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Zathura ----> Feb 7th 2006

Old 12-03-05, 06:34 PM
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Zathura ----> Feb 7th 2006

Davisdvd.com has early reports of Zathura coming on DVd on 2006. Here is the link:

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Heck yeah, that's a pretty fast turnaround. Loved the movie, sad it didn't do better at the Box Office, but I guess there is no accounting for taste (the fact that Chicken Little creamed this is still unfathomable)...

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WOW Really fast turnaround... now I don't feel so bad about skipping it everytime I go to the theater.
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Yea.. that was quick.
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Is it actually good? I do kinda wanna see it.
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The fact it looked too similar to Jumanji put me off from seeing it in theatres. maybe i'll rent it.
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I'll probably be picking this one up. It looks like it has the potential for a really kickass surround track.
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saw it in theatres I wouldnt own it new but it would make a good PV purchase for a rainy afternoon.
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Jumanji is far better. The storylines are almost the same. But Jumanji benefits tremendously from Robin Williams. His character's story with getting caught in the game is also far better than what's in Zathura.

What's good about Zathura are the effects, obviously - Jumanji may have been groundbreaking, but it doesn't look as good as Zathura, especially by current standards. I also enjoyed the space elements of Zathura. But the kids come off as whiney brats.
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horrible movie. the 2 main characters, the boys, completely ruin it w/their incessant and simultaneous arguing, whomever thought this would make the movie enjoyable or "more realistic" was smoking crack. After about the 5th time this happened, I wanted to walk out. I really wanted to enjoy the movie, especially after liking Jumanji when I was younger. But it was pretty bad IMO. To some special effects may make a lackluster movie "watchable" but not me (Star Wars anyone ??).
*end rant mode*

Chicken Little, I really liked ("Who we talkin' about again?") LOL. =)

But to each his/her own.
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Awesome news
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Full disc specs went up yesterday...
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Originally Posted by Patrick Mirza
Full disc specs went up yesterday...

and ... ?
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Originally Posted by Giles
and ... ?
Lol....right! Can we get a link or something?
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the link is in my sig, but here you go anyway.
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VERY fun flick. I expect this DVD to be a big favorite among the pre-teen boys. And teen ones. And very old ones like me.
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