scenes and hilarious outtakes

-Cast & Crew Biographies & Filmographies

-Good toppings: a series of vignettes from the set of Good Burger

-Celebrity cameos: a look at how we got Shaq, Carmen Electra and George Clinton to partake

-A featurette on the legendary Good Burger Drinking Game

-"We're all Dudes" music video

-Good Burger trivia game

-Dexter and Ed in Mild Peril: 1st Person Adventure Game

-DVD-ROM: Kenan and Kel's Paint Workshop Program

-Flippin' Burgers with Dexter and Ed: DVD-ROM demo game

-More cast & crew memories

-Reproduction card of the original poster art

-Roll of Good Burger stickers

-Leonard Maltin Discusses: What Good Burger means in Today's World

-Editing Workshop: edit 10 different scenes the way you want!

-3-D virtual tours of the sets

-Charlie Rose Interviews Kenan and Kel

-Pilot episode of "Kenan & Kel"

-Kenan Thompson's gag reel

-Two "All That" episodes

-From "All That" Sketch to the Big Screen: The Development of Good Burger

-Nicksclusives: Nickelodeon TV promo featurettes

-A Discussion with The Author of the Novel: Louise Fitzhugh

-Good Art Direction: Robert J. Bacon Takes you on an Interactive Tour

-Costume Design Featurette

-Storyboards and Split-Screen Comparisons:

-Storyboard-to-final film

-Even more outtakes

-plus 12 Easter eggs hidden throughout all 4 discs!

"We were delighted to collaborate with Paramount in the creation of this extraordinary HD-DVD," added Kim Aubry, Nickelodeon's VP of Technology and Executive Producer of the HD-DVD. "To have the opportunity to take a film that we truly love and spend six months looking through the vaults for interesting 'lost' objects was something too good to pass up. We contacted the original filmmakers in our quest for great HD-DVD extras; and we were led to photographs, tapes, student films and forgotten promotional materials that when viewed today add insight to the film and the filmmaker. Kenan and Kel's new commentary is amazing and we believe will become 'required' viewing for 'Good Burger' buffs and film lovers everywhere."

Good Burger was originally a sketch on the popular children's variety series "All That." Good Burger features acclaimed young actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as two teenagers who have to spend their summer working at a fast food joint. Things get interesting when their restaurant may get shut down due to their new competitor Mondo Burger. The film features cameos from Carmen Electra ("Baywatch"), Shaquille O'Neal (the NBA), and George Clinton (P Funk). Abe Vigoda and Linda Cardelini ("Freaks and Geeks") co-star.

Own this modern classic on April 1, 2007.
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Solid choice,kudos to Criterion!
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Sweet! This masterful gem of a film is finally getting the proper treatment that it deserves!!!
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Really wasn't that funny in the HD forum and isn't getting any funnier here. Gotta love the humor from 1999 though.
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lol 10/10 for the effort
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Originally Posted by darkside
Really wasn't that funny in the HD forum and isn't getting any funnier here. Gotta love the humor from 1999 though.
But one HD DVD I am expecting and looking forward to is...

Bring It On!
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Checking date...About 2 mos too late...
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(heehee - got to love that 'Good Burger' - *sigh* )
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Kenan Thompson looks exactly the same now as he did then.
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Originally Posted by darkside
Really wasn't that funny in the HD forum and isn't getting any funnier here.
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Personally, I think this might just be the highlight of my DVD collection!

But really, I would probably netflix it for the Pete&Peter and Michelle Trackenberg commentary, lol
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Will the Original Cut of Good Burger be provided as a supplement on disc 2 with a non-anamorphic transfer?
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Oh, this never gets old...
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Not a day goes by that I don't think of when Criterion will give Weekend At Bernie's 2 the treatment it so deserves. Complete with a nice commentary from Terry Kiser.
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Originally Posted by darkside
Really wasn't that funny in the HD forum and isn't getting any funnier here. Gotta love the humor from 1999 though.
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I'm just happy that they're going back to the old logo and not that floating c.
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best thread since 9/11
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7 extra hours reinstated into the film! Watching this will be just as long as working a full shift at Burger King!

Man, Good Burger is the BEST FILM EVER.
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Originally Posted by wordtoyamotha
Will the Original Cut of Good Burger be provided as a supplement on disc 2 with a non-anamorphic transfer?
The thread was losing me till I saw this, gotta love a cheapshot at George Lucas!
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yeah, this hasn't been done [email protected]!
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So, you mean, this whole Good Burger thing was a joke all along???
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I have been waiting for something like this to upgrade to HD.
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Originally Posted by vwbeetlvr
Goodburger........The Criterion Collection
I wasn't gonna upgrade to HD, but now I might have to seriously reconsider it.

I hope they include the Das Boot edition, I realy love the voice over....
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