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WB DVD Decision 2006

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WB DVD Decision 2006

Amazon.com has joined WB in the DVD Decision 2006. More info here:
DVD Decision 2006

~ 30 Movies in 30 Days ~
Visitors to Amazon.com To Vote on Favorite Films for DVD Debuts

BURBANK, Calif. – May 30, 2006 – Warner Home Video (WHV) and Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced DVD Decision™ 2006 – 30 Movies in 30 Days, a joint initiative offering movie fans nationwide the opportunity to vote online for the WHV library titles they want released on DVD.

WHV and Amazon.com have jointly nominated 30 films from Warner Bros.’ vast library (the world’s largest) that have never before been seen on DVD. Visitors to the Amazon.com web site will be able to vote for their favorite titles from June 1 through June 30. At the end of the voting period, the ten movies with the largest number of votes will be selected as the winners.

On August 8, the two companies will announce the winning titles and make available for pre-order each of the ten winners. Five of the winning titles will make their DVD debut on December 5, 2006. The remaining five will be released on January 2, 2007. All of the films will be re-mastered and will contain added bonus features where available. Each title will sell for $19.97 SRP.

Throughout the month of June, each movie will be spotlighted at Amazon.com, with links to its trailer (as available), synopsis, customer feedback and other information. Consumers can vote immediately or anytime throughout the voting period allowing for time to review the trailers and film information throughout the entire promotion.

Voters can access the DVD Decision 2006 voting page at here or via links at Amazon.com’s homepage and in various locations within their DVD store.

"Listening to what consumers want has been one of the major factors driving WHV to its #1 position in home video market share,” said George Feltenstein, senior vice president of theatrical catalog marketing at WHV. “The DVD Decision campaign, started in 2003, was just one way to let the public know we’re giving them the DVD entertainment they want. And we’re also thrilled to be able to hear from the tens of millions of Amazon.com customers who represent the perfect cross section of tastes, attitudes and purchasing patterns for our new initiative.”

“We’re proud to partner with Warner Home Video to introduce on DVD some of the most beloved films of the last 75 years to our Amazon.com customers,” said Laura Porco, Amazon.com's director of media merchandising, North America. “From the beginning, Amazon.com’s site truly democratized the online shopping experience and has continued to develop new ways to empower our customers to make more informed purchasing decisions based on their own likes and preferences. DVD Decision 2006 is the perfect extension of our philosophy.”

Titles selected for “DVD Decision™ 2006” are Al Capone, Gymkata, The Hand ,Operation Crossbow, Up Periscope, Cimarron, The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Angels in the Outfield, Blume in Love, Get to Know Your Rabbit, Not With My Wife You Don’t, You’re A Big Boy Now, April in Paris, Best Foot Forward, The Eddie Cantor Story, Presenting Lilly Mars, All Fall Down, The Arrangement, Band of Angels, Bhowani Junction, Carny, The Illustrated Man, Looker, Madame Curie, Made in Heaven, Mike’s Murder, One Trick Pony, Sphinx, Sunrise at Campobello and There Was a Crooked Man.

The 30 film candidates will be divided into three categories: action/adventure, comedy/musicals and drama. Spanning more than 40 years of Hollywood filmmaking, featured stars include Lucille Ball, Warren Beatty, Ralph Bellamy, Doris Day, Kirk Douglas, Jodie Foster, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Greer Garson, Sidney Poitier, Burt Reynolds, Rod Steiger and a host of other luminaries.

The first two DVD Decisions (2003 & 2004) drew more than a quarter million votes and sold nearly half a million units at the outset of their release.

PS: I can't believe that Gymkata is on the list. Wow! And that is a wow in a confused way since it is most definitely a a campy film and not a classic film by a longshot.

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There is actually some movies I've been wanting like Illustrated man, Looker, and made in heaven
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I'd say Looker, Sunrise at Campobello, and There was a Crooked Man... Lot of nothing otherwise.
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Also voted for Sphinx and the Hand..
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DePalma's Get to Know Your Rabbit.
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Why do they just do this for movies? They should have voting for TV shows like Everwood season 2 (and more!)
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It's a very eclectic group of titles, but a big cheer for Warner Video for continuing to do these polls, and how great that Amazon was involved, since they maintain this huge request list. That is likely why the list is so diverse, quirky, and with a definite lean to more recent movies as opposed to prior promotions like this.

The only one I know will win for sure is the original ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD. That's an outright delight, and I wondered why it hadn't been release a while ago.
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Where's the "hurry up and release them all, assholes" choice?
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Hilarious. I remember Gymkata as a staple of late-night cable.
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Illustrated Man, There Was A Crooked Man, Presenting Lily Mars, Up Periscope, Operation Crossbow, The Arrangement, Band of Angels, Gymkata, Looker, Madame Curie

Burbank, Calif. and SEATTLE - August 28, 2006 -- The voting results are in for DVD Decision™ 2006, an initiative from Warner Home Video and Amazon.com that offered movie fans nationwide a chance to select their favorite titles to be released on DVD. The 10 movies that received the most online votes will be released by Warner Home Video in two waves. The Illustrated Man, There Was A Crooked Man, Presenting Lily Mars, Up Periscope and Operation Crossbow will make their DVD debut December 19. The second wave of winners, The Arrangement, Band of Angels, Gymkata, Looker and Madame Curie will street January 30, 2007.

All of the films will be re-mastered and will contain added bonus features where available. Each title will be listed for $19.97 SRP. Pre-orders for all titles can be done through Amazon.com starting today.
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thats a good batch of titles...
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Originally Posted by lotsofdvds
Well, it looks like the people have spoken...

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Why don't they do this for their unreleased TV shows. Maybe Everwood could get some hope!

And I know I already asked this question, but still....
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Well, at least there are a few in there that I was hoping for ....
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i admit it - im lazy, but i really did try to figure this out! so maybe im a bit slow

what do mean by amazon exclusives? will these two really not be available anywhere else?

angels in the outfield
best foot forward
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angels in the outfield is a real gem...i though they might do a baseball set, but with this as a stand alone, and stratton story out there...thats two of the big ones they owned
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I was really hoping that "The Hand" was gonna get released.
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Originally Posted by hindolio
i admit it - im lazy, but i really did try to figure this out! so maybe im a bit slow

what do mean by amazon exclusives? will these two really not be available anywhere else?

angels in the outfield
best foot forward
i think i must have missed this when i was posting last, as I just noticed this about those titles. Now I am torn as whether or not to pick them up. Last Year When Target recieved a few exclusives (Mogambo and 3 Godfathers) they both turned up a few months later in box sets. While I would really like to have Angels in the Outfield on release day and also planned on picking up best food forward I don't want to be left holding the bag when box sets turn up.
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I was hoping for You're A Big Boy Now.
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